BSE's Volatile Ride After Q4 Results

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BSE's stock price fluctuates post-Q4 results, with revenue soars 70% to ₹1,618 crore and net profit rises 97% to ₹404 crore in FY24.

BSE's Q4 Results; Ups and Downs

BSE's shares opened at ₹2,791.00, experiencing intraday highs at ₹2,885 and lows at ₹2,775. The stock's remarkable 420% surge from a year ago garners attention.

Market Reacts to BSE's Performance

CEO Sundararaman Ramamurthy praises BSE's work in making a lively trading space. Despite market swings, the company aims for growth and fresh ideas.

MD's Optimism Amidst Swings

Experts give their take on BSE's outlook despite the ups and downs. With strong finances and clear goals, BSE keeps moving forward through market changes.

Analysts Assess BSE

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