Outlook for Indian Paper manufacturers in 2023-24

The Indian paper manufacturing industry could face a difficult year ahead. A projected decline of 8-10% is expected for the fiscal year 2023-24 (April-March), following a remarkable 30% growth last year. Several factors contribute to this shift, including heightened market competition and lower realizations.


Packaging Paper Faces Price Drop

Packaging paper prices are likely to decrease by 15% in the upcoming fiscal year. This decline is attributed to a significant drop in the prices of wood pulp and wastepaper since the previous year. As prices adjust, manufacturers are under pressure to maintain competitiveness.


Writing and Printing Paper Prices Adjust Lower

In a similar vein, writing and printing paper prices are projected to be 10% lower year-on-year. Manufacturers are passing on the benefits of lower input costs while keeping prices competitive, acknowledging the presence of domestic competition and the influx of cost-effective imports from China and Southeast Asia.


Operational Margins Remain Healthy

Despite these challenges, the industry anticipates maintaining "healthy" operating margins of 18-19%. Paper manufacturers' conservative capital expenditure plans are seen as a stabilizing factor, bolstering their credit risk profiles.


Segmental Demand Dynamics

Segment-wise, packaging paper is expected to witness a 6-8% growth in volumes during 2023-24. This growth is driven by heightened demand from the pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. In contrast, the writing and printing paper segment is expected to grow by 3-5%, largely attributed to the implementation of the New Education Policy and the forthcoming general election in 2024.


Investor Actions and Future Outlook

Institutional and mutual funds have recently reduced their holdings in the industry. The outlook and valuations suggest that the stocks may have limited upside potential. Therefore, investors are advised to wait for a more opportune entry point before establishing fresh positions in paper stocks, especially those that have already witnessed significant rallies.


In conclusion, while the Indian paper manufacturing industry faces challenges, it also presents opportunities. Adaptation to changing market dynamics and maintaining competitiveness will be crucial in navigating the upcoming fiscal year.

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