Adani Offshore Funds are Found to have Violated Investment limitations and Ownership Declarations by SEBI

SEBI finds Adani offshore funds violating shareholding disclosures, exceeding investment limits. Investigation reveals potential coordination with Adani Group's primary shareholders, refuted by Adani. Eight funds seek resolution with penalty.

SEBI's Findings

SEBI issues notices to twelve offshore investors linked to Adani Group, alleging violations. Investors requested clarification on disclosure requirements and investment limits. Some funds opt for settlement, denying guilt, amid ongoing investigation.

Regulatory Actions

Company Details

Eight offshore funds associated with Adani Group submit settlement applications to SEBI. Legal teams representing funds seek resolution without admitting guilt. Regulators encounter challenges in identifying ultimate beneficial owners of some funds.

Investor Responses

SEBI identified 13 Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) in the Adani probe. Challenges arise in determining FPIs' ties to Adani Group. Legal teams representing funds engage in settlement discussions. Investigation into potential coordination with Adani's primary shareholders continues.

Ongoing Inquiry

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