Syngene International Ltd dividend

Syngene International Ltd dividend

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Syngene International Ltd




Last updated : FY 2024

Key Highlights

    The Dividend per Share of Syngene International Ltd is ₹ 1.25 as of 2024 .a1#The Dividend Payout of Syngene International Ltd changed from 3.02 % on March 2019 to 10.77 % on March 2024 . This represents a CAGR of 23.60% over 6 years. a1#The Latest Trading Price of Syngene International Ltd is ₹ 749.8 as of 19 Jul 15:30 .a1#The Market Cap of Syngene International Ltd changed from ₹ 11759 crore on March 2019 to ₹ 28209 crore on March 2024 . This represents a CAGR of 15.70% over 6 years. a1#The Revenue of Syngene International Ltd changed from ₹ 660 crore to ₹ 933 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 18.90% a1#The EBITDA of Syngene International Ltd changed from ₹ 188.3 crore to ₹ 333 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 32.98% a1#The Net Pr of Syngene International Ltd changed from ₹ 73.9 crore to ₹ 188.6 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 59.75% a1#

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Company Fundamentals For Syngene International Ltd

Market Cap

30,182 Cr



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Dividend Yield *




Dividend Payout *


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* All values are consolidated

Last Updated time: 21 Jul 15:30 PM

* All values are consolidated

Last Updated time: 21 Jul 15:30 PM


Historical Dividend Payout of Syngene International Ltd

Dividend payout refers to the total dividends paid to shareholders relative to the company's earnings. It is a financial measure that determines the percentage of earnings paid out to existing shareholders as dividends. How to calculate Dividend Payout Ratio? The dividend payout ratio formula is as follows: DPR = Dividends paid / Net earnings With the dividend payout ratio, you can understand the company's priorities. It is an important metric that allows you to easily check DPR online.

Historical Dividend Payout of Syngene International Ltd

Mar '193
Mar '200
Mar '210
Mar '2210
Mar '230
Mar '2411

* All values are a in %

Dividend per Share (DPS) Over Time



Dividend Yield is a financial ratio that shows the annual dividend income relative to the market price of a share. It is calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the current market price per share, expressed as a percentage.

Dividend Yield Comparison With Top Peers





* All values are in %

Net Profit Vs Dividend Per Share


Syngene International Ltd




-17.40 (-2.27%)

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Last updated : 19 Jul 15:30

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Overview of Dividend

Types of Dividend

Special Dividend

A dividend is paid on common stock when a company has accumulated substantial profits over years, often seen as excess cash that doesn't need immediate use.

Preferred Dividend

A quarterly dividend is paid to preferred stock owners, typically accumulating a fixed amount, and is earned on shares that function more like bonds.

Interim Dividend

Companies declare interim dividends before final full-year accounts are prepared, specifically in India, during the financial year from April to March of the following year.

Final Dividend

A final dividend is issued after the year's accounts have been compiled. Aside from this, the following list highlights the most prevalent sorts of dividends:


Historical Market Cap of Syngene International Ltd

Market Cap or market capitalisation refers to metrics that are used to measure a company's size. It is defined as the total market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock. Formula of Market Cap: Market Capital = N * P Here, N for the outstanding shares P refers to the closing price of the company's shares. Types of Companies based on Market Cap: - Small-Cap stocks: Up to 500 Crore - Mid-Cap Stocks: From Rs.500 crore up to Rs.7,000 crore - Large-Cap Stocks: From Rs.7,000 crore up to Rs.20,000 crore

Historical Market Cap of Syngene International Ltd

Mar '1911759
Mar '209662
Mar '2121734
Mar '2223924
Mar '2323867
Mar '2428209

* All values are a in crore


Historical Revenue of Syngene International Ltd

Revenue term means the amount of money a company earns from its primary business activities such as the sales of its products & services. Types of Revenue: 1. Operating revenue: It refers to the income generated from the core business activities, which are sales of goods or services rendered. 2. Non-Operating revenue: It is the income generated from secondary sources unrelated to the primary business. Examples include rents, dividends, interest, and royalty fees. Formula for Revenue: The formula for calculating revenue is based on two goods & services: For goods: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Units sold For services: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Customers served.

