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GAIL (India) Ltd dividend

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GAIL (India) Ltd dividend

GAIL (India) Ltd dividend

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GAIL (India) Ltd




Last updated : FY 2023

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    The Dividend per Share of GAIL (India) Ltd is ₹ 5 as of 2023 .a1#The Dividend Payout of GAIL (India) Ltd changed from 26.7 % on March 2019 to 62.01 % on March 2023 . This represents a CAGR of 18.36% over 5 years. a1#The Latest Trading Price of GAIL (India) Ltd is ₹ 228.65 as of 12 Jul 15:30 .a1#The Market Cap of GAIL (India) Ltd changed from ₹ 78318 crore on March 2019 to ₹ 69202 crore on March 2023 . This represents a CAGR of -2.44% over 5 years. a1#The Revenue of GAIL (India) Ltd changed from ₹ 38315 crore to ₹ 33407 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of -6.62% a1#The EBITDA of GAIL (India) Ltd changed from ₹ 4965 crore to ₹ 4499 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of -4.81% a1#The Net Pr of GAIL (India) Ltd changed from ₹ 3250 crore to ₹ 2474 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of -12.76% a1#

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Market Cap

150,339 Cr



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* All values are consolidated

Last Updated time: 13 Jul 9.00 AM

* All values are consolidated

Last Updated time: 13 Jul 9.00 AM


Historical Dividend Payout of GAIL (India) Ltd

Dividend payout refers to the total dividends paid to shareholders relative to the company's earnings. It is a financial measure that determines the percentage of earnings paid out to existing shareholders as dividends. How to calculate Dividend Payout Ratio? The dividend payout ratio formula is as follows: DPR = Dividends paid / Net earnings With the dividend payout ratio, you can understand the company's priorities. It is an important metric that allows you to easily check DPR online.

Historical Dividend Payout of GAIL (India) Ltd

Mar '1927
Mar '2044
Mar '2145
Mar '2243
Mar '2362

* All values are a in %

Dividend per Share (DPS) Over Time



Dividend Yield is a financial ratio that shows the annual dividend income relative to the market price of a share. It is calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the current market price per share, expressed as a percentage.

Dividend Yield Comparison With Top Peers





* All values are in %

Net Profit Vs Dividend Per Share


GAIL (India) Ltd




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Overview of Dividend

Types of Dividend

Special Dividend

A dividend is paid on common stock when a company has accumulated substantial profits over years, often seen as excess cash that doesn't need immediate use.

Preferred Dividend

A quarterly dividend is paid to preferred stock owners, typically accumulating a fixed amount, and is earned on shares that function more like bonds.

Interim Dividend

Companies declare interim dividends before final full-year accounts are prepared, specifically in India, during the financial year from April to March of the following year.

Final Dividend

A final dividend is issued after the year's accounts have been compiled. Aside from this, the following list highlights the most prevalent sorts of dividends:


Historical Market Cap of GAIL (India) Ltd

Market Cap or market capitalisation refers to metrics that are used to measure a company's size. It is defined as the total market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock. Formula of Market Cap: Market Capital = N * P Here, N for the outstanding shares P refers to the closing price of the company's shares. Types of Companies based on Market Cap: - Small-Cap stocks: Up to 500 Crore - Mid-Cap Stocks: From Rs.500 crore up to Rs.7,000 crore - Large-Cap Stocks: From Rs.7,000 crore up to Rs.20,000 crore

Historical Market Cap of GAIL (India) Ltd

Mar '1978319
Mar '2034480
Mar '2160189
Mar '2269137
Mar '2369203

* All values are a in crore


Historical Revenue of GAIL (India) Ltd

Revenue term means the amount of money a company earns from its primary business activities such as the sales of its products & services. Types of Revenue: 1. Operating revenue: It refers to the income generated from the core business activities, which are sales of goods or services rendered. 2. Non-Operating revenue: It is the income generated from secondary sources unrelated to the primary business. Examples include rents, dividends, interest, and royalty fees. Formula for Revenue: The formula for calculating revenue is based on two goods & services: For goods: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Units sold For services: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Customers served.

