Penny Stock Frontier Capital Soars 1200%: ₹10,000 Invested a Year Ago Now Worth ₹1.32 Lakh

The Penny Stock Phenomenon

Frontier Capital, a penny stock, surged over 1200% in just a year, turning ₹10,000 into ₹1.32 lakh. Despite risks, its remarkable growth draws attention.

About Frontier Capital

Frontier Capital Limited, a Mumbai-based NBFC, grants loans in India. Established in 1984, it's a subsidiary of Inimitable Capital Finance Pvt. Ltd., gaining market confidence.
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Market Performance

Frontier Capital rose 981% from August 2023 to February 2024. Although March marked a 6% decline, it rallied 501% in February, showcasing volatility.
Despite a 17% dip in net profit in Q3FY24, Frontier Capital showed promising signs with increased cash flow and reduced debt, according to ICICI Direct's analysis.

Financial Snapshot

Penny stocks like Frontier Capital offer potential gains but come with risks. Investors must conduct thorough research and manage risks wisely amidst high volatility and limited regulation.

Risks and Rewards

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