Crude Oil Prices Fall Over 8% in Five Sessions

This helped push prices above $80 a barrel.

They cut production to keep oil prices high.

OPEC+ is a group of oil-producing countries.

OPEC+ Cuts Reduced Oil Supply

Traders worried prices would fall as supply rises.

This will add more oil to the market.

OPEC+ will increase production over 12 months.

OPEC+ to Gradually Increase Production

WTI crude is down 8% over the same period.

Brent crude is down 7.7% in the last week.

Oil prices fell despite OPEC+ production cuts.

Oil Prices Drop Despite Cuts

The future of oil prices depends on supply and demand.

Geopolitical tensions are keeping prices supported.

Overall, oil prices are still higher in 2024.

Oil Prices Still Higher for the Year

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