Why am I Losing Money in the
Stock Market?

Stock market is a dynamic place where trends can be up or down depending on the different factors.

Stock market losses are normal, but you can explore the major reasons why you lose money in the stock market.

Traders often lose control over their patience while stocks do not perform as per their calculation.


Lack of Patience

You should do thorough research before doing any investments in stock market. Blindly investing is not good for your investment portfolio.


Blindly Investing

Traders are eager to make quick profits, but they neglect the long term benefits of investing in the stock market.


Focusing on Short Trade

When you enter the market, chances are high of getting confused. Therefore, traders should gain knowledge and experience in share market.


Lack of Knowledge

Keeping all your eggs in one basket is often a bad practise. As an investor, you should diversify your investment in different financial instruments.


Non Diversification

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