Full Service Demat Account - What it is, how it works, and its benefits

Full Service Demat Account - What it is, how it works, and its benefits

Over the past few years, investing has become more popular. For this reason, it's essential to have a Demat account if you want to hold stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. 

With a Full Service Demat Account, you can get investment advice, research reports, and personalized recommendations from a professional team. 

FSDA also offers online trading, offline trading, IPO applications, and more. Investors generally pay more for full-service brokers because they offer more services. In this article, you will learn about the Meaning of Full Service Demat Account, how it works and the benefits of FSDA.

What is the meaning of a Full Service Demat Account?

"Full-servie Demat Account" refers to accounts that offer more value-added services than just dematerialization. In this account, you get a variety of services in addition to trading and investing in stocks. There are authorized firms that offer full service demat accounts. They offer you extra services like advisory, research, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, etc.

In case you are new to the stock market, FSDA may be useful for you. With a full service demat, you get guidance at every stage of the investment process. It is also the best option if you are unable to keep up with market changes. Moreover, investors find FSDA suitable for trading and investing by visiting its offline branches. Additionally, brokers that offer full service also provide free calls and trades.

The Full Service Demat Account provides smooth transaction experiences and convenience through a three-in-one account. In this account, you can have a savings account, a demat account, and a trading account all in one. Also, you can club multiple orders for the same or different kinds of securities in one attempt. Additionally, there are some brokers that offer UPI transactions, wish lists, and international trading capabilities.

Generally, full-service brokers charge 0.3% to 0.5% per trade. As well, many full-service brokers have offices in major cities where you can solve your problem. Online platforms are also available where you can invest and trade easily.

Moreover, FSDA generally has a higher brokerage fee compared to a budget broker or internet platform. Even though full-service brokers charge more, their value-added services may be worth it to you, particularly if you are inexperienced.

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Full-Service Demat Account: how do they work?

Buying and selling orders aren't the only things a full-service broker does. Full-service brokers offer personalized financial planning. Investments, taxes, retirements, real estate, and risk management are all covered in financial planning.

The full-service broker provides you with a relationship manager. Using your profile, the relationship manager assists you in making an investment decision based on your preferences for risk, return, and time.

Additionally, depending on your financial goals, the broker offers a variety of investment options other than stocks, such as mutual funds, debt instruments, loans, insurance, IPOs, and FPOs. Furthermore, to help you make informed investments, they research the market and provide detailed reports.

Benefits of full service demat account

You can benefit from FSDA in several ways, including:

FSDA offers personalized recommendations

Initially, a full-service broker will interact with you to understand your investment preferences. Based on your financial profile, the broker suggests suitable financial instruments and specific investments for you. Thus, investing wisely is easier when you have a Full Service Demat Account 

Get a detailed report and research

It is the job of a full-service broker to do detailed market research and present you with a detailed report. Due to their expertise and experience, their research is more reliable. You may have to spend more time and effort researching on your own. However, by using a full-service broker, you can solve this problem.

FSDA offers a wide range of financial products

There are many products that full-service brokers can offer to you, including mutual funds, ETFs, loans, debt instruments, preference shares, senior notes, etc. So, besides equity stocks, they have access to more products.


Unlike a regular demat account, a Full Service by opening Demat Account offers a lot more services. This Account gives investors personalized investment advice, research reports, and recommendations. Additionally, FSDA also offers a wide range of financial products, so you can get everything you need for your investments under one roof. A full-service broker may charge a higher brokerage fee, but their value-added services may make up for it, especially for inexperienced investors. Also, the FSDA may be the best option if you're looking for a hassle-free, comprehensive investment experience.

Full-Service Demat Account FAQs

A full-service broker is a better option for investors who need professional investment advice and financial planning support beyond investing. For frequent investors and traders, discount brokers are particularly useful.

The biggest disadvantage of FSDA is the price. Although full-service brokers offer a "bundle discount," you will generally be paying more no matter what the discount is.

The advantages of full-service brokers are that they help you invest in stocks, IPOs, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Also, a full-service broker helps you decide what investment to make by putting you in touch with a relationship manager.


It is better to invest with a broker. Additionally, if you are new to investing, you may benefit from working with a full-service broker.


Compared to traditional brokers, full-service brokers offer investors a wide range of services, such as stock trading and investment advice, research, tax planning, and retirement planning. Many full-service brokers operate physical branches, and some also have online platforms.