Online Financial Calculators

Online Financial Calculators

You can use different financial calculators for making any investment decision. Know how to calculate using different financial calculators from BlinkX.

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Using different financial calculators can help you in multiple ways. According to your online trade, you can check your brokerage, options trade, CAGR, dividend, margin & future value calculator. Plan your trade, and improve your trading strategy. Just enter the data and get results from the following calculators by BlinkX.

Investing requires knowledge & experience. As an investor, you need to check the risk & return ratio of your investment. To get clarity on your trade, brokerage and other aspects you can use a financial calculator online. It is a simple & responsive financial calculator which offers results in real-time.

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Why do you need a financial calculator?

A financial calculator helps in many ways. From planning to changing trading strategies, you can make informed decisions from financial calculators.

As per the SEBI guidelines in Sept 2020, the margin required for trading in the cash market is 20 percent of the transaction volume with the broker to avail the margin trading facility.

Options refer to a financial contract between two parties where the option holders have the right not obligation to either buy or sell the underlying assets of the option contract.

Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) tells the average rate at which the following investment grows annually. It's important to know the CAGR percentage of your investment as it will define your investments as making profits or losses.

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