Historical Revenue of GAIL (India) Ltd

Jun '2238316
Sep '2239228
Dec '2236883
Mar '2334078
Jun '2333318
Sep '2333581
Dec '2335613
Mar '2433407

* All values are a in crore


Historical EBITDA of GAIL (India) Ltd

PBIDT stands for Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes. It is a financial metric that measures a company's profitability before accounting for interest expenses, depreciation of assets, and taxes. Formula to calculate PBIDT: PBIDT = Net Income + Interest + Depreciation + Taxes or PBIDT = Operating Income + Depreciation + Taxes PBIDT vs EBITDA vs EBIT vs EBT: Here is a brief explanation of the differences: - PBIDT (Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes) includes taxes in its calculation, unlike EBITDA. - EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) excludes taxes and interest, focusing on operational performance. - EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) excludes interest and taxes, providing a measure of core operational profitability. - EBT (Earnings Before Taxes) includes all operating income but does not account for interest expenses. Conclusion: PBIDT, similar to EBITDA, is a measure of operational profitability but includes taxes in its calculation.

Historical EBITDA of GAIL (India) Ltd

Jun '224965
Sep '222452
Dec '221481
Mar '231427
Jun '233190
Sep '234175
Dec '235123
Mar '244500

* All values are a in crore


Historical Net Profit of GAIL (India) Ltd

Net profit is the amount of money a company retains after accounting for all expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and other deductions. Net Profit formula is expressed as: Net Profit = Total Revenue - Total Expense Net Profit Margin Ratio: Net Profit Margin Ratio = Net Profit / Total Revenue

Historical Net Profit of GAIL (India) Ltd

Jun '223251
Sep '221305
Dec '22398
Mar '23643
Jun '231793
Sep '232442
Dec '233193
Mar '242474

