Same-Day Cash! Indian Stock Market Gets Faster with T+0 Trial

T+0 Implementation

T+1 cycle to run concurrently with T+0.

SEBI to review progress in three and six months for future actions.

T+0 settlement launches today for select stocks, enabling sellers to receive full cash on transaction day.

Benefits for Sellers

Price band of -100 basis points is in place, unaffected by index computations.

Phase 1 settlements till 1:30 pm; Phase 2 trading from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

Sellers can access 100% of cash instantly instead of waiting for 20% until the next day.

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Analyst's Perspective

SEBI aims to boost investor confidence, and simplify trading processes.

Retail investors with limited cash can optimize funds and react quickly to market changes.

Prashanth Tapse of Mehta Equities believes T+0 benefits traders and investors seeking immediate liquidity.

Eligible Stocks

BSE also introduced T+0 for selective stocks.

Ambuja Cements, Bajaj Auto, BPCL, and Cipla, among others included.

25 stocks, including SBI, MRF, Hindalco, and Vedanta, are eligible for T+0 settlement at NSE.

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