Mcap of 6 of
top-10 most valued firms jumped to
Rs.2 Lakh Crores*

*Data as on 18th July, 2023

Reliance Industries
& Tata Consultancy
Services emerged as the biggest gainers.

Reliance industries (RIL)

value added ₹69,990 crore to reach ₹18,53,033 crore

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

value added ₹68,168 crore taking mcap to ₹12,85,058 crore.

Market valuation of Infosys rallied

₹10,272 crore to ₹4,95,116 crore.

₹39,094 crore to ₹5,91,547 crore

& Also for
Bharti Airtel 
valuation surged

itc went up by

ICICI Bank climbed

₹5,348 crore to ₹5,87,951 crore.

₹10,135 crore to ₹6,72,837 crore

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