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GIFT Nifty, previously known as SGX Nifty, is a derivative contract linked to India's Nifty 50 index and was originally traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). The relocation of GIFT Nifty to the NSE International Exchange (NSE IX) in Gandhinagar, India, represents a significant shift in Indian financial market trading.


Hedge funds and institutional investors use GIFT Nifty as a strategic tool to hedge their exposure to the Indian stock market. Traders also actively engage with GIFT Nifty to speculate on the future direction of the Nifty 50 index, making trading decisions based on its dynamic movements.


GIFT Nifty Live hedge their exposure to the Indian stock market and speculate on the Nifty 50 index's future direction. This move from SGX to NSE IX encompasses all SGX Nifty derivative contracts. The transition from the Singapore Exchange to NSE IX includes all SGX Nifty derivative contracts, totaling a trade value of $7.5 billion. NSE IX, located in GIFT City, now offers four financial products: GIFT Nifty 50, GIFT Nifty Financial Services, GIFT Nifty Bank, and GIFT Nifty IT derivative contracts.


To access a GIFT Nifty live chart, you can visit financial websites or trading platforms that offer real-time updates. Monitoring GIFT Nifty live today is crucial for traders and investors to make timely decisions. These platforms display the GIFT Nifty Share Price along with historical data and performance metrics. When searching for nifty gift ideas, consider unique and thoughtful presents that cater to individual interests and preferences. Any trading member, whether Indian or foreign, registered or non-registered, with an office through a branch model or subsidiary, can actively trade GIFT Nifty index products upon acquiring NSE IX membership. However, Indian retail investors do not have exposure to GIFT Nifty products under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS).


SGX, or the Singapore Exchange Limited, previously facilitated SGX Nifty trading for 21 hours a day, running from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. IST. This was in contrast to the Indian CNX Nifty's trading hours on the NSE, which span six and a half hours (9:00 am - 6:10 pm). GIFT Nifty price movements continue outside Indian market hours, potentially following global trends.


The transition of SGX Nifty to GIFT Nifty has had a notable impact on the Indian market. You can find the GIFT Nifty chart online, which tracks the performance of India's Nifty 50 index providing a valuable tool for tracking and forecasting Nifty movements. The time difference between SGX Nifty and the Indian Nifty allows investors to monitor global market dynamics and gain insights into trading processes.


As of July 3, 2023, SGX Nifty has officially been rebranded as GIFT Nifty, signifying a significant move of derivative trade from the Singapore Exchange to the NSE International Exchange in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. GIFT Nifty represents the evolving landscape of Indian financial markets, offering new opportunities for strategic engagement.

Faqs on Gift Nifty

The GIFT Nifty is a financial index that acts as a benchmark for the Indian stock market. It was renamed from SGX Nifty and moved to the new international exchange NSE IFSC in GIFT City, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The index started trading under its new name on July 3, 2021.

The Gift Nifty has been relocated to the NSE IX in Gandhinagar, India, marking a significant shift in Indian financial markets trade. This move is used by hedge funds and institutional investors to hedge their exposure to the stock market.

There will be two trading sessions at Gift Nifty, the first from 6.30 am to 3.40 pm and the second from 4.35 pm to 2.45 am the next morning.

This is the most popular Gift Nifty contract, which tracks the Nifty 50 index. GIFT Nifty Bank: This product tracks the Nifty Bank index, which includes India's 12 major banks.

The final settlement price will be decided under the relevant NSE IX contract parameters, and it is the official closing price of the NIFTY Financial Services Index on the last trading day. The SGX Position Limit will apply to NSE IFSC Nifty contracts certified by SGX-DC.

The transfer of Gift Nifty to the NSE International Exchange (NSE IX) in Gandhinagar, India, marks a fundamental shift in the landscape of trade in Indian financial markets. Hedge funds and institutional investors use Gift Nifty Live as a strategic tool to mitigate their exposure to the Indian stock market.

The Indian financial markets plunged, and worldwide housing values began to decline, prompting considerable concern throughout the world. As a consequence, we can infer that the five-year charts of the Nifty 50 and Dow Jones Industrial Average reveal a strong correlation between the two markets.

The movement of the domestic indexes has long been predicted by the SGX Nifty. Currently, however, the SGX Nifty is now called 'GIFT NIFTY' and is moved to the new international exchange NSE IFSC in GIFT City, Gujarat. 

Currently, GIFT NIFTY stands at 21,761.00, slightly lower than the previous close of 21,784.50, indicating a minor decline in performance as of 9 Feb 2023

GIFT NIFTY can be used to hedge other investments by taking positions that counterbalance potential losses in correlated assets, mitigating overall portfolio risk.

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