IPO Subscription Status 2024

IPO subscription is crucial for investors, as it measures the number of times shares are requested during public sales on exchanges like BSE and NSE. Real-time updates are available on exchange websites, and private companies submit paperwork to SEBI when seeking funds through IPOs. Subscription data informs market demand, guides category selection, and influences funding decisions. Checking IPO Subscription Status involves visiting NSE India's website and selecting the desired IPO.

IPO Subscription Status List

Close Date
Ganesh Green Bharat Ltd 09-Jul-2024119.3-000
Effwa Infra & Research Ltd 09-Jul-202448.77-000
Ambey Laboratories Ltd 08-Jul-202442.71-000
Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd 05-Jul-20241897.1776.5349.347.3648.02
Bansal Wire Industries Ltd 05-Jul-202474561.5454.2114.3743.93
Nephro Care India Ltd 02-Jul-202438.9698.061787.56634.13486.48
Diensten Tech Ltd 28-Jun-202420.983.85155.3435.8735.96
Vraj Iron & Steel Ltd 28-Jun-202417169.6221.6658.3188.45
Akiko Global Services Ltd 27-Jun-202421.914.6948.7848.1125.2
Divine Power Energy Ltd 27-Jun-202422.7661.21529.83568.23293.32
Petro Carbon & Chemicals Ltd 27-Jun-2024107.2137.8130.474.4360.33
Allied Blenders & Distillers Ltd 27-Jun-2024150021.2134.14.7517.37
Sylvan Plyboard (India) Ltd 26-Jun-202428.05-67.4989.2478.48
Visaman Global Sales Ltd 26-Jun-202416.05-23.4851.5737.85
Mason Infratech Ltd 26-Jun-202429.515.3750.5636.6121.95
Shivalic Power Control Ltd 26-Jun-202461.168.13436.82230.32170.79
Medicamen Organics Ltd 25-Jun-20249.9269.211344.221309.77657.73
Winny Immigration & Education Services Ltd 24-Jun-20249.13-100.74190.66142.38
Dindigul Farm Product Ltd 24-Jun-202432.958.34280.41201.44134.64
Gem Enviro Management Ltd 21-Jun-202442.5364.12463.29240.25175.11
Akme Fintrade (India) Ltd 21-Jun-2024125.411.25130.3345.7839.41
Durlax Top Surface Ltd 21-Jun-20243938.24415.8202.82145.05
Falcon Technoprojects India Ltd 21-Jun-202413.69-42.587.6163.17
DEE Development Engineers Ltd 21-Jun-2024413.4382.62149.7924.3672.26

*All Values are in ₹

*All Values are in ₹

What is IPO subscription data?

IPO Subscription Data is a crucial piece of information about the number of times a public offering is subscribed to by investors, derived from data from the BSE and NSE. It provides insight into market sentiment, potential listing gains, and helps investors make informed decisions about category selection. The data is available on exchange websites and private companies submit paperwork to SEBI.

How to check IPO Subscription Status?

After investing in an IPO, it's crucial to keep your IPO subscription updated to avoid negative effects. To verify your NSE IPO subscription status, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of NSE India.

  • From the "Trade Data" section of the "Market Data" menu, select "New Public Issue."

  • The next page lists every active intial public offering (IPO).

  • Choose the issue for which you want to provide the subscription details.

  • The next page contains the NSE Bid Details and the Aggregate Bid Details.

  • The total demand, as well as the offers from the NSE and BSE, are displayed as aggregate bids.

The NSE Bid Details display submitted bids, while the IPO subscription status live data is available online. The SME IPO subscription status provides investor demand for shares in and medium enterprises.

IPO Subscription Categories

Investors in IPOs are sorted into various groups, each with specific criteria for participation:

  • Retail Individual Investors (RII): These investors participate in IPOs with investments totaling less than Rs. 2 lakhs. They represent individual retail investors looking to invest in IPOs.

  • Non-Institutional Investors (NII): This category includes Small NIIs with bids below Rs 10L and Big NIIs with bids exceeding Rs 10L. NIIs typically comprise high-net-worth individuals and corporate bodies.

  • Qualified Institutional Investors (QIB): QIBs consist of anchor investors who invest more than Rs 10 crores in an IPO issue. They are institutional entities like banks, mutual funds, and insurance companies.

Additional categories may include:

  • Employee
  • Shareholders
  • Anchor Investors

Note: In some IPOs, special reservations might be made for employees or other designated categories, such as shareholders, as specified in the RHP (Red Herring Prospectus).

Why is IPO Subscription data important for investors?

IPO Live Subscription data is important for investors for several reasons:

  1. It helps gauge the total demand for the IPO shares, indicating the market's perception of the IPO's potential
  2. Investors can shape their IPO investment strategies based on this data, making informed decisions.
  3. The data assists in selecting the reserved category (e.g., retail, NII, employee, shareholder) to maximise profits.
  4. It influences the development of the IPO grey market price, impacting investor sentiment and decisions.
  5. Subscription data aids in deciding whether to borrow for an IPO investment, guiding financial choices.

Why Should You Track the Status of Your IPO Subscriptions?

The NSE & BSE IPO subscription status report provides a comprehensive overview of recent, ongoing, and upcoming mainstream IPOs for both BSE and NSE stock exchanges. It includes information on groups like Retail Individual Investors (RII), High Net Worth Individuals (HNI), and Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB). This data helps investors track trends in IPO participation and market sentiment. Additionally, an IPO Calendar provides information on recent and upcoming IPOs, allowing investors to stay informed on potential investment opportunities.

How to apply for an IPO online?


Research about the IPO and the company you want to invest in and identify the company's future plan, financial and other aspects.


To apply for IPO, you need to Open a demat accountwith BlinkX


Add the required funds, select the IPO you want to invest in, enter the lot size and bid amount and execute the order.

IPO Subscription Status FAQs

IPO subscription status offers HNIs valuable market sentiment data, enabling them to make informed investment decisions based on the demand for IPO shares.

IPO subscriptions typically involve three main investor categories: Retail Individual Investors (RII), Non-Institutional Investors (NII), and Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB), each with unique criteria and allocation rules.

IPO subscriptions typically last 3-7 days, with each offering having a different duration. Investors must subscribe within this timeframe to participate in the IPO.

The Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) category, comprising mutual funds, insurance companies, and foreign institutional investors, is typically the largest investment size in IPOs.

Online IPO subscriptions are fast, convenient, and safe, with reputable brokers and financial institutions offering secure platforms for a smooth and efficient process.

An IPO allows investors to buy a company's shares at the offering price before trading on the stock exchange, offering potential capital appreciation if the stock price rises.

Investors can track IPO subscription status, which indicates the number of subscriptions relative to the number of shares offered, with a ratio greater than 1 indicating oversubscription.