You Should Avoid


Top Stock Market 

#1  Aimless Investing

Stock Market risks should not stop you but Investing without a goal and time horizon is like aimlessly wandering. Always plan ahead, set risk strategies and targets for clarity and sucess.

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#2  Losses Turn into a Game of 'Whack-a-Mole'

Trading and investing can be tricky. A common one is 'Overtrading'  i.e. to recover losses, which can inflate risk and lead to losing more capital. Avoid it!

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#3  Stock Guessing Game

Risk management in stock market begins by investing in known assets. Most investors are guilty of not doing enough to understand the company they are investing in.

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#4  Herd Mentality Mania

Following the crowd can be a costly investing mistake as it doesn't involve research but instead mirrors what other investors are doing. It's important to do your own research and avoid the hype.


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Seeking stock tips or information from the unverified and unknown sources  is another common mistakes in stock trading. 
Always prefer a reliable and verified source.

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