Understanding Demat Account Holding Statement & Download

Understanding Demat Account Holding Statement & Download


A Demat account holding statement is a document detailing the transaction details or activity on your Demat account. It provides complete details about your Demat account transaction and can be easily downloaded or checked online. Holdings refer to securities owned and standing to the credit of your Demat account, which is valued on a real-time basis by most brokers. Understanding the meaning of DP Holding and share market transactions is crucial for understanding the intent, purpose, structure, and how to obtain a statement of demat account. Let’s understand How to get a Demat holding statement in detail.

What is a Demat Account Holding Statement?

The statement of Demat holdings summarises Securities and gives detailed information about them in the account, such as the name of the security, the quantity held, the cost of acquisition, and the current market value.

Investors need a statement of the Demat account to keep track of their investments. Using it, investors can check the status of their investments, including dividends, bonus issues, and corporate actions.

Additionally, the statement serves as a tax document, as it identifies the investor's holdings, including the acquisition cost and market value of the securities. For tax purposes, this information is needed to calculate capital gains or losses.

The Depository Participant (DP) is usually responsible for issuing the Demat Account Holding Statement. A statement is usually issued on a monthly or quarterly basis, or upon request by the account holder.

To get a demat account statement holding statement, investors can access their account online through the designated platform provided by their broker. You can obtain the statement in either physical or electronic form. Account holders receive electronic notifications at their registered email addresses, while physical notifications are delivered to their registered addresses.

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Table of Content

  1. What is a Demat Account Holding Statement?
  2. How to Download a Demat Holding Statement?
  3. Ways to Download Demat Holding Statement
  4. Why it is Essential to Monitor the Demat Account Holding Statement?
  5. Benefits of Regular Monitoring Demat Holding Statement
  6. Key Components of the Demat Account Holding Statement

How to Download a Demat Holding Statement?

You can easily download your Demat Holding Statement online. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Depository Participant's website using your login credentials.

Step 2: Upon logging in, look for the option to download the Demat Account Holding Statement. It is usually found under the 'Accounts' or 'Portfolio' tab.

Step 3: Choose the date range for which you wish to download the statement. Statements are available monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Step 4: Select the format in which you want to download the statement. You can download the statement in PDF or Excel format.

Step 5: To start the download process click on the 'Download' button. The statement will download to your computer or mobile device.

Step 6: For password-protected statements, enter the password provided by your service provider.

Step 7: Make sure all details on the downloaded Demat Account Holding Statement are accurate. If you find any discrepancies or errors, contact your DP immediately.

Ways to Download Demat Holding Statement

Here are the two ways to view/download the Demat holding statement:

  • From The Central Depository's Website

    CSDL and NSDL are the two main central depositories in India. Depending on the national depository where you have your account, you can download your demat account holding statement online from CSDL or NSDL. In general, NSDL Demat accounts have 14-digit numbers, while CDSL Demat accounts have 16-digit numbers. You can view your Demat account holding statement by visiting the website of the required national depository and entering your Demat number.
  • Using Your Broker’s Trading Platform

    A broker provides you with a trading platform when you open a Demat account online. This trading platform also allows you to view your holding statement for your Demat account. For example, you will need your login ID and password to access the BlinkX trading website. Next, click on "Reports" and then "Security Holdings" from the dashboard that appears. You can then either view or download your Demat account holding statement as you wish. Regardless of which DP you use for your trading account, you may follow a similar procedure.

Why it is Essential to Monitor the Demat Account Holding Statement?

It is said that lack of oversight is one of the main reasons for losses and fraud in the financial markets. The basic thing you can do is to closely monitor your Demat holding statement. If you find any debits or any transaction not authorised by you, bring it to the DP and the broker with immediate effect. Ensure that when you buy, the stock is credited to your Demat account on T+2 day and in the event of sale it is debited to your Demat account on T+1 day. That is the standard process. Understanding how to get Demat holding statements is crucial for Investors. Today, with online trading and online Demat, you can check your Demat balances in real-time and also download statements in real-time. It makes life a lot simpler.  

