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Stock Market Lies

Its Investing, not gambling.

Biggest myth of Stock market is that it is gambling, but it's not; there is risk but also allows for research and wise decision making, unlike gambling where the outcome is largely based on luck.

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100 stocks = Diversified.

Stock Market fact is that you don’t need to own too many stocks to diversify. The global estimates is that an investor can be sufficiently diversified if they own around 12 to 15 stocks.

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Just for Wealthy

Wealthy? Psh, stock market's for everyone. You just need to identify quality stocks with the right growth trajectory and then be willing to wait.

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Risk equals returns?

Sure, more risk can mean more potential gains, but it's all about calculated risk. Don't just blindly take on more risk, understand the cause and effect first.

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Copycat investing

Thinking you can make money by copying big investors? Nah! Just because they're buying, doesn't mean you should too. They may have different goals and risk tolerance. Don't fall for the copycat trap

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