Insurance penny stocks

Insurance penny stocks


Penny Stocks In insurance

Company NamePriceMCap (Rs Cr)EPSPEHigh52Low52
Dhani Services Ltd47.62808.650056.7529.85
PTC India Financial Services Ltd40.282629.512.516.3867.918.62
Centrum Capital Ltd40.291678.280046.5518.15
Oswal Green Tech Ltd33.85884.960.25137.844920.55
Hampton Sky Realty Ltd30.21829.20.4961.715926.08
Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd4.95547.11006.972.38
U. Y. Fincorp Ltd26.31509.840036.4620.8
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd12.14388.460.3238.6614.726.95
Sunshine Capital Ltd3.26348.960.013354.130.44
Vaarad Ventures Ltd13.95333.620023.8110.12
Company Name
Dhani Services Ltd47.6
PTC India Financial Services Ltd40.28
Centrum Capital Ltd40.29
Oswal Green Tech Ltd33.85
Hampton Sky Realty Ltd30.21
Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd4.95
U. Y. Fincorp Ltd26.31
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd12.14
Sunshine Capital Ltd3.26
Vaarad Ventures Ltd13.95

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

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Top Dividend Penny Stocks

Company NamePriceDiv.Yield (%)Div.Yield (5Yrs)MCap (Rs Cr)
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd12.145.66
Bharat Bhushan Finance & Commodity Brokers Ltd371.62
Transcorp International Ltd36.860.87
LKP Securities Ltd22.850.71
Baid Finserv Ltd20.510.5
Company Name
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd12.14
Bharat Bhushan Finance & Commodity Brokers Ltd37
Transcorp International Ltd36.86
LKP Securities Ltd22.85
Baid Finserv Ltd20.51

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

Top Gainers Penny Stocks

Company NamePricePrice Diff (%)High52Low52
Odyssey Corporation Ltd13.4420.012.565.15
GCM Capital Advisors Ltd6.4519.911.553.1
Karnavati Finance Ltd2.6619.86.141.9
Williamson Magor & Company Ltd39.5812.349.1719.31
United Credit Ltd35.6410.032.411.84
Company Name
Odyssey Corporation Ltd13.44
GCM Capital Advisors Ltd6.45
Karnavati Finance Ltd2.66
Williamson Magor & Company Ltd39.58
United Credit Ltd35.64

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:08

Top Losers Penny Stocks

Company NamePricePrice Diff (%)High52Low52
Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd49.02-5.080.4829.79
Hybrid Financial Services Ltd11.41-5.015.047
Navigant Corporate Advisors Ltd36.16-5.047.1519.22
Intec Capital Ltd19.45-5.035.8415.07
Mehta Securities Ltd25.56-5.033.625.6
Company Name
Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd49.02
Hybrid Financial Services Ltd11.41
Navigant Corporate Advisors Ltd36.16
Intec Capital Ltd19.45
Mehta Securities Ltd25.56

Last updated time: 13 Jun 15:01

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