What's in it for the Agri-Sector in Union Budget 2023??

The Green Growth Edition

Union Budget 2023

India can generate over $800 billion of revenues by investing just about $270 billion into Agritech

Agricultural Growth Rate

Agricultural growth on an annualized basis has been consistently in the range of 3.5% to 4.0% in last few years

Fertilizer Subsidies

Under the Budget coverage, Government is likely to form a committee to review input cost for fertilizers

Modernizing agricultural value chains

Union Budget 2023 must touch upon Digital Agriculture mission that was launched in 2021 to promote AI, ML, IOT, GIS and drone use to optimize agriculture value chain

Financial Incentives

 Budget 2023 must finance farm and food infrastructure, including irrigation, logistics, and storage facilities for agri growth. IRR positive model needed for success.

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