Servotech Power Systems files patents for Energy Management Innovations

2 mins read . 23 Oct 2023 . 08:28 AM

Servotech Power Systems, a manufacturer of EV chargers and solar solutions, has officially announced its filing of two patents that focus on pioneering energy management technologies. These inventions aim to optimize grid services through a battery energy storage system (BESS) and efficiently harness renewable energy for maximum value, facilitating the transition to sustainable energy practices.


The first patent, titled "System and Method for Controlling Load Shifting by Third Party," pertains to a system allowing third-party entities, including utilities or aggregators, to manage load shifting within a BESS. This innovation enables the optimized utilization of BESS assets to provide grid services.


The second patent, named "System and Method for Effective Energy Channelization from a Renewable Energy Source," focuses on the efficient transfer of energy from renewable sources like solar or wind into a BESS. This technology ensures that renewable energy is stored in the BESS when its value is highest.


These advancements find applications in various sectors, including solar and electric vehicle charging systems, and are currently under patent review.


Arun Handa, Chief Technology Officer at Servotech Power Systems Ltd, expressed excitement about these patents, emphasizing their role in advancing sustainable energy practices and showcasing the company's dedication to innovation.

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