Historical Revenue of Syngene International Ltd

Jun '22660
Sep '22784
Dec '22803
Mar '231017
Jun '23832
Sep '23932
Dec '23883
Mar '24933

* All values are a in crore


Historical EBITDA of Syngene International Ltd

PBIDT stands for Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes. It is a financial metric that measures a company's profitability before accounting for interest expenses, depreciation of assets, and taxes. Formula to calculate PBIDT: PBIDT = Net Income + Interest + Depreciation + Taxes or PBIDT = Operating Income + Depreciation + Taxes PBIDT vs EBITDA vs EBIT vs EBT: Here is a brief explanation of the differences: - PBIDT (Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes) includes taxes in its calculation, unlike EBITDA. - EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) excludes taxes and interest, focusing on operational performance. - EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) excludes interest and taxes, providing a measure of core operational profitability. - EBT (Earnings Before Taxes) includes all operating income but does not account for interest expenses. Conclusion: PBIDT, similar to EBITDA, is a measure of operational profitability but includes taxes in its calculation.

Historical EBITDA of Syngene International Ltd

Jun '22188
Sep '22232
Dec '22248
Mar '23337
Jun '23236
Sep '23268
Dec '23257
Mar '24333

* All values are a in crore


Historical Net Profit of Syngene International Ltd

Net profit is the amount of money a company retains after accounting for all expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and other deductions. Net Profit formula is expressed as: Net Profit = Total Revenue - Total Expense Net Profit Margin Ratio: Net Profit Margin Ratio = Net Profit / Total Revenue

Historical Net Profit of Syngene International Ltd

Jun '2274
Sep '22102
Dec '22110
Mar '23179
Jun '2393
Sep '23117
Dec '23112
Mar '24189

