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JNK India Limited was incorporated as 'JNK India Private Limited', a Private Limited Company in Thane, Maharashtra dated June 14, 2010, granted by the Registrar of Companies. The Company converted from a Private Company into a Public Company and the name was changed to 'JNK India Limited', vide a f




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JNK India Ltd FAQs

By opening a demat account and having your KYC papers confirmed online, you may simply purchase JNK India Ltd shares in BlinkX.
The share price of any stock is volatile and changes during the day due to a variety of variables. JNK India Ltd's share price is ₹742.55 as of 2024-07-23.
JNK India Ltd's P/E ratio is 66.21 times as of 2024-07-23.
JNK India Ltd's most recent financial reports indicate a price-to-book ratio of 8.37, showing the company's stock market valuation in relation to the value of its real assets.
Market capitalization, often known as market cap, is the market value of all outstanding shares of a publicly listed corporation. JNK India Ltd's market capitalization is ₹4146.54 Cr as on 2024-07-23.
The current financial records of JNK India Ltd show a 47.94% ROE, showing great financial performance and effective capital utilisation, making it a significant statistic for investors.
According to JNK India Ltd's most recent financial filings, the company has a total asset value of ₹307.92, which includes current and non-current assets such as inventory, cash, properties, and equipment.
The 52-week high/low price of a JNK India Ltd stock is the highest and lowest price at which it has traded over that period (about one year) and is used as a technical indicator. JNK India Ltd's 52-week high and low as of 2024-07-23 are ₹768.85 and ₹702.85, respectively.