Kirloskar Brothers Ltd dividend

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd dividend

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Kirloskar Brothers Ltd




Last updated : FY 2024

Key Highlights

    The Dividend per Share of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd is ₹ 6 as of 2024 .a1#The Dividend Payout of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd changed from 22.73 % on March 2019 to 19.57 % on March 2024 . This represents a CAGR of -2.46% over 6 years. a1#The Latest Trading Price of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd is ₹ 2203 as of 15 Jul 11:43 .a1#The Market Cap of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd changed from ₹ 1298 crore on March 2019 to ₹ 8772 crore on March 2024 . This represents a CAGR of 37.49% over 6 years. a1#The Revenue of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd changed from ₹ 791.4 crore to ₹ 1260 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 26.20% a1#The EBITDA of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd changed from ₹ 48.1 crore to ₹ 227.8 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 117.62% a1#The Net Pr of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd changed from ₹ 15.2 crore to ₹ 142.7 crore over 8 quarters. This represents a CAGR of 206.40% a1#

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Share Price Vs Dividend Yield


Company Fundamentals For Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Market Cap

18,025 Cr



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Dividend Yield *




Dividend Payout *


Ann.Dividend % *


* All values are consolidated

Last Updated time: 15 Jul 11:50 AM

* All values are consolidated

Last Updated time: 15 Jul 11:50 AM


Historical Dividend Payout of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Dividend payout refers to the total dividends paid to shareholders relative to the company's earnings. It is a financial measure that determines the percentage of earnings paid out to existing shareholders as dividends. How to calculate Dividend Payout Ratio? The dividend payout ratio formula is as follows: DPR = Dividends paid / Net earnings With the dividend payout ratio, you can understand the company's priorities. It is an important metric that allows you to easily check DPR online.

Historical Dividend Payout of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Mar '1923
Mar '2025
Mar '2126
Mar '2230
Mar '2323
Mar '2420

* All values are a in %

Dividend per Share (DPS) Over Time



Dividend Yield is a financial ratio that shows the annual dividend income relative to the market price of a share. It is calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the current market price per share, expressed as a percentage.

Dividend Yield Comparison With Top Peers





* All values are in %

Net Profit Vs Dividend Per Share


Kirloskar Brothers Ltd




-66.95 (-2.95%)

stock direction

Last updated : 15 Jul 11:43

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Overview of Dividend

Types of Dividend

Special Dividend

A dividend is paid on common stock when a company has accumulated substantial profits over years, often seen as excess cash that doesn't need immediate use.

Preferred Dividend

A quarterly dividend is paid to preferred stock owners, typically accumulating a fixed amount, and is earned on shares that function more like bonds.

Interim Dividend

Companies declare interim dividends before final full-year accounts are prepared, specifically in India, during the financial year from April to March of the following year.

Final Dividend

A final dividend is issued after the year's accounts have been compiled. Aside from this, the following list highlights the most prevalent sorts of dividends:


Historical Market Cap of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Market Cap or market capitalisation refers to metrics that are used to measure a company's size. It is defined as the total market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock. Formula of Market Cap: Market Capital = N * P Here, N for the outstanding shares P refers to the closing price of the company's shares. Types of Companies based on Market Cap: - Small-Cap stocks: Up to 500 Crore - Mid-Cap Stocks: From Rs.500 crore up to Rs.7,000 crore - Large-Cap Stocks: From Rs.7,000 crore up to Rs.20,000 crore

Historical Market Cap of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Mar '191299
Mar '20706
Mar '211904
Mar '222247
Mar '233241
Mar '248773

* All values are a in crore


Historical Revenue of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Revenue term means the amount of money a company earns from its primary business activities such as the sales of its products & services. Types of Revenue: 1. Operating revenue: It refers to the income generated from the core business activities, which are sales of goods or services rendered. 2. Non-Operating revenue: It is the income generated from secondary sources unrelated to the primary business. Examples include rents, dividends, interest, and royalty fees. Formula for Revenue: The formula for calculating revenue is based on two goods & services: For goods: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Units sold For services: Revenue = Avg unit price x Number of Customers served.

