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Last updated : FY 2023

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    The Dividend per Share of Patel Engineering Ltd is ₹ 0 as of 2023 .a1#The Dividend Payout of Patel Engineering Ltd changed from 0 % on March 2019 to 0 % on March 2023 . This represents a CAGR of 0.0% over 5 years. a1#The Latest Trading Price of Patel Engineering Ltd is ₹ 58.59 as of 18 May 15:30 .a1#The Market Cap of Patel Engineering Ltd changed from ₹ 418.01 crore on March 2019 to ₹ 1159 crore on March 2023 . This represents a CAGR of 22.64% over 5 years. a1#The Revenue of Patel Engineering Ltd changed from ₹ 940.6 crore to ₹ 1417 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 22.77% a1#The EBITDA of Patel Engineering Ltd changed from ₹ 173.35 crore to ₹ 312.21 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 34.20% a1#The Net Profit of Patel Engineering Ltd changed from ₹ 37.48 crore to ₹ 140.94 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 93.92% a1#

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4,947 Cr



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* All values are consolidated


Dividend Payout Over Time

Dividend payout refers to the total dividends paid to shareholders relative to the company's earnings. It is a financial measure that determines the percentage of earnings paid out to existing shareholders as dividends. How to calculate Dividend Payout Ratio? The dividend payout ratio formula is as follows: DPR = Dividends paid / Net earnings With the dividend payout ratio, you can understand the company's priorities. It is an important metric that allows you to easily check DPR online.

Dividend Payout Over Time

Mar '190
Mar '200
Mar '210
Mar '220
Mar '230

* All values are a in %

Dividend per Share (DPS) Over Time



Dividend Yield is a financial ratio that shows the annual dividend income relative to the market price of a share. It is calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the current market price per share, expressed as a percentage.

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Patel Engineering Ltd





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Last updated : 18 May 15:30

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Dividend Overview for Patel Engineering Ltd

  • Patel Engineering Ltd, boasts of a market capitalization of Rs 4947 Cr., with a share price of Rs 58.59 as of 18 May 15:30. While all stocks don't consistently pay dividends, Patel Engineering Ltd rewarded its shareholders, distributing 0.0 % for the full year.
  • In the year ending 2022, Patel Engineering Ltd declared a dividend of Rs 0, resulting in a dividend yield of 0.0% Assessing its dividend-paying capacity and valuation is crucial to determine its suitability as a dividend stock.
  • During the year ending 2023, Patel Engineering Ltd recorded revenues of Rs 4544 Cr, with a trailing EBITDA Margin of 18.8% and net-profit of Rs 275 Cr

Overview of Dividend

Types of Dividend

Special Dividend

A dividend is paid on common stock when a company has accumulated substantial profits over years, often seen as excess cash that doesn't need immediate use.

Preferred Dividend

A quarterly dividend is paid to preferred stock owners, typically accumulating a fixed amount, and is earned on shares that function more like bonds.

Interim Dividend

Companies declare interim dividends before final full-year accounts are prepared, specifically in India, during the financial year from April to March of the following year.

Final Dividend

A final dividend is issued after the year's accounts have been compiled. Aside from this, the following list highlights the most prevalent sorts of dividends:


Market Cap Over Time

Market Cap or market capitalisation refers to metrics that are used to measure a company's size. It is defined as the total market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock. Formula of Market Cap: Market Capital = N * P Here, N for the outstanding shares P refers to the closing price of the company's shares. Types of Companies based on Market Cap: - Small-Cap stocks: Up to 500 Crore - Mid-Cap Stocks: From Rs.500 crore up to Rs.7,000 crore - Large-Cap Stocks: From Rs.7,000 crore up to Rs.20,000 crore

Market Cap Over Time

Mar '19418
Mar '20367
Mar '21547
Mar '221184
Mar '231160

* All values are a in crore


Revenue Over Time

Revenue term means the amount of money a company earns from its primary business activities such as the sales of its products & services. Types of Revenue: 1. Operating revenue: It refers to the income generated from the core business activities, which are sales of goods or services rendered. 2. Non-Operating revenue: It is the income generated from secondary sources unrelated to the primary business. Examples include rents, dividends, interest, and royalty fees. Formula for Revenue: The formula for calculating revenue is based on two goods & services: For goods: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Units sold For services: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Customers served.

