Rolta India Ltd dividend

Rolta India Ltd dividend

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Rolta India Ltd




Last updated : FY 2023

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    The Dividend per Share of Rolta India Ltd is ₹ 0 as of 2023 .a1#The Dividend Payout of Rolta India Ltd changed from 0 % on March 2019 to 0 % on March 2023 . This represents a CAGR of 0.0% over 5 years. a1#The Latest Trading Price of Rolta India Ltd is ₹ 4.16 as of 14 Jun 15:30 .a1#The Market Cap of Rolta India Ltd changed from ₹ 116.29 crore on March 2019 to ₹ 26.54 crore on March 2023 . This represents a CAGR of -25.58% over 5 years. a1#

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Market Cap

94 Cr



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* All values are consolidated


Dividend Payout Over Time

Dividend payout refers to the total dividends paid to shareholders relative to the company's earnings. It is a financial measure that determines the percentage of earnings paid out to existing shareholders as dividends. How to calculate Dividend Payout Ratio? The dividend payout ratio formula is as follows: DPR = Dividends paid / Net earnings With the dividend payout ratio, you can understand the company's priorities. It is an important metric that allows you to easily check DPR online.

Dividend Payout Over Time

Mar '190
Mar '200
Mar '210
Mar '220
Mar '230

* All values are a in %

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Dividend Yield is a financial ratio that shows the annual dividend income relative to the market price of a share. It is calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the current market price per share, expressed as a percentage.

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* All values are in %

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Rolta India Ltd




-0.07 (-1.65%)

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Last updated : 14 Jun 15:30

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Dividend Overview for Rolta India Ltd

  • Rolta India Ltd, boasts of a market capitalization of Rs 94 Cr., with a share price of Rs 4.16 as of 14 Jun 15:30. While all stocks don't consistently pay dividends, Rolta India Ltd rewarded its shareholders, distributing 0.0 % for the full year.
  • In the year ending 2022, Rolta India Ltd declared a dividend of Rs 0, resulting in a dividend yield of 0.0% Assessing its dividend-paying capacity and valuation is crucial to determine its suitability as a dividend stock.
  • During the year ending 2023, Rolta India Ltd recorded revenues of Rs 31 Cr, with a trailing EBITDA Margin of 389.3% and net-profit of Rs -713 Cr

Overview of Dividend

Types of Dividend

Special Dividend

A dividend is paid on common stock when a company has accumulated substantial profits over years, often seen as excess cash that doesn't need immediate use.

Preferred Dividend

A quarterly dividend is paid to preferred stock owners, typically accumulating a fixed amount, and is earned on shares that function more like bonds.

Interim Dividend

Companies declare interim dividends before final full-year accounts are prepared, specifically in India, during the financial year from April to March of the following year.

Final Dividend

A final dividend is issued after the year's accounts have been compiled. Aside from this, the following list highlights the most prevalent sorts of dividends:


Market Cap Over Time

Market Cap or market capitalisation refers to metrics that are used to measure a company's size. It is defined as the total market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock. Formula of Market Cap: Market Capital = N * P Here, N for the outstanding shares P refers to the closing price of the company's shares. Types of Companies based on Market Cap: - Small-Cap stocks: Up to 500 Crore - Mid-Cap Stocks: From Rs.500 crore up to Rs.7,000 crore - Large-Cap Stocks: From Rs.7,000 crore up to Rs.20,000 crore

Market Cap Over Time

Mar '19116
Mar '2037
Mar '2153
Mar '2283
Mar '2327

* All values are a in crore

About Rolta India Ltd

About Rolta India Ltd

    Rolta India Limited (RIL) is a multinational organization headquartered in Indian IT-based geospatial solutions, and caters to industries as diverse as infrastructure, telecom, electric, airports, defence, homeland security, urban development, town planning and environmental protection. The Company is a leading provider of innovative IP-led IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. Rolta India Limited was incorporated in 27th June, 1989 at Mumbai. K.K. Singh promoted it and Rolta obtained the Certificate of Commencement of Business in 5th July, 1989. The Company serves these markets by providing innovative solutions in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS); Engineering & Design Services (EDS); and Enterprise Information & Communications Technology (EICT), which includes Software Development, Advanced Security, Network Management, Oracle Apps, ERP Consulting and Business Intelligence. Rolta, through its joint venture with The Shaw Group Inc. USA - Stone & Webster Rolta Ltd., provides comprehensive Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services to meet turnkey project requirements of power, oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. Rolta has executed projects in over 40 countries and it is an ISO 9001:2000, SEI CMM Level 5 and BS15000 certified company. Two new entry-level workstations, namely Rolta Station 386/486,were added to the existing range of products in the year 1990 and also the company made its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the same year of 1990. A year after, during 1991, two new systems for business applications in the form of Rolta station 386B/486B was introduced. The Company also launched two new workstations, namely Rolta station 7400 and 6400. A modern and upto date Data conversion centre was established at Andheri, Mumbai. A direct satellite communication link was also established between the Mumbai facility and U.S. subsidiary's facility at Alabama. In the year 1993,a new office automation division was started to market full range of Intel based Computer system with suitable application packages for business and commercial applications. The Company undertook to set up a joint venture in Saudi Arabia to cater to the vast markets in the Middle East. During the year 1995, Rolta had entered into a collaboration agreement with M/s. Intergraph Corporation, USA, for transfer of technology thereby giving the benefit of Research and Development Investment of Intergraph and also covers all new products launched by Intergraph. The Company undertook to augment the State-of-the-art production facilities in 1996 at Mumbai for executing export orders. Rolta had set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Rolta International Inc. with headquarters in the USA in the year of 1997, and also a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia. The Company had signed a strategic tie up with one of the Fortune 500 list of most admired companies, DELL Computer Corporation. In the year 1998, Rolta had collaboration with Inter graph Corp Inc, a company that had 90 percent share in the global business of CAD/CAM. The Company had entered into mapping and data conversion also in a big way for the export markets. During the year 1999, Rolta, on its part, had set up engineering and software centres in Mumbai to support projects. The Company made collaboration with ALLTE, a US-based telecom company, to convert telephone exchange records into Unix/Oracle database. Rolta and Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) had entered into a strategic alliance to promote advanced solutions in mechanical design automation (MDA) in the country. IBM India Ltd had entered in a strategic alliance with the company in the year of 2000 to pursue the e-business market in India and also to provide customised e-business solutions to domestic customers. During the year 2002, Rolta ranked amongst Forbes Global's 200 best companies in 2002 and it retains its position as in premier league. Rolta India Ltd launched its operation in UK, through a wholly owned subsidiary Rolta UK Ltd. Rolta launched new dial-up Internet packages in the year 2003 with a range of features and options and also in the same year signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Department of Science and Technology to jointly showcase the contribution made by the Indian mapping community. The Company awarded Geospatial Company of the year 2005, by Geospatial Today. During the year 2005-06, the company had acquired technology and established long term business strategic partnership with world leaders in this field; Intergraph and Z/I Imaging for end-to-end Mapping, Photogrammetry and GIS solutions. Rolta India had received BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification in the year 2006. Rolta had launched, in partnership with Oracle-ERP services in the year 2006-07 to specialised markets like Utilities, Engineering Division and Oil etc. During the year 2007, the company had inked a purchase agreement to buy Orion Technology, a Canadian software and integration company. Orion specialises in enterprise web-geographical information system solutions. In 2007, Rolta transformed its Defence & Security business, to a Rolta owned MOTS, developed its own IPs and also acquired & customized technologies to make them fully indigenous. It started developing solution suite for Battlefield Management System (BMS) based on RFI received. In January 2008, Rolta India announced the acquisition of Broech Corporation, doing business as TUSC, an IT consulting company specializing in ERP applications as well as database and business intelligence solutions based on Oracle technologies. The consideration for this transaction is about USD 45 million, including escrows and earn-outs. As at July 2008, the company had signed an agreement to acquire WhittmanHart Consulting, the consulting division of WhittmanHart, a premier Chicago based company-providing value driven solutions in digital communications, process improvement, and enabling technologies. In 2008-09, the Company launched ROLTA SOA Today and ROLTA iPerspective based solutions. The Company expanded its world class facilities by establishing a state-of-the-art development and delivery centre in SEEPZ, an SEZ in Mumbai in 2008-09. It launched ROLTA Geospatial Fusion , a unique solution for enabling fusion of various disparate geospatial and non-spatial databases and software applications. It also launched state-of-the-art solutions for Earth Science applications and used for mission-critical applications, by hundreds of users, across the country. It acquired Piocon Technologies, Inc. of Chicago, IL, USA, to address critical operational and reliability needs of Owner-Operators. The Company launched ROLTA OneView - a state-of-the-art and unique solution for addressing these needs by integrating business intelligence tools with enterprise-level engineering databases and applications. The Company in 2009-10, expanded its world-class facilities by establishing a state-of-the-art development and delivery center in Delhi NCR to showcase its solutions for Defense, Government, Infrastructure and Security verticals through extensive demo rooms and a battle lab customized to Indian Defense requirements. It launched state-of-the-art solutions for Geo-Imaging and Earth Science applications based on an exceptional combination of its existing repository of intellectual property and key technologies acquired at the source code level, from various companies worldwide. It added to its high-end consulting and systems integration credentials in the areas of Electric Utilities, Telecom, Water and Gas, through the acquisition of OneGIS, Inc., USA. This acquisition also added to the Company's IP and expanded the Rolta Geospatial Fusion solution by adding a unique mobile interface to the same which enhances productivity by synchronizing data between office and field workforce for the Utilities and Telecom segment. It also acquired perpetual rights to the complete portfolio of PCI's Geo-Imaging technologies, including source code, design and software architecture. It signed a formal MOU with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as the Resource Partner, for providing Vocational Courses on Geospatial Technology to XI and XII standard students. In 2011-12, it launched CIO Impact and CFO Impact, solutions. In 2016-17, it acquired many companies having best-of-breed technologies, gaining access to critical technology, in the form of source code and software design architecture, adding to its rich domain knowledge, project expertise, credentials, references and customers. It further moved to acquire a wealth of experience and an impressive track record in implementing sophisticated systems for the transportation organizations in India and globally. It expanded its business into Military & Security Comms domain and offered a variety of world-class Communication product. It harnessed GeoBI and Big Data Analytics technologies for Indian Defence. In 2018-19, Rolta developed indigenous software application for Aakrosh, the Indian Army's War gaming project for Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism (CI/CT) operations. It built a formidable track record and IP for replicable Smart City Solutions which include creation of rich geospatial enabled digital repositories, build geo enabled business critical applications, and deep learning based advanced geospatial analytics to drive business outcomes.

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FAQs for dividends of Rolta India Ltd

What is the current market price of Rolta India Ltd Ltd as of June 15, 2024?

The current market price of Rolta India Ltd Ltd stands at 4.2 per share.

What dividend did Rolta India Ltd declare in the last fiscal year?

In the last fiscal year, Rolta India Ltd declared a dividend totaling ₹0.0.

What is the most recent dividend declared by Rolta India Ltd?

Rolta India Ltd recently declared a dividend of 0.0 in the latest quarter

How many times has Rolta India Ltd declared dividends in the current fiscal year

Rolta India Ltd has declared dividends 0 times totaling ₹0 in the current fiscal year (FY2023-2024).

How many times did Rolta India Ltd declare dividends in the previous fiscal year?

In the previous fiscal year (FY2022-2023), Rolta India Ltd declared dividends 0 times totaling ₹0.
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