Marico's Q2FY24 Financial Performance Review

In this financial performance review, we delve into the results of Marico for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 and analyze key metrics, including revenue, expenses, net profit, and margin.


ParticularsQ2FY23YoY (% change)Q1FY24QoQ (% change)Q2FY24
Total Income (₹crs.)2,515-0.042,523-0.362,514
Expenses (₹crs.)2,115-3.641,9594.032,038
Net Profit (₹crs.)30717.26436-17.43360
Margin (%)12.212.1117.28-2.9614.32


Marico reported a total income of ₹2,514 crores for Q2FY24, which shows a marginal decrease of 0.36% sequentially. On a year-on-year basis, there was a minimal decline of 0.04%. Despite a slight dip, the company has been able to maintain a stable revenue stream.


Expenses for Marico in Q2FY24 amounted to ₹2,038 crores, marking a 4.03% increase compared to the preceding quarter. Year-on-year, expenses decreased by 3.64%. The increase in expenses during the quarter could be attributed to various factors, including operational costs. However, Marico has been successful in reducing year-on-year expenses.


The net profit for Marico in Q2FY24 was ₹360 crores, showing a decrease of 17.43% compared to the preceding quarter. On a year-on-year basis, the company witnessed substantial growth in net profit, with a 17.26% increase. The reduction in net profit during the quarter may be due to specific market conditions and operational costs, but the positive annual growth is noteworthy.


Marico's margin for Q2FY24 was 14.32%, reflecting a decrease of 2.96% compared to Q1FY24. Year-on-year, the margin showed a 2.11% improvement. The quarterly decline in margin might be indicative of the prevailing market dynamics, but the company has still improved its margin on an annual basis.


In conclusion, Marico's financial performance in Q2FY24 demonstrates resilience in the face of certain quarter-on-quarter challenges. The company has maintained a steady revenue despite minor fluctuations, and its ability to reduce year-on-year expenses while achieving annual growth in net profit is commendable.


Stay tuned for more updates on Marico's financial performance in the future.

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