What are the Advantages Of Delivery Trading? Know key advantages of delivery trading

What are the Advantages Of Delivery Trading? Know key advantages of delivery trading

In the trading market, delivery trading is a long-term and profitable strategy. It turns the trader into the only owner of the firm's shares and increases the rewards received from the company.

The decision as to whether to sell the stock rests with you as the trader. The share can be held for two hours or as long as you want. It is essential that you remain persistent whether you are new to delivery trading or you are an experienced user. Long-term delivery trading requires patience, which is crucial in the online share trading.

You should have enough money in your account to keep trading deliveries. Delivery trading in stock market is subject to a number of fees, including brokerage fees, SEBI fees, transaction fees, GST fees, STT, and CTT.  So to know the advantages of delivery trading and its meaning you can go through the following article.

Delivery Trading

In India, purchasing and holding securities for a long time is a common financial strategy known as delivery trading. We examine the benefits of delivery trade in India along with the way it might assist investors in reaching their financial objectives in this article.

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Table of Content

  1. Delivery Trading
  2. Some of the advantages of delivery trading 
  3. Conclusion

Some of the advantages of delivery trading 

Here is the following benefits of delivery trading in the stock market.

Strategy towards Long-Term Investment

The simple fact that delivery trading is a long-term investing strategy is one of its main advantages. And it  includes keeping shares for a longer amount of time than short-term or intraday trading, generally for months, years, or even weeks. By focusing on the business's fundamentals rather than the stock market's short-term volatility and swings, investors can avoid these risks.

Reduced Trading Costs

The lower trading expenses are another benefit of delivery trade in India. Multiple trades made throughout a single day are known to result in significant brokerage costs and transaction expenses in intraday trading. In contrast, traders only need to buy & sell shares once when engaging in delivery trading, which lowers their total trading costs.

Tax Benefits

Investors in delivery trade in India can potentially profit from tax advantages. For shares held for longer than a year, long-term capital gain (LTCG) tax is applicable. LTCG tax is now levied at 10% on earnings over Rs. 1 lakh. Conversely, the short-term capital gains (STCG) tax, which is assessed at 15% on profits made on shares held for less than a year, is applicable.

Investment in Quality Companies

Investors can purchase shares of solid companies through delivery trading. Investors can gain from a company's expansion and success by keeping their shares for a longer time period, which will result in better returns. Additionally, the business offers dividends to investors, creating a consistent source of revenue.

Reduced Risk

Comparing delivery trading today trading or intraday trading reveals that delivery trading is a low-risk investment method. Investors can benefit off the business's future development and avoid short-term stock market swings by keeping their shares for a long time. Additionally, by investing in a variety of businesses, investors can diversify their portfolio and lower overall risk which can be an one of the advantages of delivery trading compared to other methods of trading.

Investment Integrity

Finally, delivery trading encourages disciplined investing in India. Before making an investment, investors should investigate the company's financial statements and fundamentals. The development of discipline and patience, which are necessary for accomplishing long-term financial goals, can be facilitated by choosing a long-term investment strategy.


In summary, delivery trading has become a well-liked financial tactic in India that offers investors a number of benefits. A long-term investing plan allows investors to invest in high-quality firms, take advantage of tax breaks, lower risk, and improve investment discipline. 

To achieve the best profits, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate the business's fundamentals before making an investment. So in the above article you can clearly understand the advantages of delivery trading, and make your investment plan according to it. You can open blinkX platform to open free demat account and leverage your trade with technology offer by blinkX.

What are the Advantages Of Delivery Trading FAQS

Lower liquidity, the likelihood for market downturns, the requirement for patience and self-control when keeping stock for a longer amount of time are a few potential drawbacks.

There are other additional investment strategies, such as investing for value, growth investing, investing in index funds, and more. As each investment strategies has their own advantages, by the above article you can understand about the advantages of delivery trading.

Some of the Possible errors include not thoroughly researching businesses before investing, developing an excessive emotional attachment to certain stocks, and neglecting diversifying one's portfolio.

An investor can choose the idle company for his/her investing by researching the following things about the company. These are the company's financial stability, market trends, management caliber, and growth potential are a few variables to take into account.

There is no exact recommendation or perfect one which can cut down your trading risk. But there are some recommendations on how to reduce risk when engaging in delivery trading.  These recommendations include portfolio diversification, placing stop-loss orders to reduce losses, and actively following company & market developments are a few potential techniques.