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A mutual fund calculator is an online tool that allows investors to evaluate the returns and future value of an investment based on a certain investing plan. Mutual fund investors should ideally adopt a goal-oriented approach to their investments, thus a mutual fund calculator in India can assist them in understanding how far they'll get depending on the projected quantity of investment, time horizon, and rate of return.

Though mutual fund investments are exposed to market risks, their returns may be anticipated rather reliably. To determine the predicted returns, use BlinkX's free mutual fund calculator.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds?

To invest in mutual funds online, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the official website of the Asset Management Company (AMC). Fill in the required information and submit it. The KYC process can be completed online (e-KYC), requiring only an Aadhar Number and PAN.
  2. Invest through a BlinkX online trading app. Asset Management Companies offer mobile applications and third-party mutual fund aggregators to easily access mutual fund schemes, account statements, and portfolio details. 

Overall, investing in mutual funds online is a simple and convenient process.

How Mutual Fund Calculator Can Help You?

A mutual fund calculator is a financial instrument that assists investors in calculating the returns on mutual fund investments. Mutual funds can be invested in two ways: once and monthly. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a way of investing in which an individual invests a small sum each month in certain schemes. However, because the NAV of these funds varies monthly, the same sum can be used to acquire a varied number of units in various months.

An online SIP calculator forecasts return based on specific criteria such as SIP amount, investment period, and estimated rate of return. The calculator can produce findings in a matter of seconds.

An investment, on the other hand, is when a person puts a large sum of money into a single programme. One benefit of one-time investments is that changes in the NAV value do not affect the number of units acquired. To utilise a mutual fund Returns calculator, enter three critical pieces of information: the investment amount, the projected ROI, and the period of the investment.

Mutual Fund Calculation Formula

Calculate the maturity amount for lump sum and SIP investment in mutual funds:

Lumpsum investment

Here is the formula to calculate the maturity amount for lump sum investment in mutual funds:

Formula: M = P x (1+R)^n

Maturity amount 
PPrincipal amount
rEstimated rate of return
nHolding period in years

SIP Investment

Here is the formula to calculate the Maturity amount (M) of SIP investment:

Formula: M = A [ (1 + i)n – 1] x (1 + i)/i

MMaturity amount
ASIP contribution per period
iRate of return
nHolding period (in months)

How to use BlinkX Mutual Fund Calculator? 

BlinkX, an online financial solution provider, offers a mutual fund returns calculator in India that is extremely simple to use.

  • Input your investment amount, projected rate of return, and number of years.
  • The system will calculate the increased value of your investment at the end of the specified period.
  • Results will be displayed promptly, reflecting the accrued value of your investment.

Benefits of the Online Calculator for Mutual Fund Return

Using a mutual fund return calculator offers various advantages that make investing easier. The following are some of the primary benefits provided by an online mutual fund returns calculator. 

  • It calculates the expected returns on your mutual fund assets. The projected outcomes are quite accurate. As a result, you may rely on them and plan your investments accordingly.
  • It saves you a lot of time and effort to do the computations yourself. As a result, you save a large amount of time.
  • The mf return calculator is a web-based program. You can get to it from anywhere and on any smart device. So, with an MF calculator, financial planning is simple. 

FAQs on Mutual Funds Calculator

An MF calculator can help investors plan for future expenses by showing how their investments can accumulate wealth over time. These may include the expenditures for retirement or education.

Yes, there are different types of mutual fund Returns calculators. These include calculators for regular investment, systematic investment plans (SIPs), and retirement planning.

Yes, there is always the possibility of losing money while investing in mutual funds. However, with appropriate financial preparation and competent assistance, these types of issues may be avoided.

Yes, mutual funds can experience negative returns due to market fluctuations. They are subject to various risks, including market volatility and economic downturns.

There are thousands of mutual fund schemes available in India, offering a wide range of investment options across different asset classes and investment objectives.

For short-term mutual fund investments, consider liquid funds or ultra-short-duration funds. These offer relatively lower risk and provide liquidity within a short investment horizon.

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