Tata Communications Stock Declines for the Eighth Day in a Row

Tata Communications Faces 8th Straight Day of Decline

Tata Communications stock drops 5% as weak Q4 earnings prompt brokerages to caution about limited upside. EBITDA margin contraction is cited as a key concern.

Q4 Performance Highlights

There was a 1.5% dip in net profit year over year, led by the reversal of past tax losses. Revenue rose 24.6%, but the EBITDA margin fell to 18.6%, down from 22.6%.
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Analyst Insights

Analysts attribute margin fall to recent acquisitions' weaker profitability. Brokerages express caution regarding the stock's outlook, signaling limited upside potential amid ongoing challenges.
Investors cautioned to assess risks carefully before investing. The company's margin contraction and ongoing challenges warrant thorough analysis. Consult certified experts for investment decisions.

Investor Caution Advised

Penny stocks like Frontier Capital offer potential gains but come with risks. Investors must conduct thorough research and manage risks wisely amidst high volatility and limited regulation.

Risks and Rewards

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