Know the Features of Online Trading Account

Know the Features of Online Trading Account

There was a time when the stock market was an open marketplace. In this stock market, traders had to be physically present at the exchanges and communicate verbally with each other. Since technology overtook the stock market, online trading accounts have replaced the open market system.

Using a trading account, an investor can buy and sell shares online. However, trading accounts do not store shares but are vital in the process of buying and selling them. Also, online trading accounts offer a number of features. In this post, we will explore all the features of trading accounts.

Features of Trading Account

With a trading account, you can enjoy a quick, easy, and hassle-free trading experience. Once you open a trading account, you will be able to enjoy the following features of an online trading account:

An easy way to access everything

Single access is one of the best features of Trading Accounts. It's possible to buy stocks on two major exchanges: Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). Trading accounts let you buy on these exchanges. The same platform also lets you sell stocks.

Additionally, an Online Trading Account gives you detailed information about every trade so you know the amount invested, the number of shares, and the profits earned. 

The trading account is accessible 24x7

You can log in to your trading account app from anywhere and anytime. Additionally, you can access your trading platform from both internet browsers (on laptops, desktops, etc.) and apps (on tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Provides detailed portfolio report

Online trading accounts allow you to receive various reports on all the stocks you own. A portfolio report shows key information about each stock, including buy price, current market price, number of shares bought, current profit percentage, number of shares sold, etc. Thus, you can use the detailed reports to assess diversification opportunities by viewing your stock holdings sector by sector.

Placement of orders under control

Another best feature of trading accounts is that it allows you to control your orders. The trading accounts allow you to buy or sell shares, and you can choose the exchange and quantity of shares. Additionally, you can choose whether to transact at a current market price or set a target price for the transaction to trigger.

Access to Smart Tools

With new-age trading accounts, you get access to innovative, investor-oriented smart tools. The tools include daily reports, strategy builders, investment advisory services, reports, and advanced charts.

Get a custom investment

Trading accounts give you the flexibility to customize your investing experience. You can manage your trading accounts to suit your trading style, whether that's creating individualized charts or creating watchlists of stocks to track.

Transparency in online trading charges

These features of a trading account provide you with details about additional charges for every transaction you make. Charges such as brokerage commissions, taxes, etc. Thus, you'll have a better idea of your trade's calculations.

A seamless end-to-end experience

Online trading accounts are linked to bank accounts, so you can transfer funds to your stock investments. The online trading account makes it easy to move money from your bank account to your demat account (to buy stocks) and from your demat account to your bank account (to sell stocks). So, you can complete transactions with ease due to the platform's security.

Getting access to professional research

One of the other features of trading accounts is that you get a detailed report. The companies that offer you online trading accounts have a team of well-qualified stock market analysts. They do detailed research on different companies and send stock research reports over email. Thus, you can make informed stock investment decisions with detailed and comprehensive stock reports and analyses. Know more about trading profit and loss account.


Stock market investing has been made easier by online trading accounts. You can buy and sell shares with ease, accessibility, and convenience using online trading Account features. With the Features of Trading Accounts such as access to everything at any time, detailed portfolio reports, order placement, and smart tools, you can make informed investment decisions. 

Moreover, online trading accounts feature transparency regarding online trading charges, allowing you to trade with confidence. The features of trading accounts will become more impressive as technology advances.


Features of Trading Account FAQs

The benefits of trading accounts include single access, ease of use, seamless transactions, access to credible research, customization, and updates on emails.


The main function of a trading account is to assist traders in purchasing securities and monitoring their trades. The trading account lets traders exchange securities, commodities, foreign exchange, etc.

The golden rule of stock trading is to never borrow money to invest in stocks.

Yes, you can use 2 trading accounts. However, make sure they're not from the same broker.

No, trading accounts don't require a minimum balance because they store shares, not cash.

Adults or teens who have a PAN card are eligible for opening a trading account.