Adani Green's Q2FY24 Financial Performance Review

In this financial performance review, we delve into the results of Adani Green for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 and analyze key metrics, including revenue, expenses, net profit, and margin.


ParticularsQ2FY23YoY (% change)Q1FY24QoQ (% change)Q2FY24
Total Income (₹crs.)1,68453.742,3908.332,589
Expenses (₹crs.)1,51442.671,92512.212,160
Net Profit (₹crs.)146101.372737.69294
Margin (%)8.672.6911.42-0.0711.36


Adani Green reported a total income of ₹2,589 crores for Q2FY24, representing an impressive 8.33% increase sequentially. On a year-on-year basis, the company demonstrated remarkable growth, with revenue surging by 53.74%. This robust performance underscores Adani Green's capacity to expand its renewable energy portfolio and capitalize on a growing clean energy market.


Expenses for Adani Green in Q2FY24 amounted to ₹2,160 crores, showcasing a notable 12.21% increase compared to the preceding quarter. Year-on-year, expenses exhibited a solid 42.67% rise. The rise in expenses, reflect Adani Green's capacity expansion .


The net profit of Adani Green for Q2FY24 was ₹294 crores, reflecting a 14.86% increase compared to the preceding quarter. On a year-on-year basis, the company's net profit surged by a staggering 101.37%. This exceptional performance underscores Adani Green's profitability within the renewable energy sector.


Adani Green's margin in Q2FY24 reached 11.36%, representing a small -0.07% decrease compared to Q1FY24. Year-on-year, the company's margin expanded by 2.69%. The steady growth in margins is a positive sign for investors, demonstrating Adani Green's commitment to efficient operations in the renewable energy domain.


In conclusion, Adani Green's financial performance in Q2FY24 is characterized by strong revenue growth, prudent cost management, and exceptional profitability. The company continues to play a pivotal role in India's transition to cleaner and sustainable energy sources. Investors and stakeholders can anticipate further growth in the renewable energy sector in the coming quarters. 


Stay tuned for more updates on Adani Green's financial performance in the future.

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