Revenue Over Time

Jun '22941
Sep '22862
Dec '22988
Mar '221240
Jun '231142
Sep '231046
Dec '231113
Mar '231418

* All values are a in crore


EBITDA Over Time

PBIDT stands for Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes. It is a financial metric that measures a company's profitability before accounting for interest expenses, depreciation of assets, and taxes. Formula to calculate PBIDT: PBIDT = Net Income + Interest + Depreciation + Taxes or PBIDT = Operating Income + Depreciation + Taxes PBIDT vs EBITDA vs EBIT vs EBT: Here is a brief explanation of the differences: - PBIDT (Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes) includes taxes in its calculation, unlike EBITDA. - EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) excludes taxes and interest, focusing on operational performance. - EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) excludes interest and taxes, providing a measure of core operational profitability. - EBT (Earnings Before Taxes) includes all operating income but does not account for interest expenses. Conclusion: PBIDT, similar to EBITDA, is a measure of operational profitability but includes taxes in its calculation.

EBITDA Over Time

Jun '22173
Sep '22149
Dec '22167
Mar '22204
Jun '23182
Sep '23164
Dec '23194
Mar '23312

* All values are a in crore


Net Profit Over Time

Net profit is the amount of money a company retains after accounting for all expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and other deductions. Net Profit formula is expressed as: Net Profit = Total Revenue - Total Expense Net Profit Margin Ratio: Net Profit Margin Ratio = Net Profit / Total Revenue