Benefits of Regular Monitoring Demat Holding Statement

You can gain several benefits from regularly monitoring your Demat holdings statement. Among them are:

  • Stay Informed:

    You can stay informed about the status of your investments by regularly monitoring your Demat account holding statement. This allows you to keep track of your portfolio's performance and see how your investments are performing.
  • Spot Unauthorised Transactions:

    You can spot any unauthorised transaction or fraudulent activity by regularly checking your statement. By doing this, you can take immediate action to prevent any further damage and protect your investment.
  • Plan Your Investment:

    You can plan your investment by reviewing your holding statement. You can identify stocks or securities that are performing well and make informed decisions accordingly.
  • Tax Compliance:

    The Demat account holding statement consists of crucial information such as the cost of acquisition and market value. This information is essential for tax compliance purposes as it calculates capital gains or losses.
  • Record-keeping:

    You can monitor your investment and record-keeping by monitoring the Demat holding statement. It serves as your investment record, provides a comprehensive overview of your holdings, and includes the securities you hold, their quantity, and acquisition cost.
  • Portfolio Diversification:

    Monitoring holding statements can help you identify areas where your portfolio is overexposed or underexposed. This can help you diversify your portfolio and spread risk across different securities.

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Key Components of the Demat Account Holding Statement

Knowing how to get a Demat account holding statement involves logging into the demat account portal provided by your broker or depository participant, When you receive your Demat account holding statement (DAS) along with the consolidated account statement (CAS), here are the major components of this statement that you should be familiar with.

  • The first section you should always verify is the personal details shown in the DAS and the CAS. Check for your name, contact number, residence address, and mobile number for alerts etc. Ensure that all details are accurate and updated.
  • There is a statement of transactions which highlights the stocks you bought and the stocks you sold with the net balance that goes into the holding statement. All these holdings for common ISIN are consolidated and presented.
  • Statement of holdings is the net balance at the end of the period or quarter. These are the assets that you are holding and stand to the credit of your Demat account. For instance, during the period, if you bought 600 shares of RIL and sold 200 shares of RIL, then the net balance of 400 shares will show in your holding statement. Apart from stocks, the Demat holding statement also shows a listing of other assets held in your Demat account. This could include mutual funds, bonds, gold bonds, debentures, index ETFs, gold ETFs etc. These are shown at face value or market value.
  • Any corporate action during the period is also shown in the DAS and CAS combined statement. These include dividends paid out, bonus shares issued and credited with the ratio, rights applied for, buyback of shares, any stock splits, any share credits through a scheme of arrangement etc. You can also get a quick view of all wealth movements in the transaction summary at the top of the statement.
  • We often use the term Demat balance loosely. However, the Demat account statement gives a very granular breakdown of the holdings with the nature of holdings. It first presents the overall holdings of various securities in the Demat account. It then segregates the free balance, which are the securities that are available for freely transacting in the market. There is the lock-in balance which could be under lock-in for a fixed period due to a private placement. There is also the pledged balance, which refers to the shares that are pledged for loans or LAS funding. The free balance is the current balance minus the locked-in balance minus the pledged balance.

For investors, a holding statement from their Demat account is a crucial tool for monitoring and managing their securities portfolio. This document summarises the securities held in the account, including their names, quantities, acquisition costs, and current market values. It also plays an important role in tax compliance by providing information essential for calculating capital gains and losses. With the BlinkX Demat app, you can effectively manage your securities and make well-informed decisions.
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FAQs on Demat Account Holding Statement

When you purchase a share it gets transferred to your depository participants, this complete process takes around two working days. So you have to wait for your shares to settle if the shares are not reflected in your Demat holding statement.

Well if you sell shares on the same day, then the position will be still displayed on your Demat account holdings. This will show in your account statement you can contact your DP's for any issue.

You can request for your Demat account holding from a depository i.e NSDL or CDSL website.

The password to enter for opening your Demat account holding statement will be your PAN number and the DDMM of your date of birth.

A Demat account holding statement can be downloaded from your Demat account provider's website or via your registered email address. To download from the website, you must log into your account, navigate to the section titled 'holding statement', and click the download button.

Yes, you can receive a weekly holding statement for your Demat account. Nevertheless, the frequency of receiving holding statements may vary according to the policy of the Demat account provider or the investor's preferences.