10 Things to Know Before Opening a Demat account


Opening a Demat account is a pivotal step for anyone entering the world of stock trading and investing. You can explore things to know before opening a Demat account from this article. To ensure a smooth and secure experience, it's essential to consider the various factors while opening a demat account. From understanding charges and security measures to evaluating trading platforms and customer service, these considerations are essential for a successful and rewarding investment experience.

Things to know before opening a Demat account

Opening a Demat account has its own benefits since you can now transact in stocks and other assets in electronic form. Today, it is possible to open your Demat account online with the DP and there are also various Demat account types like a simple account, premium account etc. One of the big Demat account benefits that you can derive today is that the process to open a Demat account has become a lot simpler and also a lot quicker. Here we address a very important issue.

What are the considerations before opening a Demat account? Is Demat account just a commodity that you can go and open anywhere? There are several things to know before opening a Demat account to ensure a smooth investment journey. Remember, even if you are doing an online free Demat account opening, use your discretion and judgement on how the parameters are working out for you. The fact is that you still need to do a lot of homework before opening a Demat account. While there is no selection model, here are 10 such pointers that can help you in the Demat account opening choice.


10 factors to consider before opening the Demat account

These 10 factors listed below may not be exhaustive. However, they give you a rough idea of the broad parameters that really matter in your DP selection.

1. Does proximity of the DP matter?

In the past, most transactions and interaction was physical in nature and hence proximity to a DP office mattered a lot. Not any longer. Today, most of it is done online. However, it is still advisable to look for the proximity of DP, since in the case of any unsolved issue, you can easily resolve by sitting across from the concerned officials. While this was the driving force in the past, it matters less nowadays. You can actually manage things online, but keep this point in mind when selecting your DP.

2. Go for the tried and tested names

Check for institutions and brokers that have been around for a long time in the business. They have a brand to protect and would not forsake their brand value and reputation for anything. They not only focus on the right process but also on the right advice and guidance. Go for pedigree since it keeps your money safe at most times. We have seen a lot of DPs and brokers defaulting in the last few years and that did cause a lot of untold misery for the account holders. You must straightaway screen out the fly-by-night operators who offer high returns but are unable to follow through on their promises. Research the DP history, the client base and geographical spread before making a decision. All these things go into a brand.

3. Go for a DP that is paranoid about security, compliance and process

These are the ones who will stand you in good stead. If a DP says that they can skirt rules and Open A Demat Account across the table don’t fall for that. It reveals the kind of corner-cutting that the DP can indulge in. Today, most transactions are in electronic form so prefer a DP that invests heavily in quality technology, quality professionals, high-end servers etc. All these can reduce your risk substantially. Given the recent spike in cyber-attack cases, this is particularly beneficial and you need to focus on this aspect.

4. Lesser the paperwork the better but don’t compromise on process and compliance

It is possible to open a Demat account digitally and just follow it up with an in-person verification or IPV. Today, the entire DP application process is online and that is the preferred mode as long as necessary checks and balances as well as process integrity is maintained. You need to change with the times and the technologies. As long as authentication is proper and stringent, online Demat account opening is the way ahead. Look for DPs that offer a robust offering. Prefer a company that allows you to start a paperless account with minimal paperwork.

5. Insist that everything should be online and internet-driven only

You need a DP that can give you online access to your Demat account, online transaction capabilities, Statements and transaction details on email, updates on SMS etc. That is all about smart use of technology and that should be your focus. The Internet Demat platform must provide information on assets, valuations, transactions and corporate actions under one platform. Real-time updates can be icing on the cake.

6. Have your broker and DP in the same institution

Now that is not mandatory, but it makes the process a lot simpler. You don’t want to get into a situation wherein you give a debit instruction slip and it does not get executed on time by the other broker. By having the broker and DP under the same roof, you obviate these kinds of problems. That is why when you choose a DP, look for a good DP that is also a good broker giving you quality research, and advice and also giving you top class Demat services. It is this combination that can be lethally salivating. Combining broker and DP makes transacting considerably more efficient since issuing Debit Instruction Slips and resolving concerns related to trade can now be handled much better if the solution is going to be integrated.

7. What is the spread that the DP offers?

To understand various things, you need a partner who can offer you robust trading platforms combined with a wide and diverse range of financial products from Derivatives, Stocks, Government bonds, gold BondsMutual Funds, NPS and Insurance products from a single unified account. This allows you to compare and manage all of your investments from one platform. It also doubles as a tool for financial planning.

8. Check for the all-in costs

This is important as you want to keep your overall transaction cost at the bare minimum. This includes the cost of account opening and maintaining a Demat account. Also, look for various conditional charges and hidden charges here. There are other charges like delayed payment penalties, administrative charges etc. You must add up all these costs to get a consolidated picture.

9. Look for compliance and regulatory issues

Check if the DP has any major legal investigation underway by the regulators. Too many such regulatory issues are not good. Also, track what is being spoken about the DP in the media and in various chat and social media forums. They may not always be authentic but can give you a fair idea.

10. Finally compare professional quality

A DP that is run by professionals is able to give you better advice and service quality, as well as better control over processes. That can be a key deciding factor.

Not all of the above points may be relevant to you. But if you find too many red flags, be careful. The DP that gets the most ticks on the above point is the one you must go with. Reflecting on the things to know before opening a Demat account helps in making prudent investment choices.


Opening a demat account is a straightforward process, but it does require being informed on certain key aspects. Choosing the right DP and account type based on your trading needs, maintaining an adequate account balance, submitting KYC documents, and linking a savings bank account are some important factors to consider. You should also understand demat account charges, statement and pledge processes, nomination and transmission procedures, and the tax implications for investments made through the account.

FAQs on Things to know before opening a Demat account

Before opening a Demat account, ensure to verify the reputation of the brokerage firm, compare their charges and also check on their support services.

You should choose a DP based on its reputation, fees, services, and convenience. 

You would need proof of identity, proof of address, and a passport-sized photograph. Additional documents may be required based on the requirements of a DP.

Yes, you can open a joint Demat account with one or more individuals.

Yes, investors can hold multiple Demat accounts with different brokers. Each account will have a unique Demat account number.