Historical Revenue of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Jun '22791
Sep '22868
Dec '22962
Mar '231138
Jun '23910
Sep '23915
Dec '23981
Mar '241260

* All values are a in crore


Historical EBITDA of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

PBIDT stands for Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes. It is a financial metric that measures a company's profitability before accounting for interest expenses, depreciation of assets, and taxes. Formula to calculate PBIDT: PBIDT = Net Income + Interest + Depreciation + Taxes or PBIDT = Operating Income + Depreciation + Taxes PBIDT vs EBITDA vs EBIT vs EBT: Here is a brief explanation of the differences: - PBIDT (Profit Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes) includes taxes in its calculation, unlike EBITDA. - EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) excludes taxes and interest, focusing on operational performance. - EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) excludes interest and taxes, providing a measure of core operational profitability. - EBT (Earnings Before Taxes) includes all operating income but does not account for interest expenses. Conclusion: PBIDT, similar to EBITDA, is a measure of operational profitability but includes taxes in its calculation.

Historical EBITDA of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Jun '2248
Sep '2267
Dec '22149
Mar '23158
Jun '23121
Sep '2397
Dec '23140
Mar '24228

* All values are a in crore


Historical Net Profit of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Net profit is the amount of money a company retains after accounting for all expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and other deductions. Net Profit formula is expressed as: Net Profit = Total Revenue - Total Expense Net Profit Margin Ratio: Net Profit Margin Ratio = Net Profit / Total Revenue

Historical Net Profit of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Jun '2215
Sep '2230
Dec '2289
Mar '2391
Jun '2366
Sep '2348
Dec '2383
Mar '24143