* All values are a in crore

About Syngene International Ltd

About Syngene International Ltd

    Syngene International Limited is an integrated research, development and manufacturing services organization serving global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition, animal health, consumer goods and specialty chemical sectors. Headquartered in India, the operations are driven by its highly qualified teams comprising ~6000 scientists and its state-of-the-art facilities, spread over 2.2 million sq. ft., across 3 locations in India: Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mangalore. The Company operate into 4 business divisions comprising of Discovery Services, Development Services, Manufacturing Services and the Dedicated Centers. The Company was promoted by Biocon and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, a promoter of Biocon Limited. The Company's health-related services extend across all major therapeutic areas and modalities. It provides end-to-end services within the Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a growing range of services within the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). The primary target market for these services is the pharmaceutical and biotechnology (biotech) sectors. The same scientific capabilities that serve human health also serve nutrition, animal health, consumer goods, agri-chemicals, and specialty chemical sectors. Syngene International Limited was incorporated at Bangalore in the year 1993. During the year 1994-1995, the company pioneered in CRO services for both Chemistry and Biology. During the year 2001-2002, the company acquired a new facility inclusive of a cGMP pilot plant. In March 30, 2002, the company's 99.9% equity share was transferred to Biocon and the company became a subsidiary of Biocon Ltd. During the year 2003-2004, the company introduced Process Research and Optimization Services. In October 21, 2004, the company commissioned a new research facility at Boammasandra, Bangalore. In February 15, 2006, the company commissioned new facility at Biocon Park. In August 30, 2006, the company received approval of additional facility to set up as SEZ unit from Cochin Special Economic Zone. During the year 2006-2007, Bristol- Myers Squibb had entered into a long term agreement with the company to set up an exclusive research facility to house more than 400 scientists. During the year, the company had ventured into other area of Biology viz Genetic Engineering, Protein Chemistry, and assay development. The company had developed extensive expertise in the creation of customized stable cell lines expressing proteins / receptors of intersest. During the year 2007-2008, the company entered a long term service agreement with BMS. During the year 2008-2009, the company created an alliance partnership with DuPont Crop Protection. On 21 July 2011, Syngene International and Endo Pharmaceuticals USA announced that they have signed an agreement to expand their collaboration to develop novel biological therapeutic molecules against cancer. Syngene and Endo will partner on two new discovery programmes, strengthening their ongoing alliance in cancer research. Under the agreement, Endo will retain all rights to the molecules developed, while Syngene International will receive research fees, milestone payments and success fees from Endo. On 4 June 2012, Abbott, one of India's largest healthcare companies, inaugurated its first nutrition research and development center in the country, in collaboration with Syngene International. The state-of-the-art Research and Development center will focus on the development of science-based, affordable nutrition products for the country and enable the expansion of Abbott's nutrition product portfolio. In 2012, Syngene International received ANVISA Certification of clinical facilities. During the year under review, Syngene International acquired 100% stake in Clinigene International Limited from Biocon. Syngene International crossed an annual turnover of Rs 500 crore crore in the year ended 31 March 2013. In 2013, Baxter International Inc. collaborated with Syngene International to establish the Baxter Global Research Center'. During the year under review, Syngene International's Control Testing Laboratory received acceptance from the Department of Health & Human Services, US Food and Drug Administration. On 3 June 2014, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Syngene International announced a five-year extension of their drug discovery and development collaboration in India. Financial terms were not disclosed. In 2014, Syngene International's API manufacturing facility received acceptance from Department of Health & Human Services, US Food and Drug Administration. During the year under review, Syngene International established a 75,000 sq. ft. centre to provide stability and analytical services. Syngene International made its debut on the secondary equity market on 11 August 2015. The stock debuted at Rs 295 on BSE, a premium of 18% compared to the initial public offer (IPO) price of Rs 250 per share. The Rs 550-crore Initial Public Offering (IPO) through offer for sale from its parent Biocon Ltd. received an excellent response from investors and was subscribed 32.05 times. The issue opened for subscription on 27 July 2015 and closed on 29 July 2015. In 2015, Syngene International's subsidiary Clinigene International Limited, which provides clinical research and clinical trial services, was amalgamated with Syngene International. Syngene International crossed annual turnover of Rs 1000 crore in the year ended 31 March 2016. On 6 September 2016, Syngene International announced the establishment in Bangalore, India, of an integrated, multi-disciplinary drug discovery and development center for Amgen, Inc. The state-of-the-art dedicated center will be staffed by a team of more than 100 highly qualified Syngene scientists, working in close association with Amgen researchers around the world on the discovery and development of innovative medicines. In addition to being customized to meet Amgen's functional requirements, the facility complies with the highest regulatory standards. Its design includes a range of environmentally-friendly features and flexible layouts, and is configured to minimize solvent and effluent waste with a strong emphasis on laboratory safety and 'green' chemistry. On 21 September 2016, Syngene International Ltd.and Strand Life Sciences announced that they have completed a deal through which Syngene has purchased assets of Strand Life Sciences related to systems biology, Heptox and pharma bioinformatics services. This includes target dossier business and rights to NGS data analytics and Sarchitect platforms, supported by a strong scientific team. