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What is a Thematic Basket?

A thematic basket is a term used to describe a collection of assets or investments that an individual has accumulated over time. These assets can include stocks, bonds, real estate properties, cash savings, and other valuable possessions. The idea behind building a Thematic Basket is to diversify one's portfolio investment and hedge against potential losses in any one asset class.

By spreading out investments across multiple assets, investors can reduce their exposure to market volatility and potentially increase their returns over the long term. Additionally, having a well-diversified wealth management can provide financial security for individuals. Make your investment basket with blinkX and plan your investment at ease.

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Diversification: Thematic baskets allow you to invest in a pre-configured basket of assets like stocks, gold, debt funds, etc. 

Easy rebalancing: Thematic baskets come pre-allocated with a set asset mix. The fund house automatically rebalanced periodically to maintain your chosen asset allocation. 

Low cost: Thematic baskets from fund houses have lower costs compared to individually investing in each asset. It saves on brokerage and transaction fees.

Theme-based investment: Thematic baskets are thematic and cater to specific investment needs like regular income, tax savings, retirement planning, etc. This provides targeted investing.

Curated by Experts: Thematic baskets are created by fund managers to optimise returns for a particular theme or goal. This gives access to professional expertise.

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Thematic Basket FAQs

A Thematic Basket is a curated portfolio of assets like stocks, bonds, gold etc. pre-packed together in a single investable unit to provide diversification and tailored investing for specific goals.

Commonwealth basket themes are tax-saving, regular income, retirement planning, child future planning, market opportunities, moderate investment, equity exposure, debt exposure etc. based on investor needs.

Thematic Baskets are created by fund managers and analysts after research on asset classes, historical trends, risk attributes, and portfolio optimization tools. The allocation is designed to achieve stated investment objectives.

Unlike mutual funds which are actively managed, Thematic Baskets are passively managed with a fixed pre-decided allocation. They provide bundled diversified exposure rather than active stock selection in mutual funds.

You can analyse your existing holdings using investment Thematic Basket and compare them with fine tuned market data analysis & optimise your portfolio returns.

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