Infrastructure developers operators penny stocks

Infrastructure developers operators penny stocks


Penny Stocks In infrastructure developers

Company NamePriceMCap (Rs Cr)EPSPEHigh52Low52
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd48.628289.290051.1317.05
SEPC Ltd21.933121.330.16138.3827.738.42
Unitech Ltd12.033003.510019.881.31
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd10.772518.420027.177.5
GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd11.121792.40.1387.31172.42
Newtime Infrastructure Ltd17.53927.910.03021.893.08
PVP Ventures Ltd28.7711.940043.29.31
Tantia Constructions Ltd42.7630.390049.1813.09
Parsvnath Developers Ltd14.06617.520017.297.05
Vipul Ltd41498.5419.652.1142.9212.56
Company Name
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd48.62
SEPC Ltd21.93
Unitech Ltd12.03
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd10.77
GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd11.12
Newtime Infrastructure Ltd17.53
PVP Ventures Ltd28.7
Tantia Constructions Ltd42.7
Parsvnath Developers Ltd14.06
Vipul Ltd41

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

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Top Dividend Penny Stocks

Company NamePriceDiv.Yield (%)Div.Yield (5Yrs)MCap (Rs Cr)
Narendra Properties Ltd42.832.3
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd39.610.5
Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd13.50.07
McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd4.730
Skyline Millars Ltd31.30
Company Name
Narendra Properties Ltd42.83
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd39.61
Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd13.5
McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd4.73
Skyline Millars Ltd31.3

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

Top Gainers Penny Stocks

Company NamePricePrice Diff (%)High52Low52
S & T Corporation Ltd32.814.054.2921.5
Kretto Syscon Ltd1.
Gallops Enterprise Ltd24.686.629.916.36
Neo Infracon Ltd18.56.018.548.17
Citadel Realty & Developers Ltd38.855.05118.91
Company Name
S & T Corporation Ltd32.8
Kretto Syscon Ltd1.12
Gallops Enterprise Ltd24.68
Neo Infracon Ltd18.5
Citadel Realty & Developers Ltd38.85

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

Top Losers Penny Stocks

Company NamePricePrice Diff (%)High52Low52
Yash Innoventures Ltd24.99-6.953.9919.6
Patidar Buildcon Ltd10.26-
Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd31.35-5.0363.824.21
Popular Estate Management Ltd20.14-5.028.838.98
Nimbus Projects Ltd42.6-5.060.1928.05
Company Name
Yash Innoventures Ltd24.99
Patidar Buildcon Ltd10.26
Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd31.35
Popular Estate Management Ltd20.14
Nimbus Projects Ltd42.6

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

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