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Get complete details about open IPOs, and invest in IPO with BlinkX

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IPO - Initial Public Offerings
On Going IPOs

Get complete details about open IPOs, and invest in IPO with BlinkX

Initial Public Offering is a process by which any private company which matches the criteria becomes public. The company becomes public when it lists its share in the public market.

The public market or stock exchange such as BSE or NSE in India, is the exchange where IPOs stocks get listed. You can track and invest in IPOs.

Who can invest in an IPO?

Anyone can invest in IPOs. There are three main categories of investors. That is the Qualified Institutional Buyers(QIB), Non-Institutional Investors and the Retail Individual Investors.

All you need to do is open a demat account with your choice of broker and apply for the current/upcoming IPO.

What happens after the IPO period?

After the IPO process, there will be allotment of shares which will be finalized on the third working day. You can also state it as the basis of the allotment date. And the intimation of funds for IPO is held on the fourth working day, and on the fifth working day you will receive your IPO shares on your demat account.

And in case you are not allotted with IPO shares, the following funds will be transferred to your bank account. At last on the sixth day, the closed IPO is officially listed on the share market.

How To Apply for an IPO Online?

Step 1

Research about the IPO and the company you want to invest in and identify the company's future plan, financial and other aspects.


Step 2

To apply for IPO, you need to Open a demat account with BlinkX.


Step 3

Add the required funds, select the IPO you want to invest in, enter the lot size and bid amount and execute the order.

Get your FAQs right

Some of the potential risks of investing in IPOs are involved, such as the future performance of the company not being in line with expectations as well as market volatility, and macroeconomic variables that impact the value of the stock.

Anyone can invest in an IPO through their online demat & trading account. You need to open a demat account and then apply for an IPO. You can easily apply for an IPO at BlinkX in just a few steps.

You can find information about the IPO information from the above table, if you are looking for a closed or upcoming IPO you can check this page on the BlinkX website.

To know about the current IPO, you need to check the details of the company from above and research about its financial & future growth plan. You can get in-depth research on current IPOs from BlinkX trading platform.