Top Strategies for Bank NIFTY Option Trading

Analysts expect additional price declines with a gap down, demanding candlestick charts and sell orders, while buyers anticipate further price gain with a gap up.

Buy and Sell Trades

Intraday traders use 5-minute Candlestick Charts to spot bullish or bearish signals, enter orders at highs, and set stop-loss points.

5-Minute Candlestick Chart Approach

A bull call spread is a technique employed by traders anticipating a market increase that involves purchasing & selling call options with a low risk & high payoff.

Bull Call

Short straddle uses same-strike call/put options, with the same expiry to predict market range. Long straddle suits high market volatility.

Short Straddle & Long Straddle

Bear call spread hedges bearish markets; bull put spread benefits rising indices.

Bear Call Spread & Bear Put Spread

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