What are the Annual Maintenance Charges for a Demat Account

What are the Annual Maintenance Charges for a Demat Account

Annual Maintenance Charges also known as (Account Maintenance Charges) is a fee charged to an investor for keeping their financial holdings in digital format with the depository. These charges depend on different stock brokers. You can explore details about Demat Account Maintenance Charges in the following article.

Types of Annual maintenance charges

There are different types of Annual maintenance charges depending upon the Demat account some of them are as follows:

  • Regular Demat account
  • Partnership firms, HUF & Individuals Demat account
  • NRIs Demat Account
  • Corporates like LLPs along with private & public firms Demat account

AMC, other charges for each Demat account varies, depending upon the broker to broker charges can be different. To invest in the Indian stock market, investors need to open a Demat account. The function of a Demat account is to keep all your financial holdings safe & sound. As with any other digital account, different types of charges are attached to your Demat account. Let's discuss some of the essential charges of your Demat account.

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Table of Content

  1. Types of Annual maintenance charges
  2. Different Types of Demat Account Charges 
  3. Who Levies Annual Maintenance Charges?
  4. Factors that Affect Annual Maintenance Charges 

Different Types of Demat Account Charges 

Know about several types of AMC charges in Demat accounts that investors may encounter when trading in the Indian stock market. Some of the common charges include:

  1. Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) 

    The DP will charge annual fees for maintaining the investor's Demat account. AMC for Demat accounts may vary depending on the type of account and the brokerage firm. You can also open two accounts in one: a Demat account and a trading account.

    Demat AMC charges range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 annually. Depending upon the stockbroker the following charges can be different. Before opening a Demat account you can check the stock brokerage charges.

  2. Transaction Charges

    As a trader, you need to check the transaction charges before entering into a trade. Being aware of the trade, you can easily understand the profit & loss from your trade. These charges are levied for every transaction made in the trading account, such as buying or selling shares, futures, and options. Some transaction charges are based on the percentage value of your or minimal amount, such as Rs.20/- per order whichever is lower.

  3. Dematerialisation Charges

    Demat charges are levied on investors for the conversion of physical share certificates into electronic form and the maintenance of the Demat account. In today's time, you need to hold all your financial certificates in electronic form as per the guidelines set by SEBI. Having electronic certificates has numerous benefits for investors looking to track & invest in the stock market.

  4. Custodian Charges

    Custodian charges are annual. Most of the time the company pays these fees to the depository directly for holding and safeguarding the shares in the Demat account.

  5. Account Opening Charges

    You will need to pay these fees to open a DP or broker such as BlinkX offers free Demat account opening when opening a new trading and Demat account.

What are the Annual Maintenance Charges for a Demat Account


Who Levies Annual Maintenance Charges?

As mentioned earlier, Annual maintenance charges in the Indian stock market are typically levied by the depository participant (DP) or the stockbroker with whom the investor has opened their trading and Demat account.

These charges may vary depending on the DP or broker and the type of account the investor has opted for. Some common types of AMC charges in the Indian stock market include annual maintenance charges, transaction charges, custodian charges, and Demat charges.

It is important for investors to carefully read and understand the fee structure and terms and conditions before opening a Demat account with any DP or broker in India.

Factors that Affect Annual Maintenance Charges 

Various factors can affect the Annual maintenance charges for Demat accounts. Some of them are as follows:

  • Holding value: Accounts with higher portfolio values often have higher maintenance fees. Charges may be correlative, i.e. percentage of the holding value.
  • Transaction activity: Accounts with more buy/sell transactions may be charged higher fees. Charges may be fixed per transaction.
  • Delivery type: Charges may be higher for accounts with more deliveries based on transactions and their types.
  • Value-added services: Depending upon your broker, a discount broker or full-service broker, Each broker has different charges. The availability of additional services from full-time brokerages, like research reports, margin funding, SIP/STP facilities, etc., may increase charges.

Investors need to understand the different types of AMC charges levied by their DP or broker before opening a trading and Demat account. They should compare the charges across various service providers and choose the one that offers the best value for money.
Yes, there are consequences for failing to pay the Annual maintenance fees. These consequences can include account deactivation and broker legal action. To avoid any hassles, it's crucial to pay your fees on schedule.


Financial institutions levy Annual maintenance charges to offset the expenses of monitoring and servicing customer accounts. Savings accounts, current accounts, Demat accounts, and other sorts of accounts are all subject to these fees. These fees are there to make sure the financial institution can maintain the required systems, offer client service, and handle account management-related administrative duties. BlinkX provides intuitive tools and educated insight to trade in the stock market. Download the BlinkX trading app to trade in a hassle-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Annual Maintenance Charges

Depository Participants (DPs) or Brokerage houses charge minimal annual fees for their services. This fee is called AMC for Demat Account Charges.

Yes. For demat accounts, there are maintenance charges called Account Maintenance Charges. Typically, these fees range from Rs 300 to 900 per year.

If you don't pay AMC for a demat account, your account will become dormant (inactive). Until you reactivate your account, you won't be able to perform any transactions.

Yes. There are some DPs that do not charge the first year's AMC Demat fee for new customers.

The AMC for the demat account is charged on yearly basis.

Depending upon the stockbroker there may be different Demat account opening charges, some brokers often offer free Demat account opening for their users.

There are different charges attached to the Demat account, some of them are transaction charges, taxes, annual maintenance charges, pledge charges etc.