Biggest Mistakes in Intraday Trading to Avoid

Biggest Mistakes in Intraday Trading to Avoid

You may make money trading in the stock market, but you also risk losing money on each mistake. And one of the riskiest activities is intraday trading, where you might make or lose money in a single day.

The majority of day traders lose money as a result of making poor choices or avoidable errors. Here are the top seven frequent mistakes you should avoid while practising intraday trading, along with advice on how to do so and increase your earnings to have a more successful and risk-free trading experience.

In this article, you can know about intraday trading mistakes and learn to trade in the intraday trading along with the things to look for in intraday trading. 

Top 8 Biggest Mistakes in Intraday Trading to Avoid

There will be some common mistakes, as well as first-time errors which can be fixed. If you want to grow your intraday skills and make a career out of it, you need to avoid these things.

Impatience Decision

It happens with every trader that you are avoiding the importance of being patient and taking decisions from a logical point of view. As per the profit & loss ratios, intraday traders seem to drive into a hurry due to a shortage of time & trading sessions which is an unavoidable mistake in intraday trading. The closing position of a trader is quite narrow, and due to lack of patience traders can make an enormous amount of loss. Despite a good going on the trade, intraday traders can make the mistake of early squaring of their position.

Failing to know the significance of Stop-loss

As with the working of stop-loss, you can consider it is one of the most risk aversing tools for intraday traders. Traders who fail to add a stop-loss in their intraday trading often face huge losses on their trade. With the help of stop loss order you can instruct your broker platform to set a predetermined condition and sell a security if the value of securities goes down from a certain point in price. As the stop loss order works as your guard to avoid heavy losses, in the absence of your stop loss you can come across huge losses in no time.

Taking quick decisions without knowing the circumstances of your decision

As a trader who trades or wants to begin their trading journey needs to know the skill of decision-making based on logic, strategies and facts based. As a trader, if you are disturbed by the losses you make or overwhelmed by the profits, then the possibility of making a huge mistake is even more. It's essential to have a hold of your emotions and do trading in a smart way. 

Trading with wrong stocks

While doing intraday trading it's important to select stocks which have a good amount of movement in terms of stock price. Selecting wrong stocks is also a big mistake in intraday trading. A stock with high liquidity can be considered good for intraday trade. Choosing a stock that has low liquidity can give you loss or no return on investments. Make a watchlist of stocks which have high liquidity factors and try to make a strategy for your intraday trade.

Trading based on the news or rumors

Intraday functions differently from equity trading. The news or rumour affects differently on the stocks which you are trading on your intraday trade. The chances of news affecting your investment is quite high and within a few seconds your investment can go red from green i.e from profit to losses, you can make these mistakes in intraday trading often. And there are chances where you can view a sudden movement of high or low in the intraday charts. And in case of missing your trade, the following stocks will be delivered into your demat accounts. Due to this you can face an imbalance in your investment portfolio.

Entering without having full proof trading plan

Trading without a plan in intraday trading is like blindly taking a risk on the basis of luck. But as a professional trader or a smart person you need to make a proper plan and implement a strategy that has risk analysis as well as proper points of entry or exit. You need to create a strategy based on the proper study of markets and using a proven method. Implementing technical analysis also offers great results to your trade. As a practice or try or error, you need to develop trading strategies which will work for you. This is one of the major intraday trading mistakes that you can do after entering into a trade.

Being too Emotional

A bad intraday trader would exhibit traits such as being too fixated on gains and losses and dejected when there is a loss. You must always control your emotions when trading in the intraday trading markets. You also shouldn't let losses prevent you from trading at all.

Giving up trading completely lowers your ability to recover your losses and might result in a bad attitude toward the stock market and trading in general. You should strive to succeed by adhering to the intraday trading principles and approaching both profit and loss with the same mindset.

Changing a Strategy too Often

After deciding on a plan, it's critical to persist with it throughout time rather than abandoning it after the first setback. In intraday trading, switching up your methods too frequently is a mistake because each one takes patience and practice. Changing the goal every time during the game would not be a smart move. Since markets fluctuate, no trading technique can ensure a perfect result. Therefore, it's critical to trust your trading strategy.


As a trader who needs to be aware about the trend in the market and has an interest in the stock market.  Having in-depth knowledge  will help you to grow your skills and make a better return out of it. 
As your earning results in a better way if you plan your trade, and in case of intraday trading, overcoming mistakes in intraday trading can help you greatly. Traders can use their knowledge and improve their financial portfolio.

Mistakes in Intraday Trading FAQs

One of the major rules of intraday trading is not to get into the trap of profit and losses and making yourself depressed when losing huge money.

The stop-loss order can be explained as a type of order where the trader instructs the broker to sell a particular stocks as soon as possible when the price of that particular assets fall from the predetermined price during the trading hour

Trading strategies include the plan and goals of your trade. As a trading plan grabs and outlines about your trading and strategy based on facts & historical data.

Intraday trading offers good returns if the trade is done properly, but in the long run you can make mistakes in intraday trading which can be cut down by adding a stop-loss order or even entering in trade with a proper trading discipline & patience to trade.

Yes, you can consider intraday trade risky as the chances of getting lost in a few minutes or seconds is high and without a proper planning of entry and exit trading is not reliable, and not setting up a stop-loss order is also not recommended.