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Intraday Stocks for Today

Last updated on Jun 18, 2024

About Intraday Stocks for Today

Intraday stocks for today NSE & BSE offer a list of intraday stocks. This list of stocks may have high volatility in the stock market. You can explore the list of stocks and accordingly research them. Intraday stocks are identified based on their liquidity & volatility.

Features of Best Intraday Stocks Today

Let's examine all of the features that are included in the top stock for intraday trading using the feature reference. 

  • Symbol: For trading reasons, a stock symbol is a special set of letters allocated to securities. You may examine comprehensive stock information by clicking on any stock symbol.
  • LTP: The price of a stock at which the most recent trade or transaction took place is known as the latest traded price, or LTP. A stock's LTP is a historical figure. At the same location, you may view the LTP, change, and change percentage of a specific.
  • Volume change: This will display the % change in volume from the volume of the preceding day. In one location, you can monitor the breakout stocks with big volume.
  • Deviation from Pivots: This shows how LTP is positioned in relation to the two closest daily pivot points. The deviation points will be S1 & PP and close to S1 if the Ltp of stock is between S1 & PP.
  • Volume change: Volume change will show you the percentage change in volume from the previous day's volume. You can check the breakout stocks with high volume at one place.
  • Deviation from Pivots: Deviation from pivots indicates the position of LTP compared to the two nearest daily pivots points. If Ltp of stock is between S1 & PP, and it is near S1 then the deviation points will be S1 & PP and near S1.
  • Today's Range: The range of low and high values for an index or securities on a given day is called the "today's range."

How to do Intraday Trading with BlinkX?

To start with intraday trading you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the BlinkX website or download the BlinkX Stock Trading App.
  • Click on Open A Demat Account with BlinkX
  • Enter your email address & mobile number
  • Upload your Identity proof such as a PAN card, or Aadhaar card
  • Complete e-KYC & get a confirmation letter along with your credentials
  • Research on stocks & invest in them.

How to choose one of the best stocks for Intraday Trading?

To choose the best stocks to trade, you need to do your research and analysis. Multiple tools and charts are available for in-depth analysis. For intraday trading, investors often seek the best stocks to buy today that exhibit strong volatility and liquidity.

  • Do Market Research: You need to check the stocks that are potential for intraday trading.
  • Check volume & liquidity: You also need to look for stocks with high trading volume and liquidity to ensure easy entry and exit. 
  • Avoid illiquid stocks: It's important to identify stocks with momentum Choose stocks that are exhibiting strong momentum intraday. Look at 5-minute and 15-minute charts to identify momentum.
  • Analyse support & resistance levels: A trader needs to identify the support and resistance levels of a stock on the charts.

Utilise the best combination of technical analysis, liquidity, and recent news to identify intraday stocks to buy with strong price momentum, high trading volumes, and positive news of today’s market. Check out our daily webstory for intraday stocks to watch today.

FAQs on Top Intraday Stocks

There is no prediction for intraday stock. But you can follow different trading strategies. In general, the trend of the market impacts the intraday stock price. Another theory implies that you should purchase stocks when the market is heading upward and sell equities when the market is trending lower.

Seek out companies in industries subject to news-driven or event-driven movements; these stocks typically have high liquidity, volatility, and substantial trading volumes.

Trader mood, economic data, market news, corporate announcements, and geopolitical events influence intraday stock prices.

Intraday traders frequently use range-bound methods, momentum trading, and scalping to profit from brief price fluctuations.

To properly control risks in intraday trading, use stop-loss orders, set profit objectives, diversify your transactions, and refrain from overleveraging.

Since market volatility is usually higher during the start and last hours of the trading day, these times are preferred by many traders.

Common indicators include Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP).

To get experience, novices must first have a firm grasp of the market, conduct sufficient research, and work in tiny positions.

Seek out systems with minimal latency, a user-friendly interface, dependable performance, real-time data, and appropriate technical analysis tools.

Depending on the specific tax regulations of each country, income from intraday trading may be liable to short-term capital gains tax.

Steer clear of emotional judgments, have a well-defined trading plan, adhere to risk management techniques, and keep learning and changing with the market.

Identifying intraday stocks depends on various factors like market conditions, volume, volatility, and technical analysis. Traders often look for stocks with high liquidity and volatility for intraday trades.

The best stocks for intraday trading today can vary based on individual trading strategies and market conditions. Traders typically focus on stocks with strong price momentum, liquidity, and trading volumes.

Traders use various methods to identify potential intraday stocks, including technical analysis indicators like moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), volume analysis, and chart patterns such as flags or triangles.

Factors to consider include overall market trend, sector performance, news catalysts, earnings reports, volume, liquidity, and technical indicators. Traders should also have a clear entry and exit strategy in mind.