Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds contribute to a Strong Portfolio

Diversify your Risks. Discipline your Investments.

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What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is the type of investment where you pool your investments into a bunch of different stocks, or other financial instruments which are managed by the portfolio manager.

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The function of mutual funds is to provide return to the investor from the pool of investments managed by a professional fund manager. 

The job of the fund manager is to keep the fund balanced. Know more about mutual funds and invest from the list of mutual funds available on the blinkX platform.

You can invest in any type of mutual funds. In the stock market you can find equity funds, debt funds, Hybrid funds, Tax-saving funds and the list goes on and on.

Get this variety of mutual funds all under one roof that is blinkX. Now invest as per your financial goal.

Tax on mutual funds is the LTCG (Long Term Capital gain tax) and the STCG (Short-term Capital gain tax). 

Depending upon the mutual funds and your investment capital the taxation can be different. To start your mutual funds or SIP you can check the performance of funds and other insights through blinkX online trading platform.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Diversify risks

Spread and minimize your risks

Simple and Passive

Mutual funds are simple and not too cyclical

Expert money management

Leave money management to the experts

Compounds money

Interest on interest is the secret of compounding

How to invest in Mutual Funds?


Understand your goal

Start with your goal and work backwards


Decide Asset Mix

Include variety and a balance of Equity & Debt


Strengthen your Portfolio

Create a portfolio of Star Performers


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Mutual Funds FAQs

Depending on its maturity period, a mutual fund scheme can be classified into open-ended scheme or close-ended scheme. 
Depending on investment objectives, it can be Growth/Equity Oriented Scheme, Income/Debt Oriented Scheme, Balanced/Hybrid Scheme, Money Market or Liquid Schemes, Gilt Funds, or Index Funds. 

A scheme that invests primarily in other schemes of the same mutual fund or other mutual funds is known as a FoF scheme. A FoF scheme enables the investors to achieve greater diversification through one scheme. It spreads risks across a greater universe.

You can invest in Mutual Funds by opening a Demat Account with blinkX:
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