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. This deal gives Syngene access to Strand's patented Virtual Liver model and the NGS analytics platform. The Virtual Liver model is able to predict the toxic effect of different drugs or chemicals on the liver (both rat and human) using information from laboratory-based experiments prior to actual testing on live animals or humans. Strand NGS is an integrated platform that provides analysis, management and visualization tools for next-generation sequencing data. On 2 March 2017, Herbalife, a global nutrition company, announced the launch of its first Nutrition Research and Development Lab in India, in partnership with Syngene International. The strategic partnership will help Herbalife Nutrition develop and formulate world-class nutrition products for Indian consumers. On 27 July 2017, Syngene International announced the expansion of its research collaboration with Amgen Inc. As a result, Syngene will expand the Syngene Amgen Research & Development Center (SARC) in terms of size and scope of its operations. The expansion of SARC will be customized to meet Amgen's functional requirements and will include a range of environment-friendly features that will enable optimal utilization of the laboratory space. On 14 November 2017, Syngene International announced that it has expanded its ongoing collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb. The next phase of the partnership will see the addition of a new facility to support future Bristol-Myers Squibb research and development operations, an expansion of the team and the extension of the existing agreement through 2026. As part of the expansion, Syngene will set up a new dedicated facility spread across 25,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space for Bristol-Myers Squibb. This facility will house an additional team of 75 Syngene scientists who will work exclusively in support of Bristol-Myers Squibb. On 26 March 2018, Syngene International announced an R&D agreement with GSK, a science-led global healthcare company. The multiyear agreement will focus on accelerating the discovery of new drug candidates using Syngene's discovery services platforms. As part of the agreement, Syngene will set-up a customized discovery research laboratory to support projects across several therapeutic areas. A team of Syngene scientists will work closely with GSK's global R&D teams on discovery research projects to identify new drug candidates with the potential to address some of the world's most pressing healthcare needs. On 30 May 2018, Syngene International announced that the company has entered into a non-exclusive partnering agreement with Zumutor Biologics, an emerging immuno-oncology company, to access Zumutor's proprietary human phage/yeast display library. This collaboration further enhances Syngene's market-leading capabilities in Discovery Biology, providing its scientists with additional tools to help solve complex biology problems in biotherapeutic drug discovery. Under the terms of the agreement, Syngene will screen target antigens against Zumutor's proprietary human antibody libraries to identify and characterize novel antibody clones, which will be further developed by Syngene towards novel biotherapeutics programs for its partners During year 2018-19, the Company commissioned Phase I of its upgraded S2 facility, which brings on board 105,000 sq. ft of space. The Company's Dedicated R&D Centres gained from the extension of the multi-year agreement up to 2024 with Baxter Healthcare Corporation, a global healthcare company. In line with the revised agreement, a new laboratory was commissioned, and the strength of the scientific team supporting Baxter was increased. In line with the contract expansion and extension with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), a multinational pharmaceutical company, Syngene commissioned a new research facility spread across 25,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space during the year. The Amgen dedicated centre houses around 75 Syngene scientists. The Company completed the development and clinical supplies manufacturing of a drug product for Amgen. The Company's research collaboration with GSK, signed in FY18, became operational during the year. In year 2019-20, the Company developed and validated a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) assay, a test system increasingly being used for cervical cancer screening. During year 2020-21, the Company commissioned the first phase of new R&D centre in Hyderabad. It commenced API manufacturing facility in Mangaluru and expanded the R&D facility in Bengaluru. Two 2KL bioreactors were commissioned during the year and a microbial manufacturing facility was set up, to strengthen biologics manufacturing capacity. During year 2021-22, the Company expanded its research facilities in Bangalore and Hyderabad. As part of the third phase of expansion, capacity for 300 scientists was added in Hyderabad, taking the total capacity to around 600 scientists. It also invested in enhancing its scientific capabilities to both sustain as a service provider for fully integrated therapeutic discovery. The Research Informatics unit launched a drug discovery informatics platform to empower the scientists with project information and tools to generate and evaluate hypotheses. The Company signed a five-year agreement with IAVI1 , a USAbased, non-profit, scientific research organization to develop and manufacture three recombinant, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). A cGMP microbial manufacturing facility with 500-liter capacity was commissioned in 2021. A fourth additional 2,000-liter single-use bioreactor was introduced to the mammalian biologics facility. During the year 2022-23, Syngene's second campus in Discovery Chemistry operations in Hyderabad grew to over 900 scientists. It commissioned a new PROTAC lab in Hyderabad; commissioned a kilo lab to expedite formulation and process development work and a state-of-the-art sterile Fill-Finish facility for smallscale clinical manufacturing; commissioned the advancement of Amgen's R&D projects. In FY23, the Company launched new differentiated platforms such as SynTACs (targeted degradation), SARchitect (data analysis and virtual collaboration), and SynTIPS (data analysis related to biological targets and pathways). Additionally, existing platforms, Syn.AI (AI-enhanced therapeutic R&D) and SynVent (integrated drug discovery), were enhanced further. The construction of a state-of-the-art, fillfinish facility for sterile injectable drugs was commissioned. The commercial manufacturing of drug substance for Zoetis was started. In addition to growing capabilities in monoclonal antibodies, the portfolio expanded for GMP manufacturing of plasmid DNA and mRNA.

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FAQs for dividends of Syngene International Ltd

What is the current market price of Syngene International Ltd Ltd as of July 21, 2024?

The current market price of Syngene International Ltd Ltd stands at 749.8 per share.

What dividend did Syngene International Ltd declare in the last fiscal year?

In the last fiscal year, Syngene International Ltd declared a dividend totaling ₹1.3.

What is the most recent dividend declared by Syngene International Ltd?

Syngene International Ltd recently declared a dividend of 0.0 in the latest quarter

How many times has Syngene International Ltd declared dividends in the current fiscal year

Syngene International Ltd has declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0 in the current fiscal year (FY2023-2024).

How many times did Syngene International Ltd declare dividends in the previous fiscal year?

In the previous fiscal year (FY2022-2023), Syngene International Ltd declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0.
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