Net Profit Over Time

Jun '2237
Sep '2213
Dec '2231
Mar '2280
Jun '2342
Sep '2338
Dec '2369
Mar '23141

* All values are a in crore

About Patel Engineering Ltd

About Patel Engineering Ltd

    Patel Engineering Limited (PEL) wet its feet in the industry during the year 1949. PEL is a dynamic and progressive Indian Engineering company committed to providing the entire range of civil engineering services involved in the design, construction of Power Houses, Hydroeletric Projects, Commercial Building, Industrial Complexes, Dams, Tunnels, Underground Structures, Steel and Concrete Structures, Bridges, Marine Works, Flyovers and National Highways in India and abroad. ISO 9002: 2000 certification Company and access to internationally renowned Licensors & Contractors make it the ideal engineering solutions partner for a wide spectrum of services covering a variety of industries. During the year 1993-94, the company had commenced production in plastic products through its subsidiary ENPRO. In the period of 1997-98, the company had entered into joint ventures with ENERGOPROJECT, Yuguslavia. PEL had established a separate entity in the year 1999-2000 in the name and style of ASI Civil Constructors under the laws of the state of California as a regular corporation with a fiscal year end of March 31st- ASI RCC, Inc., purchased all of the stock of this entity for $ 80,000 cash. In the same year 1999-00, the company had assigned 4A 3(best) rating by the world renowned Dun & Bradstreet with 16 times the market's capitalization. PEL had achieved a break-through in highways and road projects. In 2001 the company had been accredited with ISO 9002 certification. The Company had secured contract for construction of India's first 'Roller Compacted Concrete' Dam for the Ghatghr Hydro Electric project in the year 2002 and also in same year, PEL had incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary in USA under the name of Patel Engineering Inc to protect the parent company in India against all claims, litigations that may emanate in the executed projects overseas. Totally 5,418 kms of the National Highway Development project had been completed as of 31st January of the year 2005. In the year 2006-07 alone, PEL had incorporated 18 subsidiaries, out of that; two companies namely Patel KNR Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and Patel Engineering Pvt Ltd were incorporated as a special purpose vehicle. In December of the year 2007, it bagged an order worth Rs 1,188.5 million for double lake tapping and other civil works of Koyna Dam Foot Power House for the Water Resources Department, Government of Maharashtra. During the year 2007-08, the company acquired 51% stake in Michigan Engineers (Michigan), a Mumbai based urban Infrastructure Company and 96% stake in Patel Energy, which entered into an MOU with Gujarat Power Corporation, Government of Gujarat for establishing a 1,200 MW imported coal-based power project at Ghogha, Bhavnagar. In June of the year 2008, the company bagged the USD 280 million Taum Sauck upper reservoir dam reconstruction project, the largest RCC dam in Missouri, USA. Patel Engineering is planning to increase its presence in export markets especially in USA and Africa and has lined up Rs 4 billion for its expansion plan, which would be invested over the next two years into equipment and allied areas to strengthen its overseas operations. The company is already having a subsidiary, ASI Contractor Inc., in the US through which it implements projects in the region. During the year 2008-09, 37 subsidiaries were incorporated, 13 in India and 24 in abroad. The company acquired 100% stake in Friends Nirman Pvt. Ltd., in West Bengal; it acquired 90% stake in Naulo Nepal Hydro Electric Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated in Nepal for two hydro power projects aggregating to 56.6 MW. The Company reduced its holdings from 60% to 48% in Patel KNR Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. and Patel KNR Heavy Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. Consequently, both the Companies cease to be its subsidiary. Further, the Company made disinvestments in 12 wholly owned subsidiaries, acquired by Associate Company, Enpro Ltd. The Company structured business activities into verticals such as urban infrastructure, roads, development, power, mining (other than civil engineering) through its direct subsidiaries. Accordingly, some of the direct subsidiary became step down subsidiary. In 2012, the Company completed over 33 micro tunneling projects in India and the USA, completed construction of two road projects on annuity basis, namely KNT - 1 & AP - 7 in the state of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh; launched 4 projects in excess of 2.4 million square feet and commenced its construction at site. In the power sector, the company along with two other consortium partners, acquired a company named, Raichur Sholapur Transmission Company Ltd from REC Transmission Project Company Ltd. in July, 2012. In 2013, the Company commenced work for 450MW Shongtong - Karcham Hydroelectric project which costed Rs 10,400 million. Along with other JV partners, the Company completed a BOT project from Uttar Pradesh State Highways Authority (UPSHA) for construction of four-lane highway project in Varanasi - Shaktinagar Road which costed Rs 17,500 million. It commenced construction of 144 MW Gongri project in Arunachal Pradesh in the hydro power segment. During the year 2013-14, Company completed of 765 kv S/C Transmission lines under SPV viz Raichur Sholapur Transmission Company Limited in which Company held 33.34%. In 2014-15, Patel Engineering Inc, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company in USA acquired 100% stake in ASI Global LLC, USA. The Company increased its holding in Shreeanant Construction Pvt. Ltd from 51% to 100%. The Company's holding in Pan Realtors Private Ltd. (PAN) got reduced from 51% to 36.43 % on account of non-subscription to the Rights Issue offered by PAN. It launched Neotownon 103 acres in Bangalore; development of Residential Project at Gachibowli, Hyderabad named as Smondo Gachibowli on 4 acres of land comprising of 2 residential tower and a service apartment being developed by PBSR Developers Pvt. Ltd. (100% subsidiary of PRIL). The Company through its wholly owned subsidiary Patel Realty (India) Ltd (PRIL) was formed to develop 103 acres of Electronic City land in Bangalore. It handed over 2,000 apartments and is developing a Mall through a SPV Bellona Estate Developers Ltd (over 12 acres land for 1.20 million sq feet). Patel Realty (India) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company was amalgamated with the Company vide. Order of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Mumbai Bench dated July 06, 2017.The Appointed date of the merger is April 01, 2016. Step down subsidiaries VIZ. Nirman Construction Pvt. Ltd and Azra Land Projects Pvt. Ltd were sold to reduce the debt of the Company and resultant, these companies ceased to be the subsidiaries effective from December 27, 2016. Pursuant to the Agreement of Merger, the three entities Westcon Micro tunneling Inc, ASI RCC Inc and Patel Engineering Inc, USA companies merged into a single corporation with Patel Engineering Inc as the surviving corporation effective from March 31, 2017. All three corporations were formed under the laws of the State of Colorado, USA. The purpose of the merger was to consolidate assets, eliminate the inter-company debts, and reduce the operating expenses of the companies. The Company incorporated Hampus Infrastructure Private Limited during the year 2017-18. ASI Constructors Inc (ASI) disinvested its stake in Engineering and Construction Innovation Inc (ECI) as a part of closure of operations upon substantial asset sale. Terra Land Developers Limited ceased to be an associate Company w.e.f December 27, 2018 on account of disinvestment. During 2021-22, Apollo Buildwell Private Limited and Naulo Nepal Hydro Electric Private Limited ceased to be subsidiaries of Company on account of sale/disinvestment.

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FAQs for dividends of Patel Engineering Ltd

What is the current market price of Patel Engineering Ltd Ltd as of May 18, 2024?

The current market price of Patel Engineering Ltd Ltd stands at 58.6 per share.

What dividend did Patel Engineering Ltd declare in the last fiscal year?

In the last fiscal year, Patel Engineering Ltd declared a dividend totaling ₹0.0.

What is the most recent dividend declared by Patel Engineering Ltd?

Patel Engineering Ltd recently declared a dividend of 0.0 in the latest quarter

How many times has Patel Engineering Ltd declared dividends in the current fiscal year

Patel Engineering Ltd has declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0 in the current fiscal year (FY2023-2024).

How many times did Patel Engineering Ltd declare dividends in the previous fiscal year?

In the previous fiscal year (FY2022-2023), Patel Engineering Ltd declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0.
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