* All values are a in crore

About Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

About Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

    Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), a part of the century old Kirloskar group was incorporated in 15th January of the year 1920. The Company undertakes projects in fluid-handling, turnkey fluid-handling projects in irrigation, power, process, water supply and sewerage, turnkey small hydel projects and protective surface coating. The core products of the company are Engineered Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Agriculture and Domestic Pumps, Valves, and Hydro turbines. Presently, the Company is engaged in providing fluid management solutions globally. Two new joint venture companies were incorporated, viz., Kirloskar Rateau Ltd., a 100% export oriented unit in India and Rateau Kirloskar international, Paris as a marketing company in co-operation with Alsthom Atlantique of Paris. Hence it became a subsidiary of the Company since its incorporation on 23rd April of the year 1984. During the year 1986, the company had entered into foreign collaboration agreements with M/s. Oil Tool Specialities Co., U.S.A., for the manufacture of Christmas trees and conventional wellhead assembles and with M/s. Godiva Fire Pumps Ltd, U.K., for the manufacture of fire fightings pumps and also with M/s. Nikkiso Co Ltd., Japan for the manufacture of canned motor pumps. The mobile fire fighting pump sets manufactured in technical collaboration with Godiva Fire Pumps Ltd. U.K. was well received in the market during the year 1988. In the year 1991, the plant for manufacturing submersible pumps under licence from Ebara Italia S.P.A. was erected in Shindewad, near Shirwal. KBL made technical collaborations with world-renowned companies in the year 1994 for manufacture of pumps, machine tools and hermetic compressors. Also in the same year the company received the Export Excellence Award from the Government of India for the seventh year in a row. In the year 1995, KBL had signed a technical collaboration agreement with Corrocoat Ltd. U.K. for the manufacture of anti-corrosion coatings for pumps. For the gateway to enter the power generation sector, the company has signed a co-operation and Technology Transfer agreement with Finmeccahica S.p.A. Azienda Ansaldo of Italy in the period of 1996 for manufacture of steam turbines. During the year 1997-98, the company inaugurated its Anti Corrosion coating plant at Kirloskarvadi with capacity of 150 TPA. In 1998-99, the company tied up with one of the world leaders in hydro-turbines-Ebara Corporation, Japan to offer turnkey execution facilities. KBL has entered into a distribution agreement with Erhard Gmbh and Co, Germany during the year 1999 and also the Toyota-Kirloskar, the 50:50 joint venture between Toyota and the company was sets up its first service station-cum-showroom at Goregoan in suburban Mumbai. In the year 2001, the company bagged two orders worth of Rs 519 crore, included Sardar Sarovar Nigam's Rs 442-crore contract to manufacture and commission pump stations in Saurashtra. During the year 2003, KBL had acquired certain assets and businesses of the UK-based SPP Pumps Ltd, a part of Thyssen Bornemiscza Group and also in the same year the company invested 19,50,000 GBP (Rs 14,90,77,500) in the share capital of a JV Company incorporated in the United Kingdom. KBL and Hindustan Construction Company Ltd (HCC) had jointly submitted a bid for Devadula, Godavari lift Irrigation Scheme of Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2004. The Contract was awarded to HCC and the company as joint bidders. The company bagged contract worth 1240 million in the year 2004, also bagged an order worth Rs 41,40,00,000 from Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd acting through Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd, Mumbai for design, drawing, manufacture and supply etc of 3 primary sodium pumps, its spares and accessories and launched its new generation submersible pump Champion 2'. During the year 2005-2006, the company had hived off its Anti-Corrosive Product Division to form a joint venture Company with Corrocoat Ltd. -UK. The operations of this new company 'Kirloskar Corrocoat Private Limited' commenced from 1st April of the year 2006. During the period of 2006-07, the company had acquired 100% shares of Aban Constructions Pvt Ltd; a Chennai based company belongs to a reputed Aban Group, which engaged in oil and gas croos country pipelines and other construction activities. In September of the year 2007, KBL took over the management of The Kolhapur Steel (TKSL), a steel casting company, registered with the BIFR. KBL had received a letter of intent (LoI) from the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Irrigation & CAD Department during April of the year 2008 with respect of Rajiv Sagar Lift Irrigation Project (Dummugudem) for Rs 3.38 billion and in May of the same year 2008, KBL had bagged contracts from the Nuclear Power Corporation of India A/c Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam of Rs 992.4 million and Euro 1.814 million for civil works and Electochiorination plants building and associates structures for sea water pump house package. As at July 2008, Kirloskar Brothers through its investment company namely Kirloskar Brothers International BV had formed a subsidiary company in Netherlands under the name and style as Kirloskar Brothers Europe B. V. The Scheme of Arrangement between KBL and Kirloskar Brothers Investments Ltd. (KBIL) and their respective shareholders, became effective on March 2, 2010, and a result certain investments in shares held by KBL, stands transferred and vested in KBIL. During the year 2010, the Company ceased to be subsidiary company of Better Value Holdings Private Limited, one of the promoters and a Kirloskar group Company. On acquisition of additional shares, with effect from November 12, 2009, Kirloskar Corrocoat Private Limited, Hematic Motors Private Limited, Pressmatic Electro Stampings Private Limited and Quadromatic Engineering Private Limited have become direct subsidiaries of the company alongwith Hematic Motors Private Limited's subsidiaries viz. ILa Electricals Private Limited, Vakasa