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Ambey Laboratories Limited was founded by Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta along with Mr. Kewal Sehgal as a private limited company under the name and style of Ambey Laboratories Private Limited on 20th March,1985 registered under Companies Act, 1956 with a motive of carrying business activities in the chemical industry and a focus on crop protection to support the agricultural activities in the country. Besides this, Ambey carries on the activities in the field of manufacturing chemicals, compounds, herbal products, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides. Its operations are spread across India and abroad with manufacturing facility in Rajasthan- India, spanning for over 20183.50 SQM of land. The Company has continuously demonstrated strong growth throughout the years in a number of business areas and global expansions. Its ultimate goal is to further establish its standing as a dependable and trustworthy global and Indian partner. Presently the company manufactures 2,4-D Acid 98% TC, 2,4-D Sodium 95% SP 2,4-D Amine 866, 720, 480g/l SL 2,4-D Ethyl Hexyl Ester 96% TC 2,4-D Ethyl Ester 96% TC Chlorpyriphos 97%TC / 20%EC / 50%EC Thiamethoxam 96%TC / 25%WG / 75%SG Pretilachlor 95%TC / 50%EC / 37%EW Metribuzin 97%TC / 70%WS Hexaconazole 92%TC / 5%SC / 5%EC / 10%EC and Metalaxyl 98%TC / 35% WS for its customer base which comprises of large corporate.

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Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO Details


Total Shares OfferedOffer to PublicRetail Max (Shares)Pre Issue Promoters HoldingExchangeIssue size
65.7 L3.12 L21.84 L177.49 LNSE₹ 44.68 Cr
IPO Open DateClose DateLot SizeMin InvestmentIssue TypeListing Date
04 Jul, 2408 Jul, 242000 ₹ 1,30,000 Book Building - SME11 Jul, 24

Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO Dates

  • 04 Jul 2024

    Opening date

  • 08 Jul 2024

    Closing date

  • 09 Jul 2024

    Basis of

  • 09 Jul 2024

    Initiation of

  • 10 Jul 2024

    Credit of

  • 11 Jul 2024

    Listing date


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Issue TypeBook Building - SME

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Ambey Laboratories Ltd Financial Status

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Particulars (in Rs. Crores)FY23FY22FY21
Revenue from operations9.187.806.31
Total Assets32.9931.6527.38
Share Capital17.7517.754.89
Total Borrowings23.2626.2127.51
Operating Activities (Net Cash)7.536.5413.56
Investing Activities (Net Cash)0.600.00-0.95
Financing Activities (Net Cash)23.2626.2127.51
Net Cashflow0.410.290.51

Particulars (in Rs. Crores)

Revenue from operations



Total Assets

Share Capital

Total Borrowings

Operating Activities (Net Cash)

Investing Activities (Net Cash)

Financing Activities (Net Cash)

Net Cashflow

About Ambey Laboratories Ltd

Ambey Laboratories Limited was originally incorporated as Ambey Laboratories Private Limited on March 20, 1985, as a Private Limited Company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 bearing Corporate Identification Number U74899DL1985PTC020490 pursuant to Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Subsequently, the Company was converted into a Public Limited Company in pursuance of a special resolution passed by the members of the Company at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on November 15th 2014. and name of the Company was changed to Ambey Laboratories Limited and a fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated December 30, 2014, was issued by Registrar of Companies, Delhi. As on date of this Draft Prospectus, the Corporate Identification Number of the Company is U74899DL1985PLC020490.

