Breakout Stocks

Breakout stocks are shares that, according to technical analysis, indicate a big move above or below their support or resistance level. A stock may climb higher steadily if it breaks through its resistance level, and it may go into a bear run if it breaks through its support level. Stocks that repeatedly test resistance and support levels are seen as "stronger," and those that succeed in doing so are more likely to see long-term gains.

Last updated on Jun 17, 2024
NameCMP Rs.Mar Cap Rs.Cr.NP Qtr Rs.Cr.Sales Qtr Rs.Cr.52w High Rs.52w Low Rs.
Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries Ltd434.553,490.16250.073,252.08490.05339.00
Nestle India Ltd2,539.65245,980.602,390.5217,423.382,769.302,145.00
Castrol India Ltd204.9020,029.73864.135,074.61230.40117.90
ITC Ltd430.05537,217.5618,753.3170,251.28499.60399.30
Larsen & Toubro Ltd3,692.00509,243.329,304.33126,235.853,948.602,340.00
Tata Consumer Products Ltd1,119.50106,183.91980.589,998.271,269.60816.40
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd215.751,213.9719.58322.09268.1077.00
Zuari Industries Ltd325.75961.4918.37811.96373.75128.00
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd511.152,429.87105.09445.27534.05301.05
India Glycols Ltd905.002,813.3498.736,640.86978.90592.80
HFCL Ltd116.1216,194.00254.604,395.68117.7561.52
Uflex Ltd469.803,371.12243.726,778.89499.85371.00
Jai Corp Ltd379.556,902.423.48590.27423.80161.25
Super Spinning Mills Ltd10.7360.17-19.5685.5611.726.05
Hercules Hoists Ltd525.551,671.36103.31150.77575.85255.70
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd42.172,657.34-2,910.74861.5752.3518.95
Tata Communications Ltd1,874.5053,505.90666.157,236.282,085.001,515.50
HMT Ltd58.852,078.147.0651.5974.8026.25
Mastek Ltd2,730.008,484.58132.14313.393,147.001,891.00
Kriti Industries (India) Ltd182.46893.7921.41866.63181.3587.95
Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Ltd72.33155.99-24.6952.1393.9560.35
BPL Ltd106.29502.645.7252.27127.5058.50
TTK Prestige Ltd749.6510,416.15260.162,625.72832.00647.40
Hikal Ltd302.303,714.4478.382,023.03331.05258.60
Union Bank of India147.56111,603.318,433.2880,743.34172.4568.00
Madras Fertilizers Ltd102.101,630.33185.333,447.09124.3570.65
Jindal Worldwide Ltd363.157,156.57114.112,146.50439.80268.00
Viji Finance Ltd2.3734.340.442.093.301.04
Apollo Pipes Ltd668.902,755.7823.91914.52798.85588.75
PNB Housing Finance Ltd837.9021,622.011,056.276,490.55913.95555.20
Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd18.4636.4232.170.1121.107.20
Mallcom (India) Ltd1,067.00649.3736.66404.431,249.85800.10
Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd386.708,570.951,924.016,306.90417.00266.15
S H Kelkar & Company Ltd205.212,782.2652.17893.94231.70111.65
Ravikumar Distilleries Ltd25.3659.66-2.2876.2229.5010.60
GTL Infrastructure Ltd2.142,625.44-1,816.911,457.862.600.70
Incredible Industries Ltd44.27210.394.91740.6151.6523.25
SEPC Ltd21.903,088.90-11.32378.8527.738.51
RPG Life Sciences Ltd1,530.002,538.2467.64512.811,740.00876.10
Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd691.807,688.97121.422,710.87776.00521.35
Rashi Peripherals Ltd343.352,256.40123.079,262.25388.15284.75
Future Enterprises-DVR5.8021.890.000.006.874.00
Adani Total Gas Ltd951.65103,992.54653.104,813.481,259.90521.95
Future Market Networks Ltd7.1140.28-31.6286.8211.004.31
Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd13.18770.91-900.095,642.2015.857.81
Setubandhan Infrastructure Ltd0.9711.690.038.500.960.60
Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd33.90138.99-31.381,378.3238.5021.01
Intellect Design Arena Ltd1,074.0514,548.84165.601,678.941,198.80572.40
Gayatri Highways Ltd1.2629.00-178.747.631.550.68
Madhya Pradesh Today Media Ltd0.000.002.4421.8150.5030.05
Goldstar Power Ltd0.000.003.7349.9823.354.00
Archidply Decor Ltd94.6251.440.7350.50105.1069.05
A B Infrabuild Ltd0.000.007.54123.0967.0025.37
Ahlada Engineers Ltd0.000.005.09158.28167.3590.65
Aarti Surfactants Ltd689.95584.5212.71601.29854.20542.65
Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd700.5016,985.85432.601,330.08767.00427.05
AAA Technologies Ltd114.00146.962.8723.00147.0050.70
Uma Exports Ltd83.61284.0026.701,431.60119.0045.01
SignatureGlobal India Ltd1,326.5018,556.54-112.52862.071,438.00444.10
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Ltd297.603,653.6522.90553.46391.65155.60
Nexus Select Trust134.4020,301.00-2.950.00139.00104.70
Epack Durable Ltd215.472,052.4930.511,519.76225.00150.95

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FAQs on Breakout Stocks

Positive breakout stocks are ones that show possible positive momentum when they see a sizable price movement, often higher, over a certain resistance level or trading range.


Accurately predicting which stocks will break out on a given day is hard and very subjective. Breakouts are dependent on a number of market variables and are not easily predicted for a certain day.

Traders that employ a breakout strategy look for stocks or other assets that breach significant levels of support or resistance with the goal of profiting from the subsequent price movement in the breakout direction.

A breakout usually indicates positive momentum and suggests that prices may continue higher. However, depending on which way a breakout occurs, it might also occur downhill, indicating bearish tendencies.

One way to spot fake breakouts, also called false breakouts, is to see whether the price breaks through a level but is unable to maintain the movement. One way to identify phoney breakouts is to look for confirmation through other technical indications or higher volume.

A stock that has been trading in a particular price range for a while could suddenly see a price increase, breaking over its resistance level and maintaining the upward momentum.

Technical tools called breakout indicators are employed by traders to spot possible breakouts. Bollinger Bands, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) are a few examples.

Increased volatility and substantial price movement in the breakout direction are possible after a breakout in the stock. Traders frequently anticipate that the trend will go on towards the breakthrough

A Nifty 50 index breakout occurs when the index crosses over a key resistance level or trading range, suggesting possible positive momentum for the whole market.