Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage Calculator

A brokerage fee calculator is an essential tool for calculating your trade. When carrying out any trade, you need to check whether your trade is providing a valuable/return or not. Plan your trade by knowing your trading charges in advance.

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Brokerage Calculator


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What is a Brokerage Calculator?

A brokerage calculator helps investors with a clear picture of their online trade. Using a brokerage charges calculator tells you exactly how much expense you need to pay for your online trade.

Doing a trade, time is of the utmost importance where you have an edge of your trade, as things get out of your hand you can still pre-planned your trade & know about your trade completely.

Try using the brokerage calculator to be one step ahead on your online trade.

How does the BlinkX brokerage calculator work?

BlinkX online brokerage calculator works on basic inputs such as the type of trade i.e delivery or intraday, buy and sell prices of a securities, its quantity and choose the stock exchanges

What is the Brokerage Calculator Formula?

The formula for brokerage charges calculator is as follows:

The brokerage charges = Buy/Sell quantity of shares X Price of single unit of share X Brokerage percentage.

The above formula for brokerage calculation works for both intraday and delivery trade in the stock market.

How to use the brokerage calculator?

To use the BlinkX brokerage calculator you need to know a few parameters and enter that parameter into the online brokerage calculator. The brokerage calculations consider the transaction fees, STTT, GST & SEBI charges.

Following parameters for calculating brokerage online:

  • Type of trade
  • Stocks buy & sell price
  • Number of shares
  • Stock Exchange

Depending upon your type of trade you can calculate the total trading cost instantly through the BlinkX brokerage calculator.

What are the Factors on which Brokerage Calculation Depends?

Key factor which can affect the brokerage calculation is as follows:

  • Type of trading: There are different types of trade in the stock market. Accordingly if you trade intraday, futures and options and equity the charges will be different. Depending upon your trade the brokerage
  • Volume of trade: The volume of trade affects the brokerage charge, in larger volume trading charges are based on a fixed amount whereas in lower volume, you need to pay a small percentage.
  • Current price: The current price is also a big factor which can change the value of your trade. So keeping the current price in mind you have to make a proper trading plan.
  • Types of broker: In the stock market you invest through two types of broker. One is the discount brokers and the other is the full-service brokers. The discount brokers offer traders at lower prices, with a handful of services. And if you compare with a full service broker you get more add-on service along with a bit more brokerage charges.

The Benefits of Brokerage Calculator are

  • Details: The brokerage calculator provides precise detail to the trader about any charges which can be easily ignored by the trader. Know about each charge that you add on your online trade.
  • Price comparison: You can compare price offers by different banks, brokerage firms. And the brokerage cost of BlinkX is competitive and also reasonable for investors.
  • Free to use: You can use the brokerage charges calculator free of cost and analyze the cost of your online trade in just a few seconds. All you have to do is enter essential data and you are good to check your brokerage fees.
  • Easy to use: By entering simple details you can get an overview of your trade along with brokerage detail and costing value of your trade. Access the calculator from your smartphone or computer along with an internet connection to process your calculation.

Brokerage Calculator FAQs

Explain intraday brokerage?

The intraday brokerage is termed as the brokerage charged by the broker for an intraday trade. These charges added by the broker charge with securities transaction tax STT, and GST, transaction fees as well as SEBI and the NSE regulatory fees.

The security transaction tax on all trades of equities by the government of India. The value of STT is about 0.025% of the transaction value which is applicable on the sell part of an intraday & equity transaction.

The cost of brokerage depends on the price at which you buy or sell one unit of a security. The higher the price, the higher the brokerage. Transaction volume, or how much you buy or sell, also affects the brokerage cost, whether you calculate it manually or use a brokerage calculator.

When you buy a stock for Rs 100, you pay a brokerage fee of 0.05% on that amount, which is Rs 0.05. When you sell the stock, you pay another Rs 0.05 as brokerage. So, the total brokerage cost for both buying and selling is Rs 0.10. This fee is a percentage of the total cost of the shares.

Brokerage calculators use a straightforward formula to determine fees: Brokerage = Number of shares x Price per share x Brokerage percentage. This formula applies to both intraday and delivery trading calculations, making it easy to calculate brokerage costs.

A stamp duty is a legal fee charged by the Indian government for carrying out transactions on the stock exchange. It applies to all types of financial assets.

Indian exchanges collect transactions on the turnover for providing traders with the technology to trade in the stock exchange. These fees vary between securities.

Yes, the brokerage amount is almost the same for both NSE & BSE.

To calculate brokerage fees, multiply the broker's commission rate by the trade value and add any additional charges. Always review your specific broker's fee structure for accuracy.

Yes, you can use the brokerage charges calculator free of cost and analyze the cost of your online trade in just a few seconds. All you have to do is enter essential data and you are good to check your brokerage fees.

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