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Equity investment simplified

What is Equity Trading?

Equity refers to a small part of company ownership. You can trade in equity as it's tough to understand equity trading but by using a broker such as BlinkX along with valuable insights & information related to trading you can clarify your trading knowledge. 
Take advantage of advanced trading platforms and invest in equity market. You can browse through various financial securities. Research, track & invest in equity market.

Equity trading is one of the major trading activities in the stock market. Traders in the stock market can get better returns if they trade carefully. Some of the types of equity are as follows:

Common Stock: This represents ownership shares in a public company. Common shareholders typically get voting rights and dividends, if declared. It is the most common form of equity.

Preferred Stock: This type of stock has priority over common stock for dividends and claims on assets in case of liquidation, but lacks voting rights. Preferred shareholders receive fixed dividend payments.

Blue Chip Stocks: Shares of large, reputable companies with a history of stable earnings growth. These tend to be less volatile. Examples are Reliance, Tata etc.

Income Stocks: Stocks that pay out higher than average dividends to shareholders. These include utilities and consumer staples companies.

Growth Stocks: Stocks of companies expected to grow earnings and revenues rapidly compared to peers. They generally reinvest profits and pay small dividends.

Value Stocks: Underpriced stocks trading below intrinsic book value. These tend to have lower price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios.

Penny Stocks: Low-priced, more speculative stocks that trade for under ₹100 per share. These are considered high-risk investments.

ETFs: Exchange-traded funds that offer diversified exposure to stock indices, sectors, or commodities by trading like individual stocks.

Invest in Equity Trading

Better Returns

Beat traditional avenues by a fair margin

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Dividend Income

Returns distributed to shareholders from the company earnings or profits

No Minimum Threshold

Freedom to choose quantity or value, starting as low as buying one share

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Equity Trading FAQs

Yes, you can download the BlinkX trading app on your smartphone and invest in the stock market. You can learn, trade & explore different trading strategies from BlinkX.

When you place a buy or sell order on your demat account, there will also be remaining emails and SMS about your transaction. You get a buy or sell order confirmation and the transaction history on your demat account. You can overview your transaction on a stock trading app and website.

To learn about the stock market you need to start reading books about the financial market and taking courses to learn technical/fundamental analysis.

Margin funding refers to the lending facility where brokers give loans to trade in the share market. In this type of trading, investors need to pay only the agreed percentage of the total value of shares bought and the remaining will be funded by the brokerage firm.

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