Servotech Power Systems Reports a New Purchase

Servotech Power Systems Acquires Cricket Team

Servotech Power Systems is entering cricket by acquiring a team for the Bengal Pro T20 League, aiming to foster youth talent. Stocks to buy today might include Servotech.

Investors' Wealth Declines Amid Market Volatility

Investors lost Rs 7.93 lakh crore in three days due to Middle East tensions and global market instability. The Sensex fell, impacting the market capitalization of BSE-listed companies.
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Market Analysis by Prashanth Tapse, Mehta Equities Ltd

Prashanth Tapse predicts market uncertainty due to Middle East tensions. Rising US bond yields and fears of crude oil price hikes affect investor sentiment.
Infosys, IndusInd Bank, and others decline in Sensex, reflecting a broader market downtrend. Analysts advise caution in stock selection amid ongoing market volatility.

Major Laggards in Sensex Basket

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