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Account Opening₹0₹200
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC)₹0₹300
Brokerage - Equity / Cash
Delivery Order₹0Upto 0.55% OR ₹20
Intraday Order₹0Upto 0.19% OR ₹20
MTF (e - Margin)₹0Upto 0.55% OR ₹20
Corporate Actions (Buyback / OFS)₹0Upto 0.55%
Brokerage - Futures & Options
Derivative Futures Intraday₹0Upto 0.19% OR ₹20
Derivative Futures Carry Forward₹0Upto 0.05% OR ₹20
Derivative Options Intraday₹0Upto ₹20-₹100
Derivative Options Carry Forward₹0Upto ₹20-₹100
Brokerage - Currency
Currency Futures Intraday₹0Upto 0.19% OR ₹20
Currency Futures Carry Forward₹0Upto 0.05% OR ₹20
Currency Options Intraday₹0Upto ₹20-₹100
Currency Options Carry Forward₹0Upto ₹20-₹100
Call & Trade Charges₹0₹20
Fund Transfer Charges₹0₹10
Auto - Square Off Charges₹0₹30
Research Subscription Charges₹0₹60

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Ganesh Swamy


I'm blown away by how powerful blinkX App is! The dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and I love how I can customize it to my needs. The app's research and advisory services are top-notch.

Sneha Upadhyaya


I've been using blinkX App for a few months now and it's changed the way I invest. The dashboard is super easy to use and I love how I can customize it to my liking.

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Explore the features that make BlinkX the only app you’ll ever need

Explore the features that make BlinkX the only app you’ll ever need


What is a Zero Brokerage Trading Account?

Zero brokerage is the new concept in stock brokerage, which allows traders to trade with no brokerage. The zero brokerage at stock brokerage firms provides a more user-friendly option than the traditional approach, where traders must pay a one-time yearly or quarterly fee to trade in the stock market.

Brokerage companies that offer trading accounts with no commission or brokerage costs to traders are said to be offering zero brokerage trading accounts. Traders may place transactions in a zero brokerage account without worrying about the fees involved in each trade. Because it is transparent and easy to understand, traders can concentrate on making trading decisions rather than worrying about how fees may affect their earnings or losses. 

The benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading Account

  • One-Time Fee: Enjoy cost-effective trading with the one-time lowest-price
  • Trade on Major Exchanges: Execute trades safely on all major exchanges in India.
  • Advanced Charting and Analytics: Utilise powerful charting and analytic tools within the trading platform.
  • Transparent Rules and Fees: Know precisely what you're paying for with clear and transparent fee structures.
  • Easy Account Opening: Experience hassle-free account opening procedures.
  • Instant Fund Transfers: Enjoy seamless fund transfers to and from your trading account.
  • Intraday Margin Facility: Gain leverage on your margin money for intraday trading.
  • Responsive Support: Access instant phone and email support whenever you need assistance.

How to choose a Zero Brokerage Trading Account?

  • Make the most of your trading experience by opening a zero brokerage account. Think about things like:
  • ● Trading Requirements: Evaluate your trading goals, style, and frequency.
  • ● Platform Features: Seek sophisticated tools, dependable technology, and user- friendly interfaces.
  • ● Customer Service: Make sure there is quick and efficient customer service available.
  • ● Security Measures: Stock trading platforms provide robust security measures to keep all your financial holdings safe.
  • ● Trading Charge Structures: Recognise the various charge schedules and assess how they relate to your trading activity.
  • ● Extra Services: Investigate any extra tools or services that the platform provides.

Benefits of opening a Zero Brokerage Trading Account with BlinkX

  • Here are some benefits of opening a zero brokerage trading account with BlinkX:
  • ● Save on your Brokerage: Enjoy trading without traditional brokerage charges and considerable savings in the long run.
  • ● Advanced Technology: Access a state-of-the-art trading platform with powerful tools and real-time data for informed decision-making.
  • ● Dedicated Support: Receive prompt assistance from our knowledgeable support team, ensuring a seamless trading experience.
  • ● Secure Transactions: Benefit from robust security measures to safeguard your investments and personal information.
  •   BlinkX offers a smooth and affordable trading experience. Join BlinkX to get a zero brokerage plan.

Zero Brokerage Trading Account FAQs

No, there are no hidden charges associated with your zero brokerage trading account at BlinkX. You just have to take ₹799 subscriptions to get a zero brokerage trading account.

Different types of investments that you can trade with a zero brokerage account include equity, intraday, futures and options, etc.

There are no limitations or drawbacks to the zero brokerage trading account at BlinkX.

By opting for a zero brokerage trading account with BlinkX, you can easily trade without a brokerage fees.