Entertainment penny stocks

Entertainment penny stocks


Penny Stocks In entertainment

Company NamePriceMCap (Rs Cr)EPSPEHigh52Low52
TV18 Broadcast Ltd42.937347.750068.6237.05
Dish TV India Ltd16.142966.310026.0112.89
Media Matrix Worldwide Ltd19.252169.20.04478.7529.312
Zee Media Corporation Ltd14.37903.120018.37.75
H T Media Ltd27.66638.20036.8519.2
Music Broadcast Ltd16.38563.810.281.5525.3310.91
Eros International Media Ltd20.42192.980029.417.2
B A G Films & Media Ltd9.23182.680.246.1515.484.25
Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd13.75178.440.2752.8923.510.35
Digicontent Ltd30.18175.610.9930.4830.1814.06
Company Name
TV18 Broadcast Ltd42.93
Dish TV India Ltd16.14
Media Matrix Worldwide Ltd19.25
Zee Media Corporation Ltd14.37
H T Media Ltd27.66
Music Broadcast Ltd16.38
Eros International Media Ltd20.42
B A G Films & Media Ltd9.23
Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd13.75
Digicontent Ltd30.18

Last updated time: 20 Jun 10:52

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Top Gainers Penny Stocks

Company NamePricePrice Diff (%)High52Low52
BGIL Films & Technologies Ltd79.76.511.89
Ajwa Fun World & Resort Ltd36.575.034.8314.99
Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd3.043.44.451.71
Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd472.865.1333
Sea TV Network Ltd8.
Company Name
BGIL Films & Technologies Ltd7
Ajwa Fun World & Resort Ltd36.57
Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd3.04
Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd47
Sea TV Network Ltd8.26

Last updated time: 20 Jun 10:52

Top Losers Penny Stocks

Company NamePricePrice Diff (%)High52Low52
Next Mediaworks Ltd7.06-5.18.864.63
Purple Entertainment Ltd5.24-
Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd13.75-3.723.510.35
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd5.87-
Radaan Mediaworks (I) Ltd1.92-3.52.791.16
Company Name
Next Mediaworks Ltd7.06
Purple Entertainment Ltd5.24
Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd13.75
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd5.87
Radaan Mediaworks (I) Ltd1.92

Last updated time: 20 Jun 10:52

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