How to Start an Online Trading Portfolio? Complete guide for Trading

How to Start an Online Trading Portfolio? Complete guide for Trading

Investors can manage their online portfolios more effectively thanks to online share trading. An online portfolio, also referred to as a digital portfolio or e-portfolio, is a digital compilation of your work, accomplishments, talents, and credentials.

The ability to conduct trades whenever the market is open, specify precise price objectives, and use stop-loss orders to reduce risk are all available to investors. Real-time monitoring and management of investments enable prompt decision-making and online portfolio adjustments.

Online share trading is becoming more and more popular, and factors contributing to its growth include accessibility, cost-effectiveness, access to worldwide markets, availability of real-time information and tools, flexibility, automation, and social trading features. 

How to Select a Reliable Online Broker?

There are various factor on which you can select an online stock broker, these are as follows:

SEBI validity: When choosing your professional, SEBI enrolled brokers are a crucial consideration. Discount brokers with established SEBI legality are invariably preferable. It guarantees the long-term security of your money. Unregistered brokers are con artists. Don't approach them.

Trading platform: The broker's trading platform should be simple and hassle-free. Facilities like placing "buy" and "sell" orders, setting market limits, setting a stop-loss, checking the status of an order, reading news about businesses, viewing the list of securities currently held through the dashboard, etc. must be included, and you must also have access to all of your previous trades and investment statements.

Customer service: When choosing a broker, a high level of customer service is crucial. The speed at which your trade requests are carried out and the time your query can be cleared is important to judge the customer service.

Costs [AMC, commission, etc.]: This is the most crucial aspect. The commissions that discount brokers charge must be modest in order for them to qualify as such long-term earnings might be wiped out by high commission rates.

Simple enrollment: Discount brokers will likely be at ease with new technologies. For instance, creating a demat account online and verifying it with an Aadhaar card eliminates paper labor and lowers expenses.

Support and resources: Discount brokers should offer access to all the resources you'll need to assess your stocks and transactions. They should include all the necessary charts to motivate the trader to conduct worthwhile study.

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Table of Content

  1. How to Select a Reliable Online Broker?
  2. How to Create an Online Trading Account?
  3. How to Begin Online Trading?
  4. Conclusion

How to Create an Online Trading Account?

The eKYC system based on Aadhaar

The paperless Aadhaar-based registration process makes opening a trading account today quicker and easier. As long as your Aadhaar card is linked to an active mobile number, this option leverages the information on your Aadhaar card to finish your online portfolio registration. 

Keep a copy of every personal document you have scanned, including your PAN card, Aadhaar card, and a voided check, on your smartphone. Once you have moved through the Aadhaar connecting stage in the registration process, you will be asked to upload them.

Registration on Paper-based forms

Download the paperwork for starting a trading account first. Both the account opening paperwork and the KYC forms will be included in the papers. Fill out the necessary fields on these forms before printing.

To attach to these documents, you'll also need 2 passport-size, self-attested photos. When you have finished filling out the forms, sign where needed and attach your personal papers that have undergone self-attestation (PAN card, ID proof, and address proof). You must now deliver it in person or by mail to your brokerage company. 

How to Begin Online Trading?

The following steps should be taken before investing in the stock market:

Get a PAN card since you'll need one for every financial transaction you do in India. PAN is necessary to open a bank account, make stock and mutual fund investments, file income tax returns, create an online portfolio, and do other financial transactions.

You cannot trade in the stock market by going directly to a stock exchange; instead, you must find a stock broker. To engage in the stock markets, traders and investors need a broker, often known as a facilitator or middleman. Consequently, hire a stock broker.

Create a demat and trading account since only these accounts are permitted for trading on the stock market. Before you can use their platforms to invest in the Indian stock market, you must first create a demat account and a trading account.


Creating an online trading portfolio may be a fun project that enables you to trade in the stock market and possibly increase your wealth. You may start your journey with confidence by taking a methodical approach and taking crucial aspects into consideration.

Starting an online portfolio for trading calls for perseverance, self-control, and a long-term outlook. It's important to realize that trading has risks and that previous success does not guarantee future success.


How to Start an Online Trading Portfolio FAQs

A digital depiction of a person's or an organization's work, accomplishments, talents, and experiences is called an online portfolio.

Managing risk is essential while investing online. Establish clear parameters for your degree of risk tolerance, employ stop-loss orders to reduce possible losses, and hone your position size skills.

Starting an internet trading account doesn't require any special training or experience. To be successful, you must nonetheless become knowledgeable about the financial markets, trading methods, and risk management tactics.

By investing in several asset classes, including stocks, bonds, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), and perhaps even cryptocurrencies or commodities, you can diversify your online portfolio.

Regular portfolio monitoring is crucial, but the frequency will depend on your trading style and investing approach.