Electricals Private Limited and Moreshwar Electricals Private Limited. On issue of shares in terms of Scheme of Arrangement, as approved by the Hon'ble High court of Judicature at Bombay, by Kirloskar Brothers Investments Limited (KBIL) to the shareholders of the Company, KBIL ceased to be a subsidiary company of Kirloskar Brothers Limited. Simultaneously, 50000 KBIL equity shares held by KBL also stand cancelled; on transfer of investments in Pooja Credits Private Limited and Kirloskar Silk Industries Limited held by Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) to KBIL, these companies also ceased to be subsidiaries of KBL. On February 15, 2010, KBL sold shares held in its Wholly Owned Subsidiary SPP Pumps Limited (SPP) to its other Wholly Owned Subsidiary - Kirloskar Brothers International B.V (KBI) Netherlands. Thus SPP ceased to be the direct subsidiary company of KBL. Micawber 784 (Proprietary) Ltd., Kirloskar Brothers Limited's step down subsidiary through WOS Company, Kirloskar Brothers International B.V. (KBI BV), Netherlands, acquired balance 10% holding in Braybar Pumps (Proprietary) Ltd. (Braybar) on November 1, 2012. As a result, Braybar became 100% subsidiary of Micawber 784 (Proprietary) Ltd. The Company launched highly-advanced 'i-CAN' series of pumps, for the small scale industries, another product, 'i-NS' pump, which has been developed entirely with domestic technology in 2015. In November 2015, it commissioned Godavari Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage Board project costing Rs 50 crores. It launched GK-P Pump at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany. It also unveiled the technologically advanced ROMAK (RMK) Pump at ACHEMA in June 2015 which is used for handling clean chemical liquids. The BHIMA LIS Telangana Project was commissioned in 2016-17. The Company manufactured largest split case pump and developed Closed Coupled Magnetic Drive Pump Type RMKC. 5 new improved series of pumps were launched at Sanand Plant in 2017. During 2017-18, Company commissioned largest bottom suction pump as a replacement to existing 80 years old make pump & motor at Kolkata Municipal Corporation. It commissioned vertical turbine pump at HNSS Pump Station in Andhra Pradesh. Kondhapuri plant completed development of larger size valves such as 2400 mm BFV, 1400 and 1800 mm turbine inlet valves, 1800 mm MDNRV etc. during the year. The Company launched 14 variants in 4' submersible pump range and 10 variants in 6' and above range. In the surface pump range, total 4 models were launched including the Swimming Pool pump during 2018-19. Further, launched the Kirloskar Vertical Multi-stage (KVM) pump, which has been predominantly developed for use in RO plants, and the K-Kleen 25 technology. Concrete Volute pumps supplied for BMA Thailand project and pumps for Cooling Water and Auxiliary Cooling Water application for EGAT and Marubeni projects were commissioned. The Binh Bo Pumping Station project in Vietnam was commissioned and handed over during the year 2018-19. A roof top solar power plant of 150 kW capacity was installed and its utilisation was started from June 2018 at Sanand Plant. The Company launched new products such as K-Booster and Mini soc further extended its CMS pump series. During the period 2019-20, KBL extended the KVM pump range far Reverse Osmosis application. It commissioned pumps for various applications across some of India's landmark projects, like Kartarpur Corridor Terminal (Indian side), Statue of Unity, ISRO's Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS), Thiruvananthapuram, and National Fire Service College - Nagpur (country's first fixed firefighting installation lab). It commissioned 5 vertical turbine pumps with 2350 kW motor rating at the South Bangkok Power plant. During 2020-21, the Company installed BHR 70 M Single Stage External Water Lubricated VT Pumps for the Sundargarh Odisha Mega Lift Irrigation Project. FM/UL VT pumps and FM/UL Horizontal Pumps were installed at the Sino Thai / MRT Yellow & Pink Line Metro lines of the Bangkok Metro. It erected and commissioned pump sets for the National Services Projects Organization (Egyptian Army) for agricultural development of 7000 Feddan in TOSHKA Phase III, Egypt. It supplied firefighting pumps for new Supreme Court building of Mauritius. It commissioned fire fighting pumps inside the 9.02 km long Atal tunnel, above 1,000 ft. During 2021-22, Company supplied 104 HYPN systems to HPCL's residential township in Barmer, Rajasthan; developed a new pump in horizontal execution for the IOCL 3G Ethanol project in the Oil & Gas segment; supplied large and medium-range VT pumps for projects in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Orissa; supplied pumps for Haryana Lift Irrigation Schemes and UP Irrigation Dept (CESPO). It launched 53 variants of Monobloc pumps with IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motors and 16 variants of Monobloc pumps sets with Ultra-Premium Efficiency IE5 motors.

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FAQs for dividends of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

What is the current market price of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd Ltd as of July 15, 2024?

The current market price of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd Ltd stands at 2203.1 per share.

What dividend did Kirloskar Brothers Ltd declare in the last fiscal year?

In the last fiscal year, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd declared a dividend totaling ₹6.0.

What is the most recent dividend declared by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd?

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd recently declared a dividend of 0.0 in the latest quarter

How many times has Kirloskar Brothers Ltd declared dividends in the current fiscal year

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd has declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0 in the current fiscal year (FY2023-2024).

How many times did Kirloskar Brothers Ltd declare dividends in the previous fiscal year?

In the previous fiscal year (FY2022-2023), Kirloskar Brothers Ltd declared dividends 4 times totaling ₹0.
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