What is a Low Brokerage Trading Account?

What is a Low Brokerage Trading Account?

What is a Low Brokerage Trading Account?

 If you use a trading account to buy or sell stocks in the Indian stock market, usually, you pay a brokerage fee or commission to the broker for their services. Depending on the broker and the type of account you have, the brokerage fee or commission is a percentage of the total transaction value. An account provided by stockbrokers that levies a relatively small brokerage fee or commission for trading activities is known as a low brokerage trading account.

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Table of Content

  1. What is a Low Brokerage Trading Account?
  2. What is the Meaning of a Low Brokerage Trading Account?
  3. Benefits of a Low Brokerage Trading Account
  4. How to Open a Low Brokerage Trading Account in India?
  5. Conclusion

What is the Meaning of a Low Brokerage Trading Account?

As suggested by the name, a low brokerage trading account imposes a lower brokerage fee or commission in comparison to typical brokerage accounts. The brokerage charge could be a set rate per trade or as little as 0.01% of the trade value. Traders and investors that trade frequently or have a limited investment budget like low brokerage trading accounts. They can cut their trading expenses and brokerage fees, which may have a big impact on their total returns.

Understanding With an Example

Assume for the moment that you want to purchase 100 shares of the XYZ corporation on the NSE. The total value of the trade is Rs. 10,000 since the current market price of a single share is Rs. 100. So, let's assume the transaction will incur a brokerage fee of Rs. 50 if you have a typical full-service trading account with a broker who levies a 0.5% brokerage fee.

On the flip side, the brokerage fee for an identical transaction will only cost you Rs.10 if you have a low brokerage trading account with a broker who charges a 0.01% of the total trade value or a flat fee of Rs. 10 per trade. As you can see, if you trade regularly or in high numbers, the low brokerage trading account may aid you save a lot of money on brokerage fees. 

It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that certain low brokerage trading accounts can have certain constraints, including limited access to analysis and research tools or customer assistance.

Benefits of a Low Brokerage Trading Account

Here are some of the benefits of a low brokerage trading account

Lower trading costs: The biggest benefit of a low brokerage trading account is that it saves investors and traders money on brokerage fees. They might trade frequently or with less capital if brokerage costs are lower, which can have a big impact on their total returns.

Better profitability: As investors and traders are able to retain more of their gains, lower brokerage costs can result in better profitability. The regular traders who engage in short-term trading will particularly benefit from this.

Access to complex trading platforms: A lot of low-brokerage trading accounts give users access to trading platforms that feature technical analysis, real-time market data, and sophisticated charting tools. By using these resources, traders can increase their profits and make better trading selections.

Flexible Plan: Low brokerage trading accounts frequently include customisable plans, letting traders and investors pick the services they require and only paying for those services. Traders can save cost on products/services they don't use or require thanks to this.

Easy Account Opening: Opening an account is usually quick and simple with low brokerage trading accounts, making it simpler for traders to get started trading right away.

How to Open a Low Brokerage Trading Account in India?

Here are few steps on how to open a low brokerage trading account:

  1. Select a broker: Find and compare several brokers who provide trading accounts with inexpensive brokerage fees. Choose brokers with a solid track record, affordable rates, and dependable trading systems.
  2. Verify eligibility: Verify your eligibility before opening a modest brokerage trading account to make sure you match the requirements. Typically, this entails giving KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation, including PAN and Aadhaar cards, address confirmation, and bank account information.
  3. Sign up for an account: Once you've decided on a broker, open an account by visiting their website and completing the account opening form. Give all the required information, then upload your KYC paperwork.
  4. Account verification: The broker will check your account information and supporting documentation when you submit your application. It can take a few hours to a few days to finish this.

Once your account has been validated, finance your trading account with the necessary funds to begin trading. You can begin trading stocks in the Indian stock market once your account has been funded.


  1. For investors and traders who want to cut their trading costs and brokerage fees, a low brokerage trading account is an economical option. 
  2. Improved profitability, access to cutting-edge trading platforms, adaptable plans, and a rapid account setup process are just a few advantages it provides. 
  3. However, it's crucial to pick a reputable broker and make sure the account satisfies your trading requirements. 
  4. Traders can open a minimal brokerage trading account and begin trading in the Indian stock market by following the above-described methods.


*Terms & conditions apply. This is an informational message from blinkX and is not intended to be an investment recommendation. Securities market investments are exposed to market risks; before investing, thoroughly read all pertinent documentation. 

Low Brokerage Trading Account FAQS

Based on the broker you select, the trading of certain securities, such as options or futures contracts, may be restricted in some low brokerage trading accounts. 

Some low brokerage trading accounts in India may include research reports and analytical tools, while others may not. It is important to research well or consult the broker before opening an account, so be sure to do so.

It depends on the broker. While some low brokerage trading accounts in India might support margin trading, others might not. Before opening an account, traders should confirm with the broker.

Yes, you can transfer from a full-service trading account to a low-brokerage trading account with the same broker, provided the brokers offer low brokerage trading accounts. However, it's crucial to ask the broker about any potential charges or fees.


By examining elements like brokerage costs, trading platform features, client service, and user feedback, traders may evaluate various low brokerage trading accounts. Selecting a trustworthy broker who can accommodate your trading needs is crucial.

Some low brokerage trading accounts could have some restrictions, such as fewer tools for research and analysis or customer service. Additionally, high-frequency trading may tempt traders, which can result in higher trading expenses and possible losses.