* All values are a in crore

About GAIL (India) Ltd

About GAIL (India) Ltd

    GAIL (India) Limited is the largest state-owned natural gas processing and distribution Company in India. The Company has a diversified business portfolio and has interests in the sourcing and trading of natural gas, production of LPG, Liquid hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, transmission of natural gas and LPG through pipelines, etc. GAIL has also participating interest in India and overseas in Oil and Gas Blocks. The Government of India holds 51.52% in the Paid-Up Equity Capital of the Company as on 31st March, 2023. GAIL (India) Ltd was incorporated on August 16, 1984 as a Public Limited Company with the name 'Gas Authority of India Ltd.' At the time of incorporation, all of the shares were held by the Government of India. Initially, the Company started as a gas transmission company. They grew organically over the years by building a large network of natural gas trunk pipelines covering a length of 7850 km. The Company was established to lay an onshore pipeline from Hazira on the West Coast to supply natural gas to facilities in the States of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. In the year 1986, they started the construction of the pipeline and they completed in the year 1988. In 1991, the company constructed their first LPG Plant at Vijiapur. In 1992, they took over certain of the Regional Pipelines from ONGC and completed their second LPG plant at Vijiapur. Also, in the year 1993, they completed a third LPG plant at Vaghodia. In the year 1995, the Government sold 28.5 million equity shares, representing 3.4% of the company's equity capital, to domestic and qualified foreign investors. In May 1995, they formed Mahanagar Gas Ltd as a joint venture with British Gas and the Government of Maharashtra and own 49.75% of the equity shares. In 1998, the company completed LPG plants at Usar and Lakwa. In April 1998, they formed PLL, a public limited company under the Companies Act, in which they hold a 12.5% equity interest. In July 1998, they completed upgradation of the pipeline, compressors and various terminals along the HVJ pipeline. In December 1998, the company formed Indraprastha Gas Ltd as a joint venture with BPCL and own 22.5% of the equity shares in Indraprastha. In February 1999, the Government sold approximately 30.6 million shares, representing a further 3.6% of the equity capital to various domestic and foreign institutional investors in a private placement. In March 1999, the Government sold approximately 5% of the equity capital to each of IOC and ONGC, representing a total of 81.7 million shares. In March 1999, the company commissioned their petrochemical complex at Pata. Also, they purchased from the Government 2.5% of their equity interest in ONGC, representing a total of 34.3 million shares, for Rs.5.6 billion. In October 1999, the company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ONGC to purchase natural gas from existing discoveries, which are under production. In March 2000, the company commissioned additional LPG plants at Pata. Also, they commissioned additional LPG plants at Gandhar in March 2001. In June 2001, they invested in Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd and own 12.85% of their equity shares. In November 22, 2002, the name of the company was changed from Gas Authority of India Ltd to GAIL (India) Ltd. In June 2003, the company completed the LPG pipeline between Vizag and Secunderabad. In September 2003, the company formed Bhagyanagar Gas Ltd, a joint venture with HPCL, and own 25% of the equity shares. During the year 2004-05, the company established a wholly owned subsidiary company, namely GAIL Global Singapore Pte Ltd. They incorporated Tripura Natural GasCo Ltd and UP Central Gas Ltd as the joint venture for city gas project in Tripura and Kanpur. The company acquired 15% equity stake in NatGas, Egypt. They signed an agreement for the acquisition of 9% equity stake in China Gas Holdings Ltd, a joint venture for city gas projects in 42 cities of China. The company commissioned Vizag-Secunderabad LPG Pipeline during the year. During the year 2006-07, the company promoted a subsidiary named Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd, for producing 280,000 MT per annum of petrochemical products at Lepetkata, Assam. They sourced their first spot cargo of LNG from Algeria and later sourced additional spot LNG through PLL, Dahej and Shell, Hazira. The company entered into MoU with Arrow Energy of Australia and Infrastructure Group of Sweden for cooperation in pursuing Coal Bed Methane opportunities in India, Australia and third countries. During the year 2007-08, the company completed a major pipeline project from Dahej to Dabhol via Panvel to supply gas to RGPPL which started supplying much needed power to the state of Maharashtra. The company signed Gas Sales Agreement with Pragati Power for gas supply to Bawana Power Plant. Also, they executed Gas Supply Agreements with major suppliers like ONGC, PMT etc for augmentation of gas supplies. The company entered into Gas Transmission Agreement (GTA) with Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) for Transmission of natural gas from the Krishna-Godavari (KG) basin. In order to strengthen the business activities in the area of Petrochemicals, the company signed an MoU with Reliance Industries Ltd for exploring opportunities for setting up a mega petrochemical complex outside India