The Record Date for the 1:5 Stock Split is Established for May 15 by Canara Bank!

Canara Bank Sets Record Date for Stock Split

Canara Bank announces May 15 as the record date for a 1:5 stock split to enhance liquidity. The split divides each share into five with a face value of ₹2.

Investors to Benefit from Canara Bank's Stock Split

With a record date of May 15, 2024, Canara Bank aims to make its shares more accessible for retail investors, following board approval in February.
Compay Details

Canara Bank's Positive Performance

Investors enjoy nearly 51% returns over the past year. The stock split aims to further enhance liquidity, potentially attracting more investors to Canara Bank.
Canara Bank's stock witnessed a slight decline of 0.95% post-announcement, trading at ₹578.00. However, the move is expected to positively impact the bank's market accessibility and investor base.

Market Response to Canara Bank's Stock Split

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