52 Week High Breakout Stocks

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Jun 17, 2024

52-week high breakout stocks are stocks that have recently reached their highest trading price within the past 52 weeks, signaling potential upward momentum and strength in the stock's performance. Investors may interpret this as a signal to buy or hold the stock, expecting further price appreciation. However, investing solely based on these stocks carries risks, and prices can fluctuate due to market sentiment, economic conditions, company performance, and industry trends.

S.No.NameCMP Rs.Mar Cap Rs.Cr.Div Yld %NP Qtr Rs.Cr.Sales Qtr Rs.Cr.52w %
1 Rollatainers Ltd 4.84121.060-1.8133.21100
2 Viceroy Hotels Ltd 99.92631.070-9.7531.09100
3 Twenty First Century Management Services Ltd 57.8360.7204.436.02100
4 Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Ltd 205.65521.80-9.928.97100
5 LCC Infotech Ltd 3.3342.1600.012.87100
6 Atlantaa Ltd 40.51330.160-28.3511.48100
7 Jubilant Industries Ltd 1578.62378.490-2.32132.55100
8 Marine Electricals (India) Ltd 147.11951.510-0.7591.4100
9 Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd 1157.254513.280-4.825.62100
10 Azad Engineering Ltd 1797.610626.1503.8559.8100

About 52 Week High Breakout Stocks

How to Determine 52 Week High Breakout Stocks?

Every day, the stock exchange opens and closes at a certain hour. Every stock listed on that stock exchange begins at a certain stock price. This is the price or value of a stock at the start of the day. This stock price varies like a wave throughout the day, reaching highs and lows. Swing Highs are the peaks (highs) that a stock price reaches during the day.

A stock's daily closing price determines its 52-week high. Sometimes a stock will achieve or cross its 52-week high throughout the day but then close at a lower price. These kinds of 52-week highs are not considered. However, getting so close and failing to set a new 52-week high is something trade experts are eagerly watching.

Every stock exchange index in India sets its 52-week high. A NIFTY 52 week high, for example, is a stock listed under NIFTY that breaches its 52-week high price, whereas a SENSEX 52 week high is a stock listed under SENSEX that breaches its 52-week high price.

Importance of 52 Week High Breakout List

Stock markets often have an upward tendency. It signifies that a 52-week high reflects optimistic sentiment in the stock market. Many traders are eager to contribute to price appreciation to lock in profits. Because of their higher profit margins, new 52-week high equities are more volatile, resulting in pullbacks and trend reversals.

52-week highs can also be utilised in trading techniques. For example, an NIFTY 52-week high may be utilised to determine an entry or exit point for an NIFTY stock. When a stock's price reaches its 52-week high, a trader is more inclined to buy it. Experts feel that a stock price breaking out of its 52-week range indicates a major element driving the momentum. It is a handy signal for initiating stop orders. Another importance of a 52-week high is that the stock that just crossed the 52-week threshold has an increase in trading volume. However, this is more visible in small- and mid-sized equities than in large-sized ones.

FAQs on 52 week high breakout stocks

52-week high breakout stocks are equities that have surpassed their highest trading price over the past year, signaling potential upward momentum.

They indicate investor confidence and may suggest bullish market sentiment. Breakouts often attract attention from traders seeking potential investment opportunities.

No, consider other factors like fundamentals, news, and market conditions. A 52-week high breakout is just one indicator and should be used in conjunction with others.

Use stock screeners, technical analysis, and research tools to identify stocks breaking their 52-week high levels, signaling potential bullish trends.

Yes, breakout stocks may experience rapid price fluctuations and could be susceptible to profit-taking or market corrections. Conduct thorough research and manage risk accordingly.