CHEMICALS SECTOR As per Chemexcil (Chemicals Export Promotion Council), India's agrochemical export was estimated to be at US$ 1.04 billion from April 2023-June 2023 (Provisional). Indian colorants industry has emerged as a key player with a global market share of ~15%. The country's chemicals industry is de-licensed, except for few hazardous chemicals. India has traditionally been a world leader in generics and biosimilars and a major Indian vaccine manufacturer, contributing more than 50% of the global vaccine supply. India holds a strong position in exports and imports of chemicals at a global level and ranks 14th in exports and 8th in imports at global level (excluding pharmaceuticals). From April 2023 to June 2023 (provisional), India's dye exports (Dyes and Dye Intermediates) totalled US$ 561.56 million. HERBICIDES: Farmers have faced weed-related issues and solutions from the beginning of agricultural history. Farmers' ability to lessen crop-weed competition expanded with the introduction of tractors and improvements in mechanization tools. However, the development of synthetic and related herbicides gave farmers, horticulturists, and foresters the ability to manage broad leaf weeds in broad leaf crops, narrow leaf weeds in narrow leaf crops, or broad leaf weeds in narrow leaf crops in addition to narrow leaf weeds in broad leaf crops. The earliest attempt to control weeds in India with herbicides was made in 1937 in Punjab for controlling Carthamus oxyacantha by using sodium arsenite. 2,4-D was first tested in India in 1946. Since then, a number of herbicides have been imported and tried for their effectiveness in controlling many weed species. The herbicide use, in comparison to industrialized countries, is significantly low in India till today. Albeit the crop loss is more due to the weed infestation than that caused by other pests. The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India regulates the manufacture, sale, import, export and use of herbicides through the 'Insecticides Act, 1968'. Central Insecticides Board (CIB) constituted under Section 4 of the Act advises Central and State Governments on technical matters. The Registration Committee (RC) constituted under section 5 of the Act approves the use of pesticides and new formulations to tackle the pest problem in various crops. The Registration Committee is responsible to register pesticides after scrutinizing the chemistry, bio efficacy and toxicology of the products. Herbicides applied in combination either pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergence or postemergence generally increase the spectrum of weed control or the length of residual weed control. Tank-mixing of herbicides may improve the spectrum of weeds controlled in a single application which saves time and labour in a weed management programme. Mixing compatible herbicides from different chemical families may improve control of specific weed populations. Herbicide combinations may also provide control of several weed types at the same time, such as grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Peer Comparison:

  • Atul Ltd
  • Meghmani Organics Ltd

Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO Key Points


  • Experienced Management Team.
  • Prime Location of its Manufacturing Facility
  • Quality Assurance and Standards.
  • Cordial Relationships with its Suppliers.


  • A few of its properties including Registered Office of the Company, are not owned by it. In the event, the company is unable to renew the lease/ rent agreements, or if such agreements are terminated, its may suffer a disruption in the company operations.
  • Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board has directed the company to deposit the amount to the tune of Rs.1,92,02,400 towards environment compensation.
  • Its Board of Directors and Management may change the company operating policies and strategies without prior notice or shareholders' approval.


  • Continue improving financial performance through focus on operational and functional efficiencies.
  • Backward integration for Manufacturing Raw material and forward integration of Finished Goods.
  • Increase in Installed Capacity.
  • Leveraging its market skills, relationship and leadership position in 2, 4 D.
  • Increase wallet share with existing customers and continued focus to expand customer base.
  • Experienced Management Team.
  • Prime Location of its Manufacturing Facility
  • Quality Assurance and Standards.
  • Cordial Relationships with its Suppliers.

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Ambey Laboratories Ltd's IPO offers shares for up to ₹ 0 L It begins on Jul 4, 2024 and ends on Jul 8, 2024.

The price of Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO ranges between ₹65 to ₹68 per share.

The Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO opens on Jul 4, 2024 and closes on Jul 8, 2024.

The allotment for the Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO will be finalised on Jul 9, 2024. The shares will be listed on BSE and NSE on Jul 11, 2024.

The minimum lot size for Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO is 2000 shares, priced between ₹65 to ₹68 per share.

The GMP (Grey Market Premium) of Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO fluctuates based on market demand and sentiment.

To check the allotment status of Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO, visit the registrar's website, select the IPO, enter your PAN Card number, Application Number, or DP Client ID, and click 'search.'

The Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO is getting listed on the BSE and NSE. Bidding opens on Jul 4, 2024, and closes on Jul 8, 2024. The allotment is finalised on Jul 9, 2024.

To apply for the Ambey Laboratories Ltd IPO, download the BlinkX app, complete KYC, select the IPO, enter bid details, and submit. Verify UPI payment for shares allotment.