in one of the gas rich countries. Also, they signed an MoU with ONGCL to work jointly for transportation, distribution and marketing of natural gas from their new gas finds in KG basin and Mahanadi basin. During the year, the company signed a Gas Cooperation Agreement with Government of Pondicherry envisaging setting up of a coordination group to study the demand potential of the Union Territory of Pondicherry for R-LNG/CNG/PNG. Also, they signed an MoU with ITERA Oil & Gas Company of Russia for cooperation in projects such as CNG, Gas based Petrochemicals and E&P. During the year 2008-09, the company acquired one exploration block in Cauvery Onland as Operator in NELP-VII bidding round. They signed an MoU with IOCL for evaluating the potential of setting up of petrochemical complex in Barauni, Bihar. Also, they signed an MoU with IFFCO to evaluate the potential of setting up of gas based power plant & other industries including chemicals, fertilizers, CNG & PNG in India. They laid the foundation stone of the sixth gas cracker furnace at Pata Plant. Also, they won rights for rolling out city gas distribution projects in Meerut. Sonepat, Dewas and Kota. During the year, the company completed connectivity to Pune city gas and consumers of Usar (Mumbai) region. Further, they provided connectivity to supply piped natural gas to City Gate stations at Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. They signed Term Sheets for supply of natural gas to Barauni Plant of Urvarak Videsh Ltd and Bhatinda, Panipat and Nangal Plants of National Fertilizers Ltd. In May 27, 2008, the company incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, GAIL Gas Ltd for implementation of the City Gas Distribution projects. During the year 2009-10, the company completed commissioning of various pipelines having a total length of about 700 km, including Dadri - Bawana pipeline for supplying gas to Pragati Power Corporation Ltd and Chainsa- Sultanpur Pipeline, which will facilitate supplying about 34 MMSCMD gas to around 65 customers. In March 2010, the company commissioned a wind energy project of 4.5 MW capacity at Sinoi (Anjar), District Bhuj in Gujarat, at a cost of Rs 27.7 crore. During the year 2010-11, the company completed various pipelines having length of about 761 kilometers which includes Vijaipur-Dadri Pipeline (498 km), Sultanpur-Neemrana Pipeline (175 km) and Focus Energy Pipeline (88 km). It commissioned a Wind Energy Power Project of 4.5 MW capacity at Sinoi in Kutch District of Gujarat costing Rs. 27.7 crores. As of March 31, 2011, the Company had seven Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) plants. In October 2010, the Company commenced construction of the Karanpur - Moradabad - Kashipur - Rudrapur / Pant Nagar Natural Gas Pipeline at Kashipur. In September 2011, the Company incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary GAIL Global (USA) Inc in USA which acquired working interest to the extent of 20% in Eagle Ford assets (Shale assets) held by Carrizo Oil and Gas Inc. in USA. In 2012, the company's subsidiary GAIL Gas signed an agreement to set up an Rs. 5,000 crores liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility around Kakinada or Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The company signs agreement with ITPL International Technology Park Ltd for supplying natural gas, during the year under review. GAIL Gas Limited, through its joint venture APGDC, inks pact with GDF Suez LNG UK for setting up FSRU in Andhra Pradesh. GAIL India signs a Gas Sales & Purchase Agreement (GSPA) to import gas from Turkmenistan to be transported through the TAPI pipeline during the year under review. The company also completed joint venture formalities with Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC). The company also signs various collaboration agreements with ONGC during the year under review. In 2013, State Govt approves GAIL-Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) Joint Venture for piped gas connections in Vadodara. The company's consortium, Deep Energy secures exploration blocks. The company also commissions 5 mn tonne LNG terminal at Dabhol. During the year, the company also entered in Solar Power generation by commissioning 5 MW Solar Power Plant under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. The company during the year signs Gas Cooperation Agreement with Government of Bihar. The company and Shipping Corporation join hands for LNG Shipping. In 2014, the company secured Gas supply in US for export of 2.3 MMTPA LNG to India from Dominion Cove Point LNG Liquefaction Terminal. A MoU with RCF, CIL & FCIL executed for implementing Coal Gasification project at Talcher comprising of JV-I (coal gasification) and JV-II (Urea & Ammonia, Ammonium Nitrate, captive power plant and integrated utility). The company was declared the top Indian company in the Gas-Processing, Distribution and Marketing' Sector for the Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards 2014 during the year under review. The company was also adjudged Best Performing Company' (Maharatna category) at the India Today PSU Awards 2014. APGDC, GDF SUEZ, Shell and the company signed MOUs for the floating LNG terminal in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. On 29 January 2015, GAIL (India) clarified that its LPG recovery plant at Lakwa, Assam would be converted to supply feedstock for the petrochemical unit of Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited (BCPL). GAIL stated that the plant was being converted to supply feedstock to the petrochemical unit and would continue to function under BCPL. On 13 May 2015, Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) and GAIL (India) signed MoU with Dhamra LNG Terminal Private Limited (DLTPL). As per the terms of MoU, IOCL and GAIL would reserve regasification capacity in the terminal to supply regasified LNG in the emerging gas markets in the eastern part of the country. In a significant step towards dispensing of compressed natural gas (CNG) along Delhi-Jaipur Highway corridor and distribution of natural gas to various industrial clusters in Rajasthan, Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL) signed Heads of Agreement (HoA) with GAIL (India) on 28 May 2015 to procure natural gas from GAIL (India). On 1 January 2016, GAIL (India) announced that it had entered into a binding Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement (GSPA) with Petronet LNG Limited for supply of an additional 0.30 MMTPA of RLNG with effect from 1 January 2016. GAIL and Petronet LNG Limited also entered into an agreement to adjust some aspects of their existing long term GSPA of 4.5 MMTPA. On 27 May 2016, GAIL (India) Limited started initial drilling process at its second Exploratory Well as operator in the NELP-IX Block CB-ONN-2010/11 in Cambay Basin in Gujarat. The first well was spud in this block on 27 March 2016. On 22 June 2016, GAIL (India) Limited announced that it has placed orders worth Rs. 550 crores for purchase of 341 km of line pipes for the Phulpur Haldia/Dhamra natural gas pipeline in Eastern India. On 22 August 2016, GAIL (India) Limited and Silicon Valley-based Bloom Energy announced a new partnership to transform India's energy future through the use of innovative technology and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deploy revolutionary natural gas-based fuel cell technology to generate electricity. On 20 September 2016, GAIL (India) announced that it has successfully started its first UNIPOL PE Process line at its petrochemical plant at Pata, UP with the capacity to produce 400,000 tons of polyethylene (PE) per year. On 10 October 2016, GAIL announced that it had initiated a major step towards the construction of the Jagadishpur-Haldia-Bokaro-Dhamra natural gas pipeline (JHBDPL) in Eastern India by approving placement of orders for pipeline laying work of 345 km from Phulpur to Dobhi under phase-IB at an estimated cost of Rs. 306 crores under two sections. On 24 October 2016, the foundation stone of was laid for GAIL (India)'s City Gas Distribution (CGD) project in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The project is part of GAIL (India)'s Jagdishpur - Haldia and Bokaro - Dhamra Pipeline project (JHBDPL), popularly known as 'Urja Ganga'. The Board of Directors of GAIL (India) at its meeting held on 25 January 2017 recommended issuance of one bonus share for every three equity shares held of Rs. 10 each fully paid up, subject to shareholders approval. On 14 February 2017, GAIL (India) awarded contract for pipeline laying work for another 105 Km from Perole-Kodalamuguru- Mangaluru section of the 440 km Kochi - Koottanad - Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline Project. On 1 May 2017, GAIL (India) awarded contracts for pipeline laying work for another 131 Km section from Areacode (Malappuram) to Kurumathoor (Kannur) Section of Kochi - Koottanad - Mangaluru Pipeline Project. On 18 March 2017, GAIL (India) announced the launch of the implementation of its City Gas Distribution (CGD) project in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in Odisha. On 20 October 2017, GAIL (India) announced the commencement of supply of natural gas to the residents of Bhubaneswar in Odisha On 7 December 2017, GAIL (India) awarded contract for laying 520 kms pipeline connectivity from Dobhi (in Bihar) to Durgapur (in West Bengal) including 120 kms line to Jamshedpur (in Jharkhand). On 29 December 2017, GAIL (India) placed line pipe orders for approx. 400 Km for pipeline connectivity from Dobhi (in Bihar) to Durgapur (in West Bengal). On 30 December 2017, GAIL (India) announced that it had commissioned India's second largest rooftop solar PV power plant at its petrochemical complex at Pata, Uttar Pradesh. The electricity generated from the power plant is targeted for captive use for the gas based petrochemicals plant. The Government of India disinvested 1,30,26,898 shares in June 2018 through CPSE Bharat 22 ETF, which resulted the shareholding of . 1,19,55,21,226 equity shares, representing 53.01% of paid-up share capital of GAIL after divestment. In 2019, GAIL Board approved revival of existing LPG plant project at Usar, Maharashtra and converting the same into 500 KTA Polypropylene complex. Supply of Natural Gas commenced in Patna City by commissioning of 2 CNG station and PNG which was inaugurated by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Further, supply of gas to CGD Cuttack & Bhubaneswar were started from new LCNG (Liquefied CNG) satellite terminal commissioned in Bhubaneswar City. The Government of India disinvested 1,16,75,668 shares in July, 2018 & 1,98,43,410 shares in February, 2019 through CPSE Bharat 22 ETF. and after disinvestment, the President of India's shareholding stood at 1,17,70,29,046 equity shares, representing 52.19% of paid-up share capital of GAIL. In 2019-20, the Company made significant progress in the ongoing 2,655 km of Jagdishpur Haldia and Bokaro Dhamra Pipeline (JHBDPL) Project popularly known as Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga Pipeline Project. Phase-1 (750 km) of this prestigious project from Phulpur to Varanasi, Gaya, Patna and Barauni has already been commissioned. It commissioned 594 km of Natural Gas Pipeline in FY 2019-20 which consist of 165 km Gorakhpur spurline section of JHPDPL Phase-I alongwith 350 km section of Kochi-Koottanad-Bangalore-Mangalore Pipeline Phase-II and 07 customer connectivity projects. It made progress in pipeline laying activities in the 6 states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and Assam. Natural gas supply for CNG & PNG has also commenced in Ranchi & Jamshedpur City. It completed construction of 30 CNG stations in FY 2019-20, out of which 14 are already commissioned & 16 CNG stations are mechanically completed. The Government of India disinvested 1,96,10,227 shares in October 2019 through CPSE Bharat 22 ETF. After disinvestment, the President of India's shareholding stood 233,44,49,987 equity shares, representing 51.76% of paid-up share capital of the Company. In 2020, the Company divested acquired shares in Konkan LNG Limited (KLL) and subsequently, KLL became subsidiary of the Company w.e.f. 27 March, 2020, with GAIL's equity shareholding of 69.06% along with NTPC and others. During FY 2019-20, Company commenced gas supply to Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (RFCL), w.e.f. October, 2019 for pre-commissioning of the plant. In 2020-21, it acquired an equity stake of 5% in Indian Gas Exchange Ltd. (IGX), to trade natural gas at designated physical hubs in India. During the FY 2021-22, Jagdishpur Haldia and Bokaro Dhamra pipeline (JHBDPL), a total of 1,521 km out of 2,655 km pipeline length was commissioned while achieving natural gas supply to all 4 major anchor Fertilizers plants, namely M/s Matix Fertilizers, Durgapur and 03 units of M/s Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited (HURL) at Gorakhpur, Sindri, & Barauni. Capacity augmentation of Vijaipur to Auraiya section of integrated Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur Pipeline was completed. Two new natural gas Tie-in Pipelines have been authorized by PNGRB to your Company for laying viz. (i) from Jaya Field at Jambusar Gujarat to South Gujarat Network (~18 km) and (ii) from LNG Terminal at Jafrabad to Integrated HVJ Network (~170 km). Jamnagar-Loni LPG Pipeline from 2.5 MMTPA to 3.25 MMTPA got completed during the year. Under the Petrochemicals business vertical, 500 KTA Propane Dehydrogenation and Polypropylene (PDH-PP) Project at Usar, Maharashtra, and another 60 KTA Polypropylene (PP) project at Pata, Uttar Pradesh is being set up. During the FY 2021-22, Company jointly with ONGC Videsh Singapore Pte. Ltd., IOCL Singapore Pte. Ltd., Oil India International Pte. Ltd., and Engineers India Ltd. has formed Bharat Energy Office LLC (BEO), Moscow, Russia for exploring business opportunities in Russia. GAIL also acquired 26% stake in ONGC Tripura Power Company Ltd (OTPC). During the FY 2022-23, Company acquired 26% stake in M/s LNG Japonica Shipping Corporation Limited from M/s Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Thereafter, the Company acquired shares of JBF Petrochemicals Ltd. and JBF Petrochemicals became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Company with effect from 01.06.2023. In September, 2022, the Company issued and allotted Bonus Shares to the Shareholders in ratio of One Equity Share of Rs 10 each for every Two Equity Shares of Rs 10 each held. i.e., 1:2. During FY 2022-23, 1074 km of Natural Gas Pipeline was commissioned. The Company expanded the reach of Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga Pipeline Project, also known as Jagdishpur Haldia and Bokaro Dhamra Pipeline (JHBDPL) with the commissioning of 2,096 km out of 2,655 km total pipeline length. During FY 2022-23, the major addition to JHBDPL network was made through commissioning of Bokaro-Angul Mainline. It commissioned Sultanpur-Jhajjar-Hisar pipeline (135 km) on 31.03.2023 and commissioned Chainsa-Jhajjar-Hissar (CJHPL) network. Barauni-Guwahati Pipeline in Bihar Section was commissioned on 31 Mar' 23. Kochi to Mangalore Pipeline (KMPL-450 km) passing through Kerala & Karnataka was commissioned. Kootanad to Bengalore Pipeline was commissioned. Phase-2 from Vijaipur to Auraiya-Phulpur Pipeline was commissioned in March 2022. Sultanpur-Jhajjar-Hisar Pipeline was commissioned on 31.03.2023.

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FAQs for dividends of GAIL (India) Ltd

What is the current market price of GAIL (India) Ltd Ltd as of July 13, 2024?

The current market price of GAIL (India) Ltd Ltd stands at 228.6 per share.

What dividend did GAIL (India) Ltd declare in the last fiscal year?

In the last fiscal year, GAIL (India) Ltd declared a dividend totaling ₹5.5.

What is the most recent dividend declared by GAIL (India) Ltd?

GAIL (India) Ltd recently declared a dividend of 0.0 in the latest quarter

How many times has GAIL (India) Ltd declared dividends in the current fiscal year

GAIL (India) Ltd has declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹6 in the current fiscal year (FY2023-2024).

How many times did GAIL (India) Ltd declare dividends in the previous fiscal year?

In the previous fiscal year (FY2022-2023), GAIL (India